I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 70: Brother will appear

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She lowered her head, stared blankly at the milk candy, and blinked extremely slowly.

She blinked again.

Her whole person seemed to be frozen in place.

Suddenly, her eyes flushed slightly red.

For some reason, a strong sourness came straight up.

Her nose was sour, and a rarely seen layer of mist surfaced in her dark eyes, which had always been cold.

She took a deep breath, forced the tears back, and reluctantly showed a gentle smile. Her voice was still slightly choked: “…… aunt, aunt is not unhappy ah ……”

“Aunt, you’re lying.” The little girl’s voice was very soft like she was afraid of being too loud and scaring Song Qingwan into tears. Her eyes were timid.

Song Qingwan, now emotionally recovered, had a helpless face: “Auntie really did not lie to you.”
“You did.” The little loli opened her big eyes. She looked at Song Qingwan and said in a small whisper, “Daddy said you’re just not happy, daddy won’t lie to me ……”


Song Qingwan was stunned.

With a “swish,” she raised her head and looked at the aloof man who looked as if he had nothing to do with the matter.

The first and last thing he did was rarely speak.

His style of action is different from Song Qingwan.

If someone annoys him, he will make the first move, rather than spending time and talking nonsense with the other party here.

Fortunately, Lu Tianhua did not provoke him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how he died.

At this time, the man was lowering his head and texting. He pursed his thin lips, his eyelashes slightly drooping, his side profile was indifferent to the extreme. His body was permeated with a detached atmosphere that was not approachable, which made people feel intimidated.

In short, what the little girl just said in her mouth, the humane “father,” is completely unrelated to him.

For a long time, Song Qingwan looked at him before sighing quietly, then helplessly said: “I behaved so obviously?”

The man lifted his eyelids, his eyes were unperturbed, without any fluctuation, but the words were a bit careless: “What do you think?”

Song Qingwan knew she was a little agitated just now and sighed long and hard.

“Hey, I can’t help it. As soon as I fucking see Liu Huilan and Lu Tianhua, I think of my brother. As soon as I think of my brother, I’m in a bad mood ……”

She paused, and fiercely stopped talking about her brother. She was afraid that Lu Junhan would be in a worse mood than her.

After all, it was his biological father.

Song Qingwan looked sideways toward him.

Lu Junhan’s expression was still very light, so light that there seemed to be little expression on his face as if he hadn’t heard Song Qingwan’s words at all.

Song Qingwan sighed.

If only her brother and sister-in-law were still around.

If they see Li Li, they will definitely spoil her very much!

When that car accident happened, although the external claim is death, whether her brother and sister-in-law died or not, she was afraid only the old man knows.

When it happened, Lu Junhan and Lu Anran were in school while she was abroad. When they arrived at the Lu family, the old man had already burned the bodies of her brother and sister-in-law to ashes.

Everyone said that her brother and sister-in-law were dead.

Perhaps it was because they didn’t see the bodies with their own eyes.

So, Song Qingwan always felt that her brother did not die, but could not find evidence.

But she always had a feeling that her brother would come back sooner or later.

Even if it is so many years late, Lu Junhan and Lu Anran have grown up, and Lu Junhan even has Li Li.

But she always believed that her brother would appear.


After dinner, Song Qingwan and Lu Junhan were called to the old man’s study along with Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su.

The living room was left with the two little ones sitting on the sofa.

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I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 82: Going crazy

At that moment, a soft little milk voice suddenly came to his ears: “Good night, brother! Li Li will come to play with you tomorrow, oh!”

The boy jerked to a stop.

He promised.

Tomorrow to play with sister Lu Li.

He couldn’t …… go back on his word.

Lu Qi, like touching a hot potato, fiercely threw the knife in his hand.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Ten minutes later, he put that kitchen knife back into the kitchen, the key back into the drawer, and once again returned to his room.

Then he put the tear-stained pillow on the floor and stomped on it several times!

As a five-year-old child, born in a wealthy family like the Lu family, he had parents like that. Other children were still playing innocently and ignorantly while he had to understand all the things that he should know.

He knew he was too impulsive tonight.

He also knows it’s not good.

But it was really hard for him.

For five years.

It turned out he was living in a false dream.

He saw his mom and dad as all he had, and he loved them so much.

