I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 81: Good night brother!

He didn’t want to tell Lu Li.

His mom and dad might not be as good as he thought.

Maybe what they cared about was never him as a person.

They didn’t love him.

They didn’t love him at all.

More than likely, they never really cared about him.

He was just a tool for them to please Grandpa.

No one cares about him anymore.

He had nothing left.

Fortunately, the old man was not short of money. Almost all the rooms here in the old mansion were equipped with TVs and projection equipment, and the little girl easily believed his words.

Then with a face full of joy, she tilted her head and asked him.

“Brother, so are you watching Transformers?”

Not waiting for him to answer, the little girl took a step, and excitedly raised her little white hand: “Li Li also want to see!”

Lu Qi just wanted to say yes. Anyway, Sister Li Li has not finished watching Transformers; he can make up nonsense. He said he was watching the Transformers crying. That was the crying sound she heard!

But, he suddenly lowered his eyes to her clear, clean black eyes. When he heard the words after her, Lu Qi paused for a while, his white cheeks were red, and finally, he sighed.

“…… I’m not looking at Transformers.”

Lu Li: “?”

“I was looking at ……”

Lu Qi frowned with a showy little brow and hesitated for a while.

Before he could think of a TV show name that could instantly make a child cry out.

The little girl in front of him was wearing a light green nightgown. Like a lotus leaf, she was lifted up sharply by a big, bony hand.

That easy posture was similar to carrying a dog.

Lu Junhan did not look at Lu Qi. He carried the little girl, turned around, and left.

The little loli white fat lotus root-like limbs fluttered a few times in mid-air, but she could break her father’s hold.

So the little milk voice became very, very aggravated:

“Daddy …… I’m not going; I haven’t asked my brother what he’s been watching yet!”

“What do you care what he looked at!”

The man’s annoyed and impatient low voice came down from overhead: “Something you can say tomorrow, why are you wasting your words now.”

“Right, oh ……”

The little loli’s face had an understanding expression. She floundered a few more times in mid-air and struggled to turn her head towards him and gave him a sweet smile, revealing a row of small pearly white teeth: “Daddy, you’re so smart!”

Lu Junhan: “……”

He didn’t know if it was too late to throw her whole person in the trash.

Before leaving, the little girl did not forget to wave a small hand towards Lu Qi:

“Brother, you are fine! Li Li will go back to bed with daddy. First, brother, good night; Li Li will come to play with you tomorrow!”

“Mm.” Lu Qi looked at the little girl’s pretty face, revealing the first sincere smile tonight: “Sister Li Li, good night.”

He watched the little girl and the man’s back as they entered the room.

The curvature of the boy’s red mouth gradually fell. The small figure stood outside the room door, and the light set off his shadow, making him look despondent and weak.

But also incomparably strong.

“Thank you.”

An unknown amount of time later, a tiny soft murmur rang out in the empty and cold corridor.
Lu Qi returned to the room with sagging eyelashes, his complexion was fair, but his expression was calm. Not at all like a five-year-old child.

The bed had long been soaked with tears next to the pillow. A sharp kitchen knife glinted with a cold light, and not far from the bedside table was a key to the room.

His parents’ house keys.

The boy stood there for a while. He lowered his eyes, reached out, and picked up the knife and the key ……

(End of this chapter)

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