White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 56: It’s a pity

“Who told you that this is copied from me?”

Shi Zhu swept a glance at the crowd: “This technique is Su Mo Li’s own creation, to say copying, it should also be me copying her.”

Shi Zhu’s words made the crowd suck in a breath, and looked at Su Mo Li incredulously: “This ……”

Su Mo Li raised her eyes, and a shallow smile emerged on her face: “I’m sorry.”

After Shi Zhu rolled the painting, she said to the Emperor, “I lost, so I will stay in the capital and teach the Imperial Princes and Princesses to paint.”

After saying that, she looked at Su Jia Xuan: “Are you willing to be my disciple?”

Su Jia Xuan nodded vigorously: “Yes, I am!”

“Good, I will teach you every afternoon. I wonder if it’s convenient for Lord Su?”

Su Chen did not expect to encounter such a good thing, so he naturally agreed.

As for the rest of the banquet, it revolved around Shi Zhu and Feng He. Only, many people secretly looked at Su Mo Li. They never thought that Su Mo Li actually knew both of them.

But ……

There seems to be something strange between Su Mo Li and Shi Zhu.

Su Xin Zhen walked up to Su Jia Xuan and raised her eyebrows: “Happy to call Shi Zhu as your teacher?”

Hearing Su Xin Zhen’s voice, the smile on Su Jia Xuan’s face faded a few degrees: “Mm.”

“You go ask Shi Zhu whether her relationship with Su Mo Li is good or not.”

Su Jia Xuan frowned: “Why do you want me to ask this?”

“When I tell you to ask, you go and ask! Why are you being so troublesome?” Su Xin Zhen said, then pushed Su Jia Xuan hard, “Hurry up and go.”

Su Jia Xuan stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

Su Jia Xuan carefully walked over. She didn’t want to ask these questions, but Su Xin Zhen kept following her.

It’s annoying! Too annoying!

“Master ……” Su Jia Xuan whispered after calling out, “Second Sister asked me to ask you if you have a conflict with Big Sister.”

Su Xin Zhen stared at Su Jia Xuan with wide, incredulous eyes, “What do you mean it was me who asked? Obviously, you are the one who wants to ask!”

Su Jia Xuan’s small face displayed a confused expression, and then she said, “Oh, then you don’t have to answer me, Master, because I don’t want to know.”

“You ……” Su Xin Zhen gave Su Jia Xuan a fierce glare.

A smile surfaced on Su Jia Xuan’s face.

After glancing at Su Xin Zhen, Shi Zhu said indifferently, “You are interested in the matter between Su Mo Li and me? Not bad, I do have conflicts with her, but what does it have to do with you?”

At these words, a delighted smile appeared on Su Xin Zhen’s face, “It’s not like that, Miss Shi. My Eldest Sister is from the countryside and somehow learned the qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Although you lost this time, I think my Eldest Sister’s painting is not as good as yours.

Maybe she only knows how to draw this painting, so she has been practicing this painting for a while, and that’s why she beat over Miss Shi.”

“Second Miss Su, I think you might need to go see the doctor.” Shi Zhu sneered, “Only knows how to draw this painting? This portrait is my own. Can I not know if the painting is good or not?

Princess Su Rou has come from the countryside and is better than you at both qin and painting. Haven’t you thought about why? It’s not because you are too stupid!

Also, Su Mo Li is the master of senior Feng He. Just this point alone is better than you. What position do you have to mock her? Just because she grew up in the countryside?

But you must not forget the reason Su Mo Li went to the countryside. It was for you! In order to be able to pray for a good life for you guys! To pray for blessings for you guys!

Not only are you not grateful, you actually mocked your sister. Is this the family teachings of the Su family?”

Shi Zhu’s mocking voice was not quiet, and almost everyone heard it.

Zhong Li Xi couldn’t help but say, “That’s right, it’s obviously for your Su family, yet you dislike Li’er. I don’t know where you got the face.”

Su Chen looked at Su Xin Zhen and gave her a fierce glare.

Only then did he get up and said, “It is because I am not good at teaching my daughter.”

Shi Zhu sneered and slowly said, “Since the Su family’s Second Young Miss despises Su Mo Li so much, then let her go to the countryside to pray for a period of time. That way, she will also know how difficult it is for Su Mo Li.”

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes were wide and full of disbelief, “Miss Shi, you, how can act like this?”

“How can I act like this?” Shi Zhu laughed lightly, “What about it? Did I say something wrong?”

Su Xin Zhen bit her lips tightly and did not speak.

The Emperor rubbed his brow and felt that today’s matter is very annoying. He then said: “Subject Su, you also need to discipline your second daughter properly. She’s really too much.”

Li Qianshi’s face was very bad. The anger in her eyes was about to be suppressed, but she looked at Su Mo Li beside her; she couldn’t help but say, “Li’er, since you came back, our family has been treating you well. You have seen it in your eyes; have you been wronged? Zhen’er is young and does not understand things, you as the eldest sister, be more considerate of her, okay?”

“I know.” Su Mo Li said in a soft voice, “So, no matter how my Second Sister bullies me, even if she wanted my life, I must forgive her. Wasn’t that what Mother still wanted me to do?”


Li Qianshi still wanted to say something, but then Su Mo Li continued: “Going to the countryside is not necessary. After all, Second Sister has been spoiled and nurtured. I’m afraid she would not be able to suffer in the countryside. Moreover, Second Sister is now the Second Prince’s side consort. It is really not suitable. However, thank you for fighting for me, Miss Shi.”

“Oh, I can’t afford a thank you from you.”