They told him to do whatever he wanted.

Even though he was afraid of great-grandpa, he had been trying hard to overcome his fear and trying hard to please great-grandpa for their sake.

At that time, he thought that his mom and dad loved him.

Everything they did was for him.

That’s what they told him.

But it wasn’t until tonight that he really saw the reality.

He felt like his life was a joke.

If sister Lu Li hadn’t come, he would have lost his mind ……


The old man has always remembered what Lu Junhan said: since he has a great-grandson, and he won’t let him take Lu Li fishing.

So, the next day, he got up early to fish.

He also dragged Lu Qi with him.

It was only 5:30 in the morning, the sun had not yet fully risen, and the air was slightly cold and damp.

The villa only had a few scattered maids cleaning.

The old man looked around a few times to make sure that the corridor was empty before he put his ear to the door.

After listening for a while, he did not hear any movement in the room, so he knew that both Lu Junhan and Lu Li were still sleeping.

Only then did he turn a corner and enter Lu Qi’s room and hurriedly called him up, saying that he wanted to take him fishing together.

Lu Qi, who had just been woken up: “……”

He must be dreaming!

Lu Qi felt that his great grandfather was either crazy or about to go crazy!

Who fishes in the morning? The fish may not even be awake yet!

But the old man was stubborn, and no one can resist him. Lu Qi had never contradicted the old man. Besides, he still had something to discuss with him later.

So, he had to put up with the wake-up call. He obediently went to the bathroom to wash up and then followed the old man to go fishing.

“Quick, you touch this water.”

Just as he walked to the edge of the pond, the old master who was carrying the fish bucket and the fishing rod urgently asked him to reach out and touch the water in the pond.

“Great grandfather ……”

Little Lu Qi is not sure, is this a worship ceremony before fishing?

“If I say you should touch it, then you touch it!” The old man was still a cranky and cold and hard old person. Seeing this, most people would hesitate: “What a waste of words!”

Lu Qi: “……”

If you were not my grandfather, I would have pushed you down!

Lu Qi bent down and reached out to touch the water in the lake. In the morning, the lake water was still very cold. He felt a slight chill and planned to withdraw his hand.

Unfortunately, he was stopped by the old man: “Wait, the time is too short. You stay there for a while longer!”

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I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 81: Good night brother!

He didn’t want to tell Lu Li.

His mom and dad might not be as good as he thought.

Maybe what they cared about was never him as a person.

They didn’t love him.

They didn’t love him at all.

More than likely, they never really cared about him.

He was just a tool for them to please Grandpa.

No one cares about him anymore.

He had nothing left.

Fortunately, the old man was not short of money. Almost all the rooms here in the old mansion were equipped with TVs and projection equipment, and the little girl easily believed his words.

Then with a face full of joy, she tilted her head and asked him.

“Brother, so are you watching Transformers?”

Not waiting for him to answer, the little girl took a step, and excitedly raised her little white hand: “Li Li also want to see!”

Lu Qi just wanted to say yes. Anyway, Sister Li Li has not finished watching Transformers; he can make up nonsense. He said he was watching the Transformers crying. That was the crying sound she heard!

But, he suddenly lowered his eyes to her clear, clean black eyes. When he heard the words after her, Lu Qi paused for a while, his white cheeks were red, and finally, he sighed.

“…… I’m not looking at Transformers.”

Lu Li: “?”

“I was looking at ……”

Lu Qi frowned with a showy little brow and hesitated for a while.

Before he could think of a TV show name that could instantly make a child cry out.

The little girl in front of him was wearing a light green nightgown. Like a lotus leaf, she was lifted up sharply by a big, bony hand.

That easy posture was similar to carrying a dog.

Lu Junhan did not look at Lu Qi. He carried the little girl, turned around, and left.

The little loli white fat lotus root-like limbs fluttered a few times in mid-air, but she could break her father’s hold.

So the little milk voice became very, very aggravated:

“Daddy …… I’m not going; I haven’t asked my brother what he’s been watching yet!”

“What do you care what he looked at!”

The man’s annoyed and impatient low voice came down from overhead: “Something you can say tomorrow, why are you wasting your words now.”

“Right, oh ……”

The little loli’s face had an understanding expression. She floundered a few more times in mid-air and struggled to turn her head towards him and gave him a sweet smile, revealing a row of small pearly white teeth: “Daddy, you’re so smart!”

