I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 78: Throw them into the lake

When they met his gaze, the maids had a jolt.

In an instant, all the things they had heard about Lu Junhan’s ruthless methods; eating people without spitting out bones. No one who offended him had a good ending. All these things flew through their minds.

Now their waist was not sore; their legs were not painful. Not to mention how fast they moved, their voice was loud and clear:

“Yes! Young Master Lu! We’ll throw them right away! Right away! Absolutely will not let them be in your way!”

Song Qingyuan: “……”

After saying that, they quickly dragged Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su, who were still in a daze, straight to the door.

Lu Tianhua reacted this time and struggled violently.

But he is a pampered son. When compared to the daily work of the hard-working maids, he had no strength. Seeing that he was about to be dragged out of the door, he panicked and shouted towards the second floor in a hurry.

“Grandpa! Help! Help, grandpa, Lu Junhan, he wants to kill me ……”

“What are you doing?”

The old man just came out of the study. Frowning, he looked down at the living room, but his words were addressed to the expressionless Lu Junhan.

“What did they do to piss you off again?”

The maids saw that the old man had come, and now they did not dare to move. But because Lu Junhan had not yet given the word, they did not dare to let Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su go.

Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su struggled a few times but found that they still couldn’t struggle away, and almost exploded with anger.

Lu Junhan, however, did not look up at the old man. He only lowered his eyes, and his long, white fingertips peeled another candy for the angry little Lu Li, and he responded with a careless expression.

“They didn’t mess with me.”

“Then why are you ……”

“They messed with my daughter,” Lu Junhan stuffed the milk candy into the little girl’s mouth.

“Your daughter ……”

“Yes, great-grandpa,” the little girl tilted her head vaguely with the milk candy in her mouth and looked at the old man on the second floor:

“They got into trouble …… and were bullying Qi Qi. Must not let them go! Quickly take them, feed them to the fish!”

The twin-tailed little loli had the cutest expression but said the fiercest words. But her look was soft, although it tried to be fierce. It had no killing power at all.

It was not as scary as Lu Junhan’s plain sentence.

The old man: “……”


Lu Junhan turned his eyes toward the servant and faintly ordered: “The consequences are my own responsibility.”

“Eh, you brat ……”

The old man did not finish speaking. When the two servants heard this, they were relieved and quickly dragged the people out.

Their speed was so fast!

The old man did not even have time to say anything else, only to hear “poof,” “poof” sounds outside –

Lu Tianhua and Chen SuSu were thrown into the lake and sank directly into the pond!

The old man: “……”

The old man looked at the expressionless Lu Junhan with anger and annoyance. After all, it was his own grandson. He could not be scolded, and it was even more impossible to punish him.

Finally, the old man sighed and helplessly waved his hand, telling him to hurry up and take the little Lu Li to bed and stop giving him trouble!

And then, he hurriedly called someone over to fish ou Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su.

He did not want to have any fatalities here.

The old man shouted quickly, and the servants moved quite nimbly.

The people were soon rescued, but Lu Tianhua and Chen Susu still swallowed a lot of dirty water.

They were all wet, and there are some disgusting moss and mud stuck to their bodies, emitting the lake water’s fishy smell.

Chen Susu’s already pale face became more and more miserable. She could not wait to just pass out.

“Mommy and Daddy ……”

The little boy with red lips and white teeth has long been waiting on the shore with bated breath. Seeing that they were saved, his eyes lit up, and he trotted over, carefully handing the bath towel to them: “You guys rub it …… ah!”

Lu Qi’s words have not yet finished when his small body was pushed to the ground by Chen Susu!

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note

Child abuse is not okay! What a terrible pair of parents 🙁

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