White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 55: Not on the stage

Shi Zhu, no one knows their age or gender.

Therefore, the Emperor’s words excited the crowd. But some sensible people asked, “How can he prove that he is Shi Zhu senior?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, it’s not a fraud, right?”

“Indeed, such a person cannot be spared! Let him come over and confront us face to face!”

“That’s right; it’s Senior Shi Zhu. Not just anyone can impersonate him!”

The corners of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched.

The Emperor thought about it and slowly said, “Let them come in first.”

Da Guozi flung his whisk, and his sharp voice rang out: “Call Shi Zhu into the Palace for an audience!”

Everyone looked at the door, and in a moment, they saw a beautiful woman slowly walking over.

“Big Sister, this is definitely a fake!” Su Jia Xuan couldn’t help but say, “How can Expert Shi Zhu be so young!”

Su Mo Li coughed dryly twice and did not speak.

The good thing is that Su Jia Xuan also did not want to get an answer from Su Mo Li. She just continued staring at Shi Zhu.

The woman in the middle has a cold face and a pair of indifferent eyes. After taking a look around, she nodded to the Emperor: “I am Shi Zhu.”

The whole feeling of detachment is not only beautiful but also bewildering.

The crowd sucked in a breath. A young man came out and looked at Shi Zhu mockingly: “You say you are Shi Zhu, do you have any proof?”

“I am Shi Zhu. What proof do I need?”

“Without proof, who are you to say you are Shi Zhu?”

Shi Zhu was silent for a while and slowly said, “He can prove it.”

Shi Zhu reached out her hand and pointed at Grandmaster Feng He.

Grandmaster Feng He put down his teacup and said cheerfully, “It is indeed little friend Shi Zhu.”

“Hiss ……” The crowd once again sucked in a breath, and the expression on their faces could no longer be described with words.

The Emperor obviously did not expect that it was actually the real Shi Zhu. She was just so young; it was too surprising.

Su Mo Li shrank behind Su Jia Xuan, trying to reduce her presence.

However, there are always people who don’t want her to have a good time, such as Feng He.

“Little friend Shi Zhu is also here for the purpose of accepting disciples?”

Feng He said with a smiling face.

Shi Zhu raised his eyebrows, “Yes, Su Jia Xuan.

Someone asked me to take you as my disciple. I saw your painting; it’s not bad. Do you want to greet me as your master?”

Shi Zhu’s words made the crowd freeze.

This was too simple and straightforward!

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes widened, and her small face turned red: “I- I- I, can I?”

“So little friend Shi Zhu also has her eyes on someone from the Su family. That’s right; after all, she is my master’s sister. She should be good.”

Feng He stroked his beard and said with a smile.

The corners of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched. She raised her head, met Shi Zhu’s eyes, and revealed a smile.

“Huh.” Shi Zhu coldly glanced at Su Mo Li, then said, “A person like you can also be a master?”

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes lit up as she heard the sarcasm towards Su Mo Li in Shi Zhu’s tone.

Could it be that there was a rift between these two?

In that case ……

Su Xin Zhen’s mind came alive.

Su Mo Li blinked: “It’s Feng He senior that regards me highly. I really didn’t teach Senior Feng He anything.”

“Oh? Then let me see if you have the strength or not by showing your skill. You can’t have this empty reputation, right?” Shi Zhu curled her lips and said indifferently.

Seeing this, the Emperor slowly said, “Miss Shi, Li’er just knows how to play the zither. She may not know anything about painting.”

“Yes, it’s already not easy for this girl to learn such high zither skills.” The Empress also followed his words and echoed.

Zhong Li Shi’s gaze flicked between the two ladies. He picked up his teacup and lowered his eye; this was a bit interesting.

Shi Zhu sneered, “So that’s how it is, but I still want to have a good competition of painting skills with Princess Su Rou. I don’t know if Princess Su Rou is willing?”

The people around felt that something was not right between these two.

Su Mo Li stood up and slowly said, “I can’t compete with you.”

“Without even comparing, how do you know you can’t compete with me?” Shi Zhu stared at Su Mo Li and stressed each word, “Also, one must be a person of their word and keep their word, and deliver on the promise of that time. Princess Su Rou has not forgotten, has she?

How can a person who has no integrity in their words become a master of Feng He seniors? How can one become a County Princess?”

Su Jia Xuan frowned and couldn’t help but say, “Miss Shi, what does it mean to be faithless with your words?

What did my Eldest Sister promise you that you would talk about my sister like this?”

“Xuan’er, don’t be rude!” Li Qianshi hastily pulled Su Jia Xuan. After glaring at her, she looked at Shi Zhu and said with a smile, “Sorry Miss Shi, Xuan’er is still small, you are kind and generous.”

Then she looked at Su Mo Li: “How can Li’er be faithless? Why don’t you hurry up and apologize to Miss Shi!”

“What’s it to do with you?” Before Su Mo Li could say anything, Shi Zhu opened her mouth. She looked askance at Li Qianshi; she said indifferently, “I am talking to Su Mo Li. What does it have to do with you? Also, this girl Su Jia Xuan I like her. Be good and prepare to be my disciple.”

At these words, Li Qianshi’s face looked very bad. The whole person was drowned in embarrassment.

And Su Jia Xuan blushed: “That, thank you, Miss Shi, but my sister will not be faithless to her word, you must be mistaken.”

But Shi Zhu looked at Su Mo Li and said with a smile, “Compete?”

A helpless look appeared on Su Mo Li’s face: “Sure.”

The crowd looked at each other and saw doubts and confusion in each other’s eyes.

