I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 77: Go Down With Them

“Naturally, it’s true!”

“Then ……”

The coldness at the corner of Song Qingwan’s mouth became more and more insightful: “We can give you an explanation, but only if-“

The corners of her mouth couldn’t stop sneering, but her clear, cold voice was soft and slow.

She forced her voice into a laugh and stared at them, murmuring softly as if she were a demon.

“You have to be able to be alive to take it. ……”

Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su’s eyes widened in horror. A moment ago, they were still high and mighty, and only after a long time did they shiver: “You, you dare ……”

Chen Su Su: “Murder is a crime, a crime, you can’t ……”

“I can!” Song Qingwan glanced at them, coldly, “If you don’t believe me, let’s try!”

Lu Tianhua’s pupils tightened. It’s not that he hadn’t heard the rumors outside. Lu Junhan had done so many bad things and was still safe and sound. Obviously, he had this ability!

Lu Tianhua finally had a few moments of fear, but still bluffed and said loudly: “You don’t dare! You, if you dare to kill us …… the police will not spare you! You will go to jail!”

“Is that so?” Song Qingwan pulled her lips and coldly said, “I would like to go to jail, but would they dare to take me in?”


Naturally, they wouldn’t dare.

In prison, there are people from the Lu family.

She could casually find a scapegoat to go to jail, and Song Qingwan could completely get out of it with no problem.

Lu Tianhua was really at his wit’s end this time.

His eyes flickered, his expression changed, and his voice suddenly choked:

“Aunt, how you want to treat me is fine. You can beat me or scold me, or even kill me; I have nothing to say! But have you ever thought about grandpa? Can you really bear to let him send his black hair descendant away in his old age ……”

“Shut up.”

The little girl ate her candy and was finally not so angry. Lu Junhan raised his cold to the extreme eyes. He could not be bothered to listen to what Lu Tianhua was saying and directly turned his head sideways towards the maid next to him and said.

“Throw the two of them into the lake.”

He was so unconventional, Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua were both instantly dumbfounded.

Song Qingwan was happy.

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua can’t swim at all. Both of them are dry ducks; throwing them into the lake is killing them!

Sure enough, when this brat makes a move, it’s like he wants to put people to death!

“Dad! I’ll do it; I’ll do it! Let me do it!” The little girl opened her round black eyes and raised her little hand happily, “I can throw! I can throw them really well!”

“Shut up!” Lu Junhan gave her an oblique glance, “Eat your candy.”

The little loli pouted in dissatisfaction: “Daddy, are you looking down on me?”

The man’s expression was indifferent: “Yes.”


The two male servants who were called forward had hesitant faces and stood in place. They were too afraid to move.

After all, Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su were members of the Lu family.

Although there were not part of the family business, not even on the account books, and not legally recognized, the two of them were still allowed to come to the old mansion from time to time.

For the sake of the old man, they do not dare to move them easily, let alone throwing them into the lake ……

If they make a wrong move, they will die!

Lu Junhan glanced at them indifferently and said in a cold voice: “I will not say it twice.”


The man’s handsome face was cold and gloomy. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked in a cold arc, and his smile and tone were not much warmer.

“Or do you want to go down with them?

(End of this chapter)

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