Lu Junhan: “……”

He didn’t know if it was too late to throw her whole person in the trash.

Before leaving, the little girl did not forget to wave a small hand towards Lu Qi:

“Brother, you are fine! Li Li will go back to bed with daddy. First, brother, good night; Li Li will come to play with you tomorrow!”

“Mm.” Lu Qi looked at the little girl’s pretty face, revealing the first sincere smile tonight: “Sister Li Li, good night.”

He watched the little girl and the man’s back as they entered the room.

The curvature of the boy’s red mouth gradually fell. The small figure stood outside the room door, and the light set off his shadow, making him look despondent and weak.

But also incomparably strong.

“Thank you.”

An unknown amount of time later, a tiny soft murmur rang out in the empty and cold corridor.
Lu Qi returned to the room with sagging eyelashes, his complexion was fair, but his expression was calm. Not at all like a five-year-old child.

The bed had long been soaked with tears next to the pillow. A sharp kitchen knife glinted with a cold light, and not far from the bedside table was a key to the room.

His parents’ house keys.

The boy stood there for a while. He lowered his eyes, reached out, and picked up the knife and the key ……

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I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 80: Watching TV and crying

Lu Junhan was unfamiliar with the room and was not used to sleeping on the military hardboard bed in the old man’s house.

It was only at two o’clock in the morning that he managed to fall asleep, but not long after that, he was woken up.

He cracked open his cold, black eyes impatiently and irritably. His eyes were filled with a frighteningly cold aura.

As soon as his eyes opened fully, he was directly confronted with the little girl’s innocent and pure black eyes.

The little loli was sitting on the bed. Her long black hair was scattered behind her shoulders, her face was white and fat, her mouth was red, her big black eyes were round and smooth, and her long raven-like eyelashes fluttered like the most exquisite doll.

She looked so cute.

If her foot wasn’t still kicking him in the face, her innocent and cute expression might have been more convincing.

Lu Junhan took a deep breath, got up from the be, and resisted the urge to throw this little troublemaker out to feed the fish. His handsome eyebrows were thick with annoyance and sleepiness:

“What? Do you want to go to the bathroom again?”

“No, Daddy!” Little Lu Li said to him urgently, “I just heard my brother crying; he was crying miserably; I have to go find my brother ……”

“Find a fart!”

The little loli did not finish her sentence before she was picked up by her cold, impatient father with one hand and thrown her back to her side of the bed:

“Be a good girl and go to sleep! Even if he dies, it’s none of your business! And, if you dare to disturb my sleep again, I will make sure that you die with him!”

The little loli: “……”

Lu Li pouted her little mouth and discontentedly looked at the man who was lying down again and had closed his eyes. She began pleading in a small voice: “Daddy ……”

Lu Junhan opened his indifferent eyes, pulled his lips, and sneered: “Do not say ‘daddy’ and it’s useless to call ‘mommy.’ Let Laozi go to sleep!”

“Hmph, daddy, you don’t have to go! Li Li will go by herself!”

The little girl mumbled as she spoke. Her short legs began to climb the middle of the “mountain” again.

No way. Worrying that the little girl will roll down from the bed when she falls asleep, this bed was deliberately pushed from the middle of the room to the wall, and the foot of the bed was particularly high.

If Lu Li wants to get off the bed and go out, she must go through Lu Junhan’s turf.

Looking at her single-legged climbing posture, the man finally knew how she kicked him.

Seeing that the little girl would fall over again, Lu Junhan’s handsome face was completely black.

He got up from the bed and picked up the little girl who was still struggling to cross the mountain with a big hand and got out of bed directly.

When he went out, the man’s face was fully awake. His handsome eyebrows were thick with irritation, and he could barely suppress his anger.

“Let’s go take a look and come back! Dare to waste my time by saying one more word and watch me throw you both into the lake!”

Seeing that her father agreed, little Lu Li’s little hand hugged her father’s sturdy arm and gave a happy cheer. Her little milk voice said in a sticky and soft voice.

“Daddy, you are so good to me; Li Li loves you so much!”

Lu Junhan grunted, ” ass-kisser.”


Lu Qi obviously did not expect that Lu Li would come over to find him in the middle of the night.

