I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 18: Sounding so Sour

The butler could not bear to see it.

“Lu Shao, you’d better leave this little girl here. After all, no matter how good a family you find for her, she’s not their own child, so there will inevitably be barriers. It’s better to keep the person under your nose and watch over her, so you can also feel more at ease.”

Lu Junhan looked at Lu Li’s small back and didn’t say anything.

She seemed to be really angry and pouted her little mouth, not even looking at his side, only burying her head in Song Qingyuan’s neck.

She stuck to Song Qingyan just like she stuck to him before.

Originally this should have been his benefit.

Obviously, it was his daughter ……

He was hated instead.

Lu Junhan has never been one to waver and change his plans easily and having said before that he would find a good home for the little girl, the others must do what he wants.

This has always been the case.

Whether in the Lu Business or in the Lu Family.

But now ……

The frown on Lu Junhan’s brow grew tighter, and his lips twitched, but he had no experience in coaxing children, so he didn’t know what to say.

Butler: “Lu Shao, you see ……”

Lu Junhan withdrew his gaze and simply looked away. He pursed his thin lips, turned around, and threw down a cold sentence.

“Suit yourself, keep it if you want! Anyway, the Lu family has no shortage of food, but you’d better keep an eye on her and don’t let her fool around in front of me for anything!”

It’s just a troublemaker who has come along for the ride, and he doesn’t care if it’s gone.

After saying that, he turned around with a cold face and walked away, feeling extra irritated.

The butler shrugged his shoulders, not taking the threatening words to heart.

Lu Shao was still hanging onto his pride.

He’s a man with a stubborn mouth.

A child’s emotions can come and go quickly.

Lu Li saw that her father wanted her again. The little anger was gone long ago, and her face was full of happiness.

It was not long before she was happy, but when she suddenly saw him leaving, the little girl got anxious. She let go of Song Qingyuan and hurriedly chased after him.

She quickly cried out from behind.

“Daddy, Daddy, wait for me! You forgot Li Li here!”

She can’t leave her father. What if someone tries to harm him?

But she was so happy that her father finally took her.

Lu Junhan never thought that the little girl would suddenly catch up with him, especially when he heard her words. For some reason, his steps suddenly paused, and his heart trembled.

But he still didn’t stop, and his pace continued forward, but his speed slowed down a lot as if he was deliberately waiting for her.

Lu Li quickly caught up. She stretched out her small, tender hand and grasped his large, bony hand.

The hand was small and soft as if a gentle squeeze could crush it.

Lu Junhan’s body was slightly stiff, but he didn’t dare to exert too much effort.

Seeing that he didn’t shake off her hand, the little girl’s eyes lit up, and her little milky voice told him in a delicate voice: “Daddy, I’m so happy ……”.

The man pursued his lip. He still found the child very troublesome, happy at every turn, and the next moment she was in tears, saying she didn’t like him, then coming to him with a happy face.

He didn’t know what’s going on in her simple brain.

Lu Junhan has always had a cold, paralyzed face since he was a child.

Since his childhood, he has had little to be happy about.

Even now that he has created the largest business empire in the city, with money and power in his hands, the brilliance of his life is unthinkable to others.

But his mood was still lacking, and he couldn’t lift his spirits, let alone be happy.

He actually had some interest in this rare moment and asked the energetic little troublemaker with a raised eyebrow, “Why are you so happy?”.

(End of chapter)

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