I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 20: Li Li’s Mother

The butler held his tongue and smiled.

“Mrs. Song, in fact, Lu Shao likes Little Miss quite a lot, but he just didn’t say it out loud. Before you picked up Little Miss outside the villa, Lu Shao even sent us all to look for her and was almost furious when we couldn’t find her ……”.

How could Song Qingyuan not see the meaning of his words. She waved her hand as she walked away.

“Okay, okay, don’t explain for that brat. Don’t I know what kind of character he has? He”s a bore, just like his father! Don’t worry, as long as he treats my granddaughter well; I won’t steal the Li Li from him.”

The housekeeper smiled, “Thank you, Mrs. Song.”

She paused, regretted it a bit, and immediately changed her mind: “I was wrong today.”

Butler: “…… it’s fine.”

Today was another day.

And the little girl was indeed cute.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Shao was probably the little girl’s biological father, Mrs. Song might not even want to give in to Lu Shao today.

The butler paused, thought about it, and then said, “Mrs. Song, since Little Miss is now living in the Lu family, then the Little Miss’s mother’s family ……”

“It’s really a problem.” Song Qingyuan chimed in, “What is Li Li’s mother’s story?”

“We haven’t found this out yet.”

The butler shook his head, “Because Little Miss appeared in the Lu family suddenly, and the surveillance didn’t capture who sent her here, it’s hard to find out. Even if you ask Little Miss, I’m afraid Little Miss herself is not sure. ……”

“Then don’t look for them yet,” Song Qingyuan said directly.

“Anyway, Li Li is with us. It doesn’t matter if her mom is here or not. That brat Lu Junhan hates women so much, even if we find Li Li’s mom, he won’t marry her and will probably still find it troublesome. So rather than that, let’s just let nature take its course. It’s enough that we have Li Li alone.”

“Besides, if Li Li’s mom cares about her, she’ll naturally find her, so we don’t even have to spend a lot of effort to find her. If her mother doesn’t care about her, that’s fine. We’ll raise Li Li!”

“Even if one day, her mother wants her child back, and she files a lawsuit and goes to court, the Lu’s legal team is not just for show!”

Song Qingyuan says all this with only one meaning: she doesn’t care who is coming. Li Li can only be their Lu family! They will never give them back!

Her eyes glittered with coldness, and her voice was even stronger.

Because she said too much in one breath and thought that someone might steal Li Li from them in the future, she inevitably got a little emotional.

After saying that, she couldn’t help but cover her chest and cough a few times.

“Mrs. Song, did you forget, the doctor said you should not be too emotional, quickly take your medicine.”

The assistant hurriedly came over, took out a medicine bottle, and poured some medicine into her hand.

Song Qingyuan leaned on the table, reached for a bottle of mineral water on the table, took the water, and swallowed the medicine.

She was very skilled and natural and had obviously been taking this kind of medicine for some time, without much emotion on her face.

The butler was startled: “Mrs. Song, are you sick? When did this happen? Does Lu Shao know?”

“I’m not sick. It’s all the people under me who are making a fuss.”

Song Qingyuan held the mineral water in her hand, waved her hand, and sighed quietly.

“It’s just that I’m getting older, and some of my old problems are coming up, so it’s not a big deal, and I can get better with some medicine.”

The butler was still unsure, “Mrs. Song, why don’t you go to the hospital and take a look at ……”.

“No, it’s just a little sickness, no need to go to the hospital at all!”

“But ……”

“Don’t worry, I value my own body more than you do, and when I say it’s fine, it’s fine! If something happened, I would have gone to the hospital!”

The butler had to stop: “All right, as long as you’re okay.”

The assistant stopped talking, moved his lips, and just wanted to say something.

Song Qingyuan glanced over coldly, with a deep warning in her eyes, and he dared not speak at all.

(End of Chapter)

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