She also brought Uncle Lu with her to find him.

The rooms of Lu Qi and Lu Li are not far apart.

He thought it was because he was crying too loudly, and the room was not well soundproofed, which made Lu Li hear him.

When he thought that his cries were heard the whole time, his heart was inevitably a little shy.

In addition, he was a little afraid of Lu Junhan and did not want to worry the little girl, so when the little girl asked why he was crying so badly, he whispered a lie:

“I’m fine, I just can’t sleep at night, I was watching TV, and somebody was crying ……”

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Translators Note:

Seems that Lu Junhan will definitely be running a daycare in the future also I know I keep saying this but poor Lu Qi. He’s only 5 years old

I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 79: Kicked Awake!

Chen Su Su’s clean and gentle face was now hideous.

Her two eyes were scarlet, and she stared at him with hateful deadly anger.

“Get lost; you traitor, what are you still coming to us for!”

Lu Qi endured the pain in his hand, but his eyes flooded with a distinct layer of water.

His body shrank into a ball in pain, and he sobbed in a small voice: “Mom, I’m not ……”

“I’m not your mother! You’re not my son either; I don’t have a son like you!”

Chen Su Su had a lot of anger tonight. As soon as she thought that this was all caused by Lu Qi, she was furious and sneered.

“Now you are satisfied to see us like this! If you like your sister Li Li so much, go and be a son for Lu Junhan! Why do you still come here to look for us? Hurry up and get lost!”

“Mom ……”

Lu Qi stumbled as he tried to get up from the ground. His little hand tried to pull her hand, and his voice was tinged with tears: “Mom, I was wrong, don’t you don’t want me ……”

Chen Su Su once again ruthlessly pushed him away. She didn’t know when, but she also thought Lu Qi was her enemy, and her sharp voice was raised several degrees:

“I told you to get lost, did not you hear? Get lost!”

Lu Qi fell to the ground heavily again.

His eyes were red, and he looked at his hysterical mother in a daze, biting his lower lip tightly and trembling all over.


This was not his mother.

His mother wouldn’t do this to him.

“You crazy bitch, what are you yelling about here!”

Next to him, Lu Tianhua came over and scolded Chen Su Su.

After saying that, he squatted down and picked up the fallen Lu Qi.

Chen Susu’s face was cold: “Am I wrong to scold him? If not for him eating inside……”

When Lu Qi saw that it was him, a trace of hope and joy emerged in his eyes. His lips mumbled, “Dad,” and he was about to shout out when he heard Lu Tianhua lower his voice and say to Chen Su Su.

“If you want to scold him, go back and scold him! The old man will be coming over soon; if he sees you treating Qi Qi like this, we’ll all be in trouble!”

As soon as his words fell, the little boy looked at him as if his soul was lost, and his small hand was loosened.

He was not able to say “Dad” in the end.

His delighted dark eyes gradually became sunken and dark, like a black hole, without any light inside.

He didn’t know when the tears stopped falling, and he couldn’t even feel the sharp pain after the fall.

It was as if, for a moment, all his feelings were taken away.

After that, the old man came over. He also looked at his mom and dad with a wooden look as they shushed and praised him.

They now look exactly the same as his former mom and dad.

It was as if all those hideous faces before were his illusion.



The little girl who was sleeping soundly in Lu Junhan’s bed suddenly opened her eyes and woke up.

Her ears twitched as if she heard something, and her tiny body jerked up from the bed. She was going out to find her brother!

There was a small lamp on. It was not blinding and barely allowed her to see the way.

The little girl tilted her head to look at her father, who was sleeping outside.

Her father, even when he was sleeping, had a cold and gloomy look on his face.

The handsome face that is not close to people, as if it was saying to people, if you dare to disturb his sleep, then their heads would be ripped off.

The good thing is that the little girl was born with a lack of nerves. She wasn’t afraid of her father, but she didn’t want to wake him up either.

It was hard for her father to fall asleep.

So she cautiously and carefully lifted her fat white short legs and very carefully climbed over the middle of the “quilt” mountain ……

But apparently, she overestimated the length of her own legs. Her white and tender little feet stepped on air, and her whole body fell over.

In the midst of the confusion, she kicked her father in the face and directly woke him up!