Shi Zhu’s tone made the crowd a little confused. Shi Zhu’s words were indeed helping Su Mo Li, but her attitude towards Su Mo Li ……

Luckily, the hour was also late. After the Empress said a few words to round things up, the banquet was over.

Su Mo Li, who had returned to the Su family, was standing in the middle of the hall in a good mood.

After Su Chen took a look at Su Mo Li, his expression was a bit complicated, he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word.

Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but say: “Big Sister hid it from us so well! Do you not treat us as a family? How come you didn’t tell us about your relationship between you and Senior Feng He?”

“What Zhen’er said is not unreasonable.” Li Qianshi said slowly, “At today’s banquet if Li’er had told us about this earlier, we wouldn’t have made such a big fool of ourselves. Even if you didn’t tell us, you still had to tell Master ah, Master is your own father after all!”

Li Qianshi’s face was full of disappointment: “Or is it that Li’er you don’t consider us as your family at all?”

“Mother’s words are too serious.” As Su Mo Li took in the expressions of several people, her expression remained unchanged, and she said in a soft voice, “In fact, I did not know that Senior Feng He’s reputation was so great. The so-called master was just that Senior Feng He thought too highly of me, and I just casually pointed a few things out for Senior Feng He.

I really didn’t expect this; after all, I was in the countryside, and I didn’t know the fame of senior Feng He.”

“What’s with your painting skills and qin skills?” Su Chen asked in a deep voice.

Su Mo Li lowered her eyes and said in a small voice, “I learned them on my own.”

“How is that possible!” Su Xin Zhen screamed out, “How can you be so good at self-learning? Someone must have taught you!”

There was indeed someone who taught her.

Su Mo Li laughed in her heart. But the person who taught her was a master in the world of immortal cultivation; in this world, it was impossible to find out!

“If you don’t believe me, you can go and check.” Su Mo Li sighed, sorrow staining her face, “The countryside that kind of place, how can there be a gentleman who teaches qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting? Even if there are, they are from the academy, and I didn’t have any silver, so how can I go to the academy?

I also want to learn, just ……”

Su Mo Li let out a bitter laugh, full of helplessness.

“As for Senior Feng He, he also came to the village unintentionally, and we got to know each other.”

Hearing this, Su Chen’s face was a few degrees better: “Did you really not know?”

“I didn’t know.”

Su Mo Li’s face was full of conviction.

“Then what about Miss Shi?” Su Chen continued to ask.

“Miss Shi did not tell me about her true identity when she met me. I made an appointment with her to paint a portrait for her on her birthday in half a month, but I did not expect that you would pick me up, Father, before the half a month was up.

As for my painting, it was indeed Shi Zhu who taught me at first.”

Su Mo Li’s face was full of sincerity as if she really didn’t know.

Su Xin Zhen and Li Qianshi looked at Su Mo Li in confusion, obviously not believing her.

Su Mo Li continued, “I was in the countryside. How can I think to get in touch with such characters? I can only believe whatever they say.

In fact, it’s a little strange to me. Since Senior Feng He is willing to take Second Sister as a disciple, why did Second Sister refuse? The two sisters, one is Shi Zhu’s disciple, and one is Senior Feng He’s disciple, say out how dignified it would be ah. When Father is in court he will also be high regard.

Can it be because you don’t want to call me Master?”

Su Mo Li sighed, full of disapproval: “As long as you can win glory for the Su family, what’s the point of saying “master”? Besides, it is only necessary to call once. After all, we are sisters!”

“As long as it enters the ears of Senior Feng He, it’s fine!”

“Sister, you are also a little too reckless.”

Su Xin Zhen looked at Su Mo Li incredulously, “You, you want me to call you senior? I’m telling you, no way!”

Su Mo Li revealed a look of resignation: “But this is the rule of the master, it’s just once… ……”

“You shut up!”

“What Li’er said is reasonable.” Su Chen said thoughtfully, “After all, becoming a disciple of Senior Feng He, the benefits are quite a lot.

Zhen’er, you are indeed reckless.”

Li Qianshi’s eyes faintly shifted, and she said with a smile, “Master, Li’er is Senior Feng He’s master. With this layer of status, it doesn’t matter if she accepts Senior Feng He as her master or not.”

“My reputation is not as large as Senior Feng He. Almost no one knows me; my sister is still hasty.” Su Mo Li blinked her eyes and sighed.

“Then why don’t you become her master?” Li Qianshi continued.

“My reputation is not as famous as Senior Feng He’s; it’s a pity for my sister.” Su Mo Li said with a sigh again.

Li Qianshi frowned: “Your disciple is also the sister of Senior Feng He. This status is also very good.”

Su Mo Li shook her head with a helpless face: “The Princess is now also Senior Feng He’s junior sister. Compared to Sister, the crowd will only focus on the Princess. After all, she has the golden branch and jade leaves ah! Sister’s position is also too difficult ……”

Stimulated by Su Mo Li’s tone, Li Qianshi suddenly felt that it was indeed not very good not to become the disciple of Senior Feng He.

“Then, why don’t you talk to Senior Feng He and let him re-accept Zhen’er as a disciple?”

“I won’t!” Su Xin Zhen directly refused, “I don’t want to! With my own talent, I can also be very powerful!”

“Sister is awesome!” Su Mo Li applauded, her delicate little face full of smiles.

Su Xin Zhen fiercely glared at Su Mo Li, turned around, and left in a hurry.

Su Mo Li’s heartfelt feel was that it was a pity. She could not hear Su Xin Zhen call her master.

Translators Note:

I just want you guys to know that Su Jia Xuan is truly the best girl 🥺🥺. I love her so much. Also Shi Zhu is now inducted into bad mouth gang. So brutal.

Edited by EllieKit

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