The smile on Shi Zhu’s face deepened, and she looked at the Emperor and said, “Your Majesty, as long as Su Mo Li wins, I will stay and teach the princes and princesses how to draw, okay?”

The Emperor smiled: “Naturally, it is good, Da Guozi, prepare.”


Shi Zhu added: “I’m saying it upfront, do not use my skills to draw!”

Su Mo Li’s face had a helpless smile, but she still agreed.

Zhong Li Xi looked at Su Mo Li a little nervously, then moved to the Empress: “Empress Mother, what is going on?”

The Empress reached out and held Zhong Li Xi’s hand: “Li’er this girl, it is us that underestimated her.”

Zhong Li Xi pursed her lips, “Empress Mother, then the way we treat Li’er ……”

“This girl is not high-profile. She obviously has Feng He senior as a backer. But even without that, she is worthy of deep friendship. You can treat her as usual, and now you are also taking advantage of having the title of her disciple, which will be beneficial to you in the future.”

“Empress Mother, I know, I know that Li’er wants to help me out.” Zhong Li Xi’s two eyes shone brightly, “Seeing the look on Zhong Li Lan’s face just now made me happy!”

The Empress helplessly glanced at Zhong Li Xi and stroked her hair, “All right, your Father is still here, pay attention.”

Zhong Li Xi stuck her tongue out and looked at Zhong Li Lan, but found that she was glaring at Su Mo Li, and frowned immediately.

Su Mo Li and Shi Zhu stood in the center, picked up a brush simultaneously, and drew.

The crowd naturally couldn’t help but gather around.

If there were still people who were skeptical about Shi Zhu, now, their doubts were dispelled.

This kind of painting technique, this kind of painting skill, no one can compare!

Su Xin Zhen also did not move and approached Su Mo Li.

When she saw Su Mo Li’s painting, her whole body froze: “How is this possible!”

The sudden scream attracted the attention of the crowd, and they all looked over.

“Didn’t you say that Princess Su Rou was raised in the countryside? How come she knows how to play the zither and paint. This is too incredible!”

“Yes, I heard the Su family’s Second Young Lady say before that Princess Su Rou can’t even write. It doesn’t look like that at all!”

“Of course, it doesn’t! Few people in the world can draw like this!”

“Then why did the Second Lady of the Su family say so? Is it possible that she is deliberately smearing Princess Su Rou?”

“Stop it; she’s here!”

“They are all sisters; why is it necessary!”

Someone else said with disdain.

Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but look at Zhong Li Ling.

But when she saw that Zhong Li Ling’s eyes were on Su Mo Li, his eyes were full of surprise.

Su Xin Zhen bit her lips to death and couldn’t help but move closer to Zhong Li Ling: “Second Prince ……”

Zhong Li Ling looked down at Su Xin Zhen: “What?”

“Second Prince, do you think sister is better than me?”

Su Xin Zhen cocked her head and looked at Zhong Li Ling, her eyes full of aggression: “I can do it too! I can also play the qin and paint!”

Looking at Su Xin Zhen’s confident tone, Zhong Li Ling smiled, “Zhen’er is naturally good, but I just didn’t expect Su Mo Li to be this good.”

A smile surfaced on Su Xin Zhen’s face.

“I really don’t know why Sister never told us about this? Is it possible that she doesn’t treat us as her own people?” Su Xin Zhen asked in mock confusion.

Zhong Li Ling frowned.

“What’s the point of hiding it? Couldn’t she be more open and honest? It’s really strange.” Su Xin Zhen muttered, and her words were heard in Zhong Li Ling’s ears. He felt that Su Mo Li was too deep-minded and the goodwill that had just risen disappeared.

“Just a pity, Sister so talented, but her body is weak, ah ……” Su Xin Zhen’s said again.

When Zhong Li Ling’s mind recalled Su Mo Li’s soft appearance, the disgust in his eyes emerged.

Without moving, the expression in Zhong Li Ling’s eyes calmed, and Su Xin Zhen’s heart surged with complacency.

“Okay.” Su Mo Li put down the brush in her hand, handed it to Shi Zhu, and said with a smile, “Here, the promise is completed.”

Shi Zhu and Su Mo Li were finished painting at the same time. Everyone was gathered around Shi Zhu’s painting.

They praised Shi Zhu’s painting.

Su Mo Li’s voice sounded, which made many people turn sideways to look over, and saw that on Su Mo Li’s paper was a full-figure portrait of Shi Zhu.

It was very vivid and natural!

People couldn’t help but brighten up when they saw it!

Su Chen was also a lover of painting. Seeing this painting, he couldn’t help but pick it up: “Good, good!”

“It is indeed good! Just how come it’s a little familiar ……”

Someone couldn’t help but say, “This painting technique, hey, look, you guys, it seems to be created by Miss Shi.”

“Yes, this one little technique is indeed Miss Shi’s signature technique.”

“Princess Su Rou is copying!”

At that, Su Xin Zhen immediately spoke up, “Big Sister, losing to Miss Shi is not a shame. It has been said that you can’t use Miss Shi’s technique. Why did you use it? You’re plagiarizing!

Such character, what a disgrace to our Su family!”

Li Qianshi also walked over, sighed, and slowly said, “Li’er, if you can’t do it, why did you agree?”

Su Chen’s face also sank, and directly threw Su Mo Li’s painting out: “Shame on you!”

Su Jia Xuan tugged Su Mo Li’s hand, her eyes full of worry: “Big Sister ……”

The crowd also showed contempt.

Su Xin Zhen saw this and became more and more complacent. Zhong Li Lan on the side also showed a look of mockery as she whispered: “Sure enough, it’s not something that can be displayed on the stage. So what if the painting is good? It’s still plagiarism!”

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