(End of this chapter)

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Poor baby. Also Li Li. You can kick a lion but don’t kick your dad 😂

I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 78: Throw them into the lake

When they met his gaze, the maids had a jolt.

In an instant, all the things they had heard about Lu Junhan’s ruthless methods; eating people without spitting out bones. No one who offended him had a good ending. All these things flew through their minds.

Now their waist was not sore; their legs were not painful. Not to mention how fast they moved, their voice was loud and clear:

“Yes! Young Master Lu! We’ll throw them right away! Right away! Absolutely will not let them be in your way!”

Song Qingyuan: “……”

After saying that, they quickly dragged Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su, who were still in a daze, straight to the door.

Lu Tianhua reacted this time and struggled violently.

But he is a pampered son. When compared to the daily work of the hard-working maids, he had no strength. Seeing that he was about to be dragged out of the door, he panicked and shouted towards the second floor in a hurry.

“Grandpa! Help! Help, grandpa, Lu Junhan, he wants to kill me ……”

“What are you doing?”

The old man just came out of the study. Frowning, he looked down at the living room, but his words were addressed to the expressionless Lu Junhan.

“What did they do to piss you off again?”

The maids saw that the old man had come, and now they did not dare to move. But because Lu Junhan had not yet given the word, they did not dare to let Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su go.

Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su struggled a few times but found that they still couldn’t struggle away, and almost exploded with anger.

Lu Junhan, however, did not look up at the old man. He only lowered his eyes, and his long, white fingertips peeled another candy for the angry little Lu Li, and he responded with a careless expression.

“They didn’t mess with me.”

“Then why are you ……”

“They messed with my daughter,” Lu Junhan stuffed the milk candy into the little girl’s mouth.

“Your daughter ……”

“Yes, great-grandpa,” the little girl tilted her head vaguely with the milk candy in her mouth and looked at the old man on the second floor:

“They got into trouble …… and were bullying Qi Qi. Must not let them go! Quickly take them, feed them to the fish!”

The twin-tailed little loli had the cutest expression but said the fiercest words. But her look was soft, although it tried to be fierce. It had no killing power at all.

It was not as scary as Lu Junhan’s plain sentence.

The old man: “……”


Lu Junhan turned his eyes toward the servant and faintly ordered: “The consequences are my own responsibility.”

“Eh, you brat ……”

The old man did not finish speaking. When the two servants heard this, they were relieved and quickly dragged the people out.

Their speed was so fast!

The old man did not even have time to say anything else, only to hear “poof,” “poof” sounds outside –

Lu Tianhua and Chen SuSu were thrown into the lake and sank directly into the pond!

The old man: “……”

The old man looked at the expressionless Lu Junhan with anger and annoyance. After all, it was his own grandson. He could not be scolded, and it was even more impossible to punish him.

Finally, the old man sighed and helplessly waved his hand, telling him to hurry up and take the little Lu Li to bed and stop giving him trouble!

And then, he hurriedly called someone over to fish ou Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su.

He did not want to have any fatalities here.

The old man shouted quickly, and the servants moved quite nimbly.

The people were soon rescued, but Lu Tianhua and Chen Susu still swallowed a lot of dirty water.

They were all wet, and there are some disgusting moss and mud stuck to their bodies, emitting the lake water’s fishy smell.

Chen Susu’s already pale face became more and more miserable. She could not wait to just pass out.

“Mommy and Daddy ……”

The little boy with red lips and white teeth has long been waiting on the shore with bated breath. Seeing that they were saved, his eyes lit up, and he trotted over, carefully handing the bath towel to them: “You guys rub it …… ah!”

Lu Qi’s words have not yet finished when his small body was pushed to the ground by Chen Susu!

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note

Child abuse is not okay! What a terrible pair of parents 🙁

I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 77: Go Down With Them

“Naturally, it’s true!”

“Then ……”

The coldness at the corner of Song Qingwan’s mouth became more and more insightful: “We can give you an explanation, but only if-“

The corners of her mouth couldn’t stop sneering, but her clear, cold voice was soft and slow.

She forced her voice into a laugh and stared at them, murmuring softly as if she were a demon.

“You have to be able to be alive to take it. ……”

Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su’s eyes widened in horror. A moment ago, they were still high and mighty, and only after a long time did they shiver: “You, you dare ……”

Chen Su Su: “Murder is a crime, a crime, you can’t ……”

“I can!” Song Qingwan glanced at them, coldly, “If you don’t believe me, let’s try!”

