White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 54: Arrival of Shi Zhu


The crowd looked at each other; Grandmaster Feng He is very mysterious, not to mention the master, no one has seen them ah!

What’s more, at Grandmaster Feng He’s age, his master should already be ancient.

The Emperor asked: “Grandmaster Feng He means that your master has also come to the capital?”

“She has always been in the capital.” Grandmaster Feng He said with a smile, “She’s right here.”


The crowd was shocked again. They looked around for a while, attempting to guess who it was.

Zhong Li Shi also had some doubts, “I wonder who Grandmaster Feng He’s master is?”

“Haha.” Grandmaster Feng He laughed, then stood up, picked up a cup of wine, and walked down the hall.

The crowd’s eyes quickly looked over, their eyes full of curiosity, wanting to know who exactly is the person who can teach someone like Grandmaster Feng He.

However, when Grandmaster Feng He stood beside Su Mo Li, the crowd first froze. Could it be that Grandmaster Feng He’s master was acquainted with Princess Su Rou?


“Hiss ……”

The crowd let out a loud gasp!

The most shocking expressions belonged to Li Qianshi and Su Jia Xuan. After all, these two were the closest to her.

“Big, Big Sister?” Su Jia Xuan called out with a trembling voice.

Li Qianshi also looked at Su Mo Li with an incredulous face: “Li’er, what’s going on? Could, could it be a mistake?”

Su Chen also stood up, quickly walked over: “Grandmaster Feng He, did you make a mistake?”

Grandmaster Feng He straightened up and said with a smile, “There is no mistake, it is Lord Su’s Eldest Daughter, Su Mo Li.”

“This ……”

Su Mo Li nodded: “That’s right, I am Feng He’s Master.”

The crowd could no longer use words to describe the shock in their hearts.

Grandmaster Feng He looked at Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Lan: “Greet your master.”

How could Zhong Li Lan and Su Xin Zhen both pay their respects to Su Mo Li? Wasn’t this a slap in their face!

The person they despised was actually their masters’ master!

This, this is simply impossible!

“Eldest Sister grew up in the countryside. How could she be your master, Master? And the age doesn’t match, this, this is impossible!” Su Xin Zhen took a deep breath, and her tone was full of resistance.

Zhong Li Lan also hurriedly said, “That’s right, Su Mo Li can’t play the Qin at all. How can she be your master? You weren’t deceived, were you?”

At these words, the crowd whispered.

After all, this was too incredible.

The smile on Grandmaster Feng He’s face disappeared, and he looked coldly at Zhong Li Lan: “You mean, it’s my old eyes that are blind?

Where three people walk, there must be a teacher. It is not just age that determines who can be a master.”

Seeing that Grandmaster Feng He was angry, Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Lan hurriedly hung their heads.

The Noble Consort finally reacted and immediately said, “It’s no wonder the two children are doubtful. Since the people present have doubts in their hearts, how about letting Princess Su Rou play a song?”


Su Mo Li did not pretend. Since her identity had been exposed, she would let these people be satisfied.

Sitting in front of the qin, Su Mo Li casually waved her hand. The song played by Zhong Li Lan before poured out from her fingertips.

Anyone could hear that Su Mo Li’s composition was ten thousand times better than Zhong Li Lan’s!

This is someone coming from the countryside?

The person who was considered not good at qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting?

If this was considered unacceptable, then what about them?

Zhong Li Shi narrowed his eyes and looked at Su Mo Li in the center of the hall. The corners of his lips were faintly curved upwards. Interesting.

Zhong Li Ling looked at Su Mo Li incredulously, and the hand holding the cup was slightly tightened.

After the song was finished, no one dared to question it anymore.

Li Qianshi fiercely squeezed her handkerchief. She never thought that Su Mo Li was actually, actually Grandmaster Feng He’s master!

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes were shining brightly. She knew now that her own sister was very powerful!

Su Xin Zhen’s face was miserable and pale. She and Zhong Li Lan looked at each other, and both of them had a struggling expression on their faces.

“Since the two of you are not willing to call me a senior Grandmaster, then you are not considered members of my division.” Su Mo Li said slowly, with a difficult look on her face, “This is how the rules of your master are, so please forgive me, Eldest Princess, younger sister.”

Grandmaster Feng He also returned to his seat and nodded to the Emperor, “It seems that I have to re-select two disciples.”

“Master is here; junior grand-disciple Zhong Li Lan greets master!” Zhong Li Lan gritted her teeth and uttered the words.

She could only feel her face burning hot.

However, Su Xin Zhen was reluctant and turned around, returning to Li Qianshi’s side with a pair of eyes filled with anger.

“There is no need to be polite, junior grand-disciple.” Su Mo Li’s face was filled with a soft smile, then looked at Zhong Li Xi, “I wonder if the Second Princess is willing to greet me as her master?”

Zhong Li Xi’s eyes widened. She was still immersed in Su Mo Li’s shocking life. When she heard the question, she immediately answered, “I am willing!”


Zhong Li Xi decisively poured Su Mo Li a cup of tea.

After Su Mo Li drank it all, she looked at Zhong Li Lan and said, “You should address my disciple as Senior Aunt Feng He, this is the little sister I accepted for you.”

Zhong Li Xi was giddy. This feeling is really cool!

The Empress revealed a smile, picked up the cup of tea, and glanced at the dark-faced Noble Consort. Inside her heart, she couldn’t help but be happy: “Sister, this …… is really embarrassing, just that Grandmaster Feng He’s Master is like this. I hope that Sister and Lan’er will not take it too seriously.”

Zhong Li Lan humiliatingly called “Senior Aunt,” then returned to her position.

One day, she will overtake Zhong Li Xi and fiercely hit the face of Zhong Li Xi!

And Su Mo Li. Good, very good! She will not let go of these two!

Just then, Da Guozi received news and said a few words in the Emperor’s which surprised him; “What did you say? Senior Shi Zhu is here?”

The crowd’s eyes were glowing, Shi Zhu ah! The painting immortal Shi Zhu ah!

Some officials who loved painting had their eyes shining brightly.

Su Mo Li frowned, headache!

Translators Note:

Trouble gang member #2 has arrived. (#1 is money grubbing old man Feng He)

Edited by EllieKit

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  1. Earlier I thought she didn’t want Grandmaster Feng He to expose her, so why doesn’t she seem angry with him now?
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  2. Su Mo Li has many problem children appearing out of the woodwork.😂
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  3. LOL.
    They were lording their potential to be disciples when she’s already the master’s master.

    She collects beauties and immortal masters like they were Pokémon. I’m curious about the “method of collection”, though. How did she become FH’s master?

    Thanks for the update

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