I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 19: The Best Dad in the World

“I don’t know,” Lu Li shook her head and said crisply, “I’m happy as long as I’m with Daddy anyway!”

Lu Junhan’s paused his movements. He looked into the little girl’s clear, clean eyes, slightly restrained his gaze, and gently quirked the corner of his mouth.

This little thing has a sweet mouth.

I don’t know who she learned it from.

The Lu family hall is huge, and the little girl is small, so her steps are not big either.

But still, she forced herself to keep up with her father’s pace.

She couldn’t drag Daddy’s footsteps!

She’s here to protect Dad!

However, three seconds later–

The little loli took his hand, panting and sweating, and shouted pitifully, “Daddy, I’m so tired, I can’t walk …….”

Lu Junhan glanced at her and was about to say that if she couldn’t walk, she should find a place to sit down.

He doesn’t know why, but he suddenly remembered the scene when the little girl was lying softly on Song Qingyuan’s shoulder. His eyes deepened, and looking at the little girl’s sweaty face, he paused for a moment and whispered impatiently, “troublesome.”

Then he bent down and picked up the little girl with one hand.

As Song Qingyuan had said, the little girl’s body was a soft bundle, as if there were no bones on her body, so people didn’t dare to hold her too hard.

With the little girl leaning in, his nose is filled with the little loli body’s unique milk fragrance, which is sweet and fragrant.

The man frowned but still didn’t say anything, nor did he put the person down.

When hugging her, he felt that his heart was full.

Lu Li saw her father actually hugged her, and her eyes  lit up with a “swish.” She hugged his neck with both hands, and her eyes were closed with laughter.

“Dad, you’re so sweet! I love you so much, Daddy!”

Lu Junhan scoffed, “ass-kisser.”

The little girl’s eyes were wide, “Lili is a carp spirit, not an ass-kisser, dad, you’re wrong.”

“Carp spirits? Have you been watching too many cartoons?” The man had a mocking smirk on his lips, “Why didn’t you say you were a little princess?”

“Does Daddy like little princesses?”

Lu Li doesn’t quite understand what a little princess is, there are only little fairies in the heavenly realm, but that doesn’t stop her from being daddy’s lapdog: “If daddy likes little princesses, then Li Li is a little princess.”

Lu Junhan’s footsteps suddenly stopped; he has heard many compliments. Many of them are because people needed him, but such a straightforward approach……

Looking at Lu Li’s sincere and clear eyes, with only him in them, his heart trembled lightly.

He realized for the first time that he might not be so much of a hater of children.

He stared at her with heavy eyes and suddenly reached out and cupped her chubby face.

It was incredibly soft.

It did feel good.

No wonder Song Qingyuan liked to pinch her so much.

The man’s eyes were deep, and it seemed that he would have to guard against that old woman in the future.

“Daddy?” The little girl tilted her head in confusion.

Lu Junghan pinched her face again before slowly withdrawing his hand and saying lightly, “There’s something dirty on my face. I wiped it off for you.”



“Daddy, you’re so good to Li Li, ahh!” The little girl believed it and looked so happy, “You’re the best dad in the world!”

“Didn’t you just say I was a bad father and didn’t want me?” The man raised his eyebrows, “How come I’m a good father now?”

He didn’t know why he was still clinging to this issue.

Lu Li puffed up her cheeks and pouted, “Obviously, it was Daddy who didn’t want the others first! Those who don’t want Li Li are bad dads.”

“So now I’m-?”

The little girl was very serious: “Good father! Still the best dad in the world!”

The man looked at her like a puppy. His big hand patted her head; the thin lips inscrutable smiled, “Good that you know what’s right.”

The restlessness in his heart was finally smoothed out.

This little troublemaker is quite useful!

At least she can say something nice.

She was not too much trouble.

It’s not impossible to keep her in the Lu family.

Song Qingyuan, who was watching the scene behind her, snorted and said proudly, “I told you, no one can refuse my granddaughter! Not even that brat Lu Junhan!”

Butler: “……”

That’s true, but why does she sound so sour?

(End of chapter)

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