Lu Tianhua’s pupils tightened. It’s not that he hadn’t heard the rumors outside. Lu Junhan had done so many bad things and was still safe and sound. Obviously, he had this ability!

Lu Tianhua finally had a few moments of fear, but still bluffed and said loudly: “You don’t dare! You, if you dare to kill us …… the police will not spare you! You will go to jail!”

“Is that so?” Song Qingwan pulled her lips and coldly said, “I would like to go to jail, but would they dare to take me in?”


Naturally, they wouldn’t dare.

In prison, there are people from the Lu family.

She could casually find a scapegoat to go to jail, and Song Qingwan could completely get out of it with no problem.

Lu Tianhua was really at his wit’s end this time.

His eyes flickered, his expression changed, and his voice suddenly choked:

“Aunt, how you want to treat me is fine. You can beat me or scold me, or even kill me; I have nothing to say! But have you ever thought about grandpa? Can you really bear to let him send his black hair descendant away in his old age ……”

“Shut up.”

The little girl ate her candy and was finally not so angry. Lu Junhan raised his cold to the extreme eyes. He could not be bothered to listen to what Lu Tianhua was saying and directly turned his head sideways towards the maid next to him and said.

“Throw the two of them into the lake.”

He was so unconventional, Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua were both instantly dumbfounded.

Song Qingwan was happy.

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua can’t swim at all. Both of them are dry ducks; throwing them into the lake is killing them!

Sure enough, when this brat makes a move, it’s like he wants to put people to death!

“Dad! I’ll do it; I’ll do it! Let me do it!” The little girl opened her round black eyes and raised her little hand happily, “I can throw! I can throw them really well!”

“Shut up!” Lu Junhan gave her an oblique glance, “Eat your candy.”

The little loli pouted in dissatisfaction: “Daddy, are you looking down on me?”

The man’s expression was indifferent: “Yes.”


The two male servants who were called forward had hesitant faces and stood in place. They were too afraid to move.

After all, Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su were members of the Lu family.

Although there were not part of the family business, not even on the account books, and not legally recognized, the two of them were still allowed to come to the old mansion from time to time.

For the sake of the old man, they do not dare to move them easily, let alone throwing them into the lake ……

If they make a wrong move, they will die!

Lu Junhan glanced at them indifferently and said in a cold voice: “I will not say it twice.”


The man’s handsome face was cold and gloomy. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked in a cold arc, and his smile and tone were not much warmer.

“Or do you want to go down with them?

(End of this chapter)

I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 76: Beating you is beating you, what reason do I need!

Chen Su Su never thought that Lu Qi, who had always been a good boy since he was a child, who did whatever he was told to do and never resisted them, would now go against them!

He was helping Lu Junhan to fight against them!

Did he listen to all the things they said to him since he was little?

Lu Junhan was their enemy!

But now he’s helping the enemy against his own parents!

It’s outrageous!

Chen Su Su was furious.

Lu Qi was frightened by her frightening madman-like look and took a step back. After a long time, he mumbled in a small voice: “But, but mom …… sister Li Li was just helping me. I can’t be ungrateful ……”

“Qi Qi!”

Lu Tianhua knew it was going to be bad as soon as he heard it. Looking flustered, he hurried up to pull him back and not let him continue.

He can not let him spoil their good situation. This is a good opportunity to trap Lu Junhan:

“What nonsense are you talking about, you silly boy! This matter clearly has nothing to do with you at all; it was clearly her who came over to hit us for no reason ……”

Song Qingwan stood against the stairs. Seeing them shamelessly pushing the blame onto Li Li, her expression cooled down.

Although she did not see the whole process, she believes in Li Li. That little girl is very well behaved. She would never take the initiative to cause trouble. Unless she saw a situation, she could not stand, she would not fight.

And Lu Qi’s words just confirm this.

But it’s so ridiculous.

His own son actually had to have others to fight for him. Afterward, the parents also turn the blame on Li Li.

As if Li Li was not helping their son.

Lu Qi, being born to such parents was simply the greatest sadness in his life.

The more Song Qingwan thinks about it, the angrier she is. Why should the girl they love in their hearts be slandered in this way, and even if she really beat them, so what!

