White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 53: Paying homage to the master [catching worms]

“Ahem!” Zhong Li Shi choked on his tea, lowered his head, and forced himself to hold back his laughter.

What a comeback!

She’s really a funny person, and this counterattack is impossible to find fault with.

Su Mo Li’s words made Li Qianshi’s face flush red and white.

Su Xin Zhen was stunned. Obviously, she did not expect Su Mo Li to mention her!

Su Jia Xuan glanced at Su Mo Li in confusion, somewhat puzzled.

“Well, since Princess Su Rou has said so …… then so be it.” Grandmaster Feng He made a final decision, which even made everyone take another deep breath.

“Grandmaster Feng He, this is too rash!” The Noble Consort looked at Grandmaster Feng He incredulously, “Grandmaster Feng He is an expert. How can you accept disciples so rashly? If this is, if word gets out, it will be thought that Grandmaster Feng He has some kind of deal with Princess Su Rou ……”

The words of the Noble Consort can be said to be very impertinent.

The Empress raised her eyebrows: “What does Noble Consort mean by this? Although the disciple’s strength is important, but it also depends on the impression a person has. I think this girl Li’er is also smart; I wonder if you can add another spot for her?”

“Take Li’er as a disciple?”

The smile on Grandmaster Feng He’s face disappeared in a flash: “That’s not right.”

Seeing this, the Noble Consort laughed coldly: “Do you really think Grandmaster Feng He will accept anyone?”

At this time, Zhong Li Lan shot a deadly stare at Su Mo Li. The good thing is that she is strong-minded and can hold back her hatred.

Su Xin Zhen did not say anything; after all, this is something that is in her favor.

As for Zhong Li Xi, she looked at Su Mo Li with worry.

“The Consort’s meaning is to let the Eldest Princess greet Grandmaster Feng He as a teacher?” Su Mo Li inquired.

The Noble Consort’s face was a little embarrassed, but she did not deny it.

Su Mo Li thought: “In that case, let’s just replace the Second Princess and let the Eldest Princess go on.”

Grandmaster Feng He suddenly widened his eyes. He fiercely glared at Su Mo Li: Would she refuse to give him a good seedling?

Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows: It’s none of my business!

Grandmaster Feng He was a little defensive, but he can not help it. He wanted to reveal this girl’s identity, but the master told him not to do so!

This time, the crowd again froze. Zhong Li Xi’s face was full of incredulity. She opened her mouth but could not say a word and was aggrieved.

The Empress was also stunned. She looked at Su Mo Li but saw Su Mo Li’s wearing a light smile as if she was just talking casually.

The Emperor was a little surprised, and for a moment, did not understand the meaning of Su Mo Li’s actions.

Zhong Li Shi rubbed the rim of his cup a few times. When the Empress wanted to speak, he coughed dryly and shook his head.

Grandmaster Feng He sighed in his heart and said helplessly, “In that case, then I will accept the outer disciples today, the Eldest Princess and the Second Young Lady of the Su family. I wonder what the Emperor thinks?”

Outer disciples?

Not the inner disciples?

Although it sounded good, the so-called outer disciples only got a little bit of guidance from the Master. The rest was on their own, unlike the inner disciples, which were taught step by step.

However, for Grandmaster Feng He, not to mention his inner disciples, there had never been any outer disciples as well. They were the first.

Thinking this way, Zhong Li Lan and Su Xin Zhen were very happy. Both of them walked out and bowed towards Grandmaster Feng He: “Greeting Master.”

The Noble Consort provocatively glanced at the Empress and whispered, “It seems that Li’er has an interest in Ling’er; otherwise, she wouldn’t have helped Lan’er. Unfortunately, it’s a pity that she fooled you for nothing.”

After saying that, she smiled smugly.

The Empress’s hand tightly clenched into a fist, and she forced a smile: “Then congratulations, Sister.”

Grandmaster Feng He responded and stroked his beard, “Get up.”

“Many thanks, Master.”

After Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Lan got up, both of them had bright smiles on their faces.

Just as they were about to return to their positions, they heard Grandmaster Feng He open his mouth, “Wait.”

Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Lan stopped.

“I wonder what else Master has to order?”

The others also looked at Grandmaster Feng He.

Grandmaster Feng He nodded slightly to the emperor, “Your Majesty, since I have accepted a disciple this time, I should go through the master rituals directly. I wonder if it is feasible?”

“Naturally, Grandmaster Feng He is free to do as he pleases.” The Emperor said with a smile.

After Grandmaster Feng He thanked the Emperor, he then said, “Zhong Li Lan, Su Xin Zhen, since you have taken me as your teacher, you must respect the teacher and honor the teachings. If you are deceitful to the elders of the master, disrespectful, etc., you will be directly expelled from being a disciple.”

“Yes! Disciple obeys the order of the master!”

Zhong Li Lan and Su Xin Zhen quickly answered.

Grandmaster Feng He nodded with satisfaction: “In that case, go and perform a kneeling salute to your master ancestor!”

Translators Note:

Not going to lie, I had a good chuckle out of the plot twist coming.😂😂

The score is currently:

ZLL and SXZ: 0

SML: Over 9000

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