I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 80: Watching TV and crying

Lu Junhan was unfamiliar with the room and was not used to sleeping on the military hardboard bed in the old man’s house.

It was only at two o’clock in the morning that he managed to fall asleep, but not long after that, he was woken up.

He cracked open his cold, black eyes impatiently and irritably. His eyes were filled with a frighteningly cold aura.

As soon as his eyes opened fully, he was directly confronted with the little girl’s innocent and pure black eyes.

The little loli was sitting on the bed. Her long black hair was scattered behind her shoulders, her face was white and fat, her mouth was red, her big black eyes were round and smooth, and her long raven-like eyelashes fluttered like the most exquisite doll.

She looked so cute.

If her foot wasn’t still kicking him in the face, her innocent and cute expression might have been more convincing.

Lu Junhan took a deep breath, got up from the be, and resisted the urge to throw this little troublemaker out to feed the fish. His handsome eyebrows were thick with annoyance and sleepiness:

“What? Do you want to go to the bathroom again?”

“No, Daddy!” Little Lu Li said to him urgently, “I just heard my brother crying; he was crying miserably; I have to go find my brother ……”

“Find a fart!”

The little loli did not finish her sentence before she was picked up by her cold, impatient father with one hand and thrown her back to her side of the bed:

“Be a good girl and go to sleep! Even if he dies, it’s none of your business! And, if you dare to disturb my sleep again, I will make sure that you die with him!”

The little loli: “……”

Lu Li pouted her little mouth and discontentedly looked at the man who was lying down again and had closed his eyes. She began pleading in a small voice: “Daddy ……”

Lu Junhan opened his indifferent eyes, pulled his lips, and sneered: “Do not say ‘daddy’ and it’s useless to call ‘mommy.’ Let Laozi go to sleep!”

“Hmph, daddy, you don’t have to go! Li Li will go by herself!”

The little girl mumbled as she spoke. Her short legs began to climb the middle of the “mountain” again.

No way. Worrying that the little girl will roll down from the bed when she falls asleep, this bed was deliberately pushed from the middle of the room to the wall, and the foot of the bed was particularly high.

If Lu Li wants to get off the bed and go out, she must go through Lu Junhan’s turf.

Looking at her single-legged climbing posture, the man finally knew how she kicked him.

Seeing that the little girl would fall over again, Lu Junhan’s handsome face was completely black.

He got up from the bed and picked up the little girl who was still struggling to cross the mountain with a big hand and got out of bed directly.

When he went out, the man’s face was fully awake. His handsome eyebrows were thick with irritation, and he could barely suppress his anger.

“Let’s go take a look and come back! Dare to waste my time by saying one more word and watch me throw you both into the lake!”

Seeing that her father agreed, little Lu Li’s little hand hugged her father’s sturdy arm and gave a happy cheer. Her little milk voice said in a sticky and soft voice.

“Daddy, you are so good to me; Li Li loves you so much!”

Lu Junhan grunted, ” ass-kisser.”


Lu Qi obviously did not expect that Lu Li would come over to find him in the middle of the night.

She also brought Uncle Lu with her to find him.

The rooms of Lu Qi and Lu Li are not far apart.

He thought it was because he was crying too loudly, and the room was not well soundproofed, which made Lu Li hear him.

When he thought that his cries were heard the whole time, his heart was inevitably a little shy.

In addition, he was a little afraid of Lu Junhan and did not want to worry the little girl, so when the little girl asked why he was crying so badly, he whispered a lie:

“I’m fine, I just can’t sleep at night, I was watching TV, and somebody was crying ……”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

Seems that Lu Junhan will definitely be running a daycare in the future also I know I keep saying this but poor Lu Qi. He’s only 5 years old

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