Just beat them up!

What reason do you need!

Even if the person was killed, her father would still be responsible for her!

Lu Tianhua finished speaking and pulled Lu Qi over and pushed him to Chen Su Su so that she could watch him. They had to prevent him from getting out and saying bad things again.

The little boy opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but under his own mother’s fierce glare and threatening gaze, he trembled and held back his tears, not daring to say a word.

He had never felt so useless.

Sister Li Li helped him, but he couldn’t do anything.

After Lu Tianhua solved the problem of Lu Qi, he subconsciously glanced sideways towards Lu Junhan, who had not spoken.

The handsome, peerless man was expressionless as he reached out his hand and stuffed a milk candy into the mouth of the exasperated little girl as his cold eyebrows dropped slightly.

As if calming the little girl is the most important thing for him now.

The side of his face is dark and deep. No one could tell what he was thinking.

When Lu Tianhua saw him like this, a chill ran up the bottom of his feet for some reason.

But thinking that things have come to this point, how can he give up halfway. He braced himself and again loudly threatened.

“Anyway, anyway, you must give us an explanation today, or else ……”

Song Qingwan’s eyebrows narrowed, and she folded her arms coldly as she looked at them with a sneer.

“An explanation? Of course, we can give you guys an explanation.”

Lu Tianhua was suddenly interrupted by her. He was still a little angry, but when he heard her words, he was violently happy.

Chen Su Su’s eyes also widened. The bottom of her eyes flashed with unstoppable ecstasy, and she busily stepped forward and asked.

“Is what you said true?”

(End of this chapter)

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Poor baby.

I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 75: Give us an explanation

Song Qingwan: “……”

No, baby, in terms of craziness, you are crazier.

At least your dad would never hold a dirty broom, disgusting people.

Song Qingwan could see at a glance that the broom was used to sweep the sewer behind the villa.

The sewer was only recently discovered. It was dirty and smelly; who knew what was inside.

Anyway, from time to time, people needed to go through and sweep the area. Song Qingwan never went there.

Because it was too smelly.

She didn’t know how Li Li found out, but she actually brought the dirty broom over.

And in the living room, Lu Qi stood there looking silly. He was frozen the whole time and did not speak.

He did not expect that this sister would protect him.

He also did not expect that his parents had this other side.

A side he had never seen before.

This made him feel like he was in a dream.

Lu Junhan came down from the second floor. Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua looked like they had seen their savior. They had never looked at Lu Junhan so favorably as they did now.

Little Lu Li, who was holding a broom, also saw him, and her pretty eyes lit up: “Daddy!”

Saying that she ran towards him.

Lu Junhan glanced at her and ordered: “Stop.”

The little loli obediently stood still.

“Throw away the broom.”

The little girl hesitated, lowered her head, and said in a small whisper, “Then what if they still bully brother later?”

The man glanced at Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua with an indifferent expression, and said indifferently, “I’m here; they don’t dare.”

The little loli was very confident in her father’s strength and was immediately at ease.

She gave the broom to the maid next to her.

Then she flew over and hugged him. With that delicate, soft, and sticky little appearance, who could still see the fierceness when she was beating people with the broom just now.

“Daddy, you don’t even know, when you are not here, brother was going to be bullied to death by them!”

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua had the expression of a beaten dog.

Who exactly was being bullied to death?

Chen Su Su looked down at her own white dress that was turning black. The top even emitted a strange, foul smell that was even worse than the smell of a toilet, and her body was trembling with anger.

Seeing that the disgusting broom is gone again, she finally couldn’t help it and completely exploded.

“Lu Junhan! Your daughter actually dared to treat us like this; you must give us an explanation!”

Lu Tianhua did not dare to fight with Lu Junhan in the past; after all, Lu Junhan was notorious. Who dared to provoke him.

But once he thought that this was the old man’s mansion and the old man was there, Lu Junhan would not dare to do anything to him, so he had the courage to say:

“That’s right! You must give us an explanation today! We are in charge of our son, and your daughter suddenly comes over to beat us up! This is too unreasonable! If you don’t give us an explanation, we’re definitely not finished with you!”

To put it bluntly, Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su just want to get some money and benefits from Lu Junhan. If they can make him spit out that 9% of shares, that would be the best!

Lu Li timidly looked at her own father and said in a small voice, “Dad, am I causing you trouble?”

“Not bad. Not really trouble.”

Lu Junhan’s faint words just fell when Lu Qi suddenly came over and stood in front of Lu Li.

He pursed his lips. His fair cheeks still had tear marks on them, but he looked at his parents with determination.

He took a deep breath, not daring to look at his parents’ eyes, gathered courage, and said with gritted teeth.

“Mom and Dad, I let sister Li Li hit you, you …… you can blame me if you want! This matter has nothing to do with Uncle Lu and sister Li Li ……”

“Lu Qi! What the hell did you eating!”

Chen Su Su glared angrily, and her gentle brow was filled with disbelief:

“Do you still know whose son you are?! How can you say such words?”

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Awwww Lu Qi Qi is a good boy. What terrible parents

I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 74: Beat you to death!

Chen Su Su’s wine red nail fingers had a deadly grasp of Lu Qi’s arm. The long nails sank directly into his skin, and her face was full of anger like she couldn’t believe it.

Children’s skin was tender. When she pinched him, Lu Qi’s tears came out, and his big dark eyes were instantly filled with a layer of water:

“Ouch …… mom …… so painful ah, you pinched me, loose, loose hands ……”

But Chen Su Su did not care and instead held on with even more force and a face full of anger: “Didn’t I tell you before to not eat candy? Your great grandfather will not like it! Who let you ……”

Lu Qi really can’t help it. In the end, he is only a five-year-old child. He immediately cried out in pain, desperately struggling:

“Mom woo …… I hurt, I really hurt ……”

Lu Qi has always been a good boy. He never disobeyed her, but this time not only did he eat the candy, but he also tried to run. He was simply rebelling!

It must be that he learned badly from that dead girl Lu Li!

Chen Su Su was furious. Her face was blue, and her eyes were cold: “You don’t remember what I said, so I’ll kill you!

Next to Lu Qi, Lu Tianhua watched his tears flowing down one by one. Instead of being concerned, he was annoyed and impatient as he said.

“What are you crying for? You have to remember that you are a boy, not a girl! Such a little thing, and you’re crying and crying. Our reputation is going to be disgraced by you ……”

“Go away! Bad man! No bullying my brother!”

A soft, sticky little voice fell. A dirty broom swept directly towards the faces of Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua!

No one knew where that broom had swept, but it was still full of black grease as if it had just been fished out of a stinky ditch.

Just looking at it, it seems that you can smell the disgusting fishy smell.

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua’s expressions changed violently, and they could not care less as they lurched backward with a look of revulsion on their faces.

They are always clean, when have they ever seen something so dirty.

They dodged, but the broomstick pursued.

Chen Susu ran a few steps and stumbled. The broom suddenly hit her, and her white dress was instantly covered with a black oil mark.


She shouted in horror, and her eyes were about to burst into tears!

She has a cleanliness fetish and cannot look at dirty things. Now that this has appeared on her, she wished to die.

On the side, Lu Tianhua was also trying desperately to hide.

They don’t know where the little girl got so much strength from. She kept chasing after them as if she couldn’t get tired.

And using such a long broomstick to beat them, she swung it lightly as if it was not strenuous at all.

He was annoyed several times and wanted to reach out and grab the broom to give this dead girl a hard lesson, but it was like a ghost. He couldn’t grab it, and every time he reached out, he fell short!

Instead, he was hit several times, his face and neck were covered with greasy black marks, and he was about to vomit.

Song Qingwan and Lu Junhan just came out of the study. In their line of sight, they suddenly saw the scene in the living room.

They saw a beautiful little girl in a pink princess dress holding a dirty broom. With her short legs, she was chasing and hitting people all over the living room.

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua were beaten into jumping up and down. They seemed like monkeys in a circus, not to mention how wretched they looked.

The little girl, while beating them, was also yelling with her little voice.

“If you bully your brother like this again, I will go to my father and say that you abused my brother! Wait for it! My father is very crazy; he will beat you to death!”

Lu Junhan: “……”

(End of this chapter)

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Definitely do not condone child abuse! Also Li Li truly has no chill 😂 Will Lu Junhan end up running a daycare? Find out in the next episode of dbz