I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 82: Going crazy

At that moment, a soft little milk voice suddenly came to his ears: “Good night, brother! Li Li will come to play with you tomorrow, oh!”

The boy jerked to a stop.

He promised.

Tomorrow to play with sister Lu Li.

He couldn’t …… go back on his word.

Lu Qi, like touching a hot potato, fiercely threw the knife in his hand.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Ten minutes later, he put that kitchen knife back into the kitchen, the key back into the drawer, and once again returned to his room.

Then he put the tear-stained pillow on the floor and stomped on it several times!

As a five-year-old child, born in a wealthy family like the Lu family, he had parents like that. Other children were still playing innocently and ignorantly while he had to understand all the things that he should know.

He knew he was too impulsive tonight.

He also knows it’s not good.

But it was really hard for him.

For five years.

It turned out he was living in a false dream.

He saw his mom and dad as all he had, and he loved them so much.

They told him to do whatever he wanted.

Even though he was afraid of great-grandpa, he had been trying hard to overcome his fear and trying hard to please great-grandpa for their sake.

At that time, he thought that his mom and dad loved him.

Everything they did was for him.

That’s what they told him.

But it wasn’t until tonight that he really saw the reality.

He felt like his life was a joke.

If sister Lu Li hadn’t come, he would have lost his mind ……


The old man has always remembered what Lu Junhan said: since he has a great-grandson, and he won’t let him take Lu Li fishing.

So, the next day, he got up early to fish.

He also dragged Lu Qi with him.

It was only 5:30 in the morning, the sun had not yet fully risen, and the air was slightly cold and damp.

The villa only had a few scattered maids cleaning.

The old man looked around a few times to make sure that the corridor was empty before he put his ear to the door.

After listening for a while, he did not hear any movement in the room, so he knew that both Lu Junhan and Lu Li were still sleeping.

Only then did he turn a corner and enter Lu Qi’s room and hurriedly called him up, saying that he wanted to take him fishing together.

Lu Qi, who had just been woken up: “……”

He must be dreaming!

Lu Qi felt that his great grandfather was either crazy or about to go crazy!

Who fishes in the morning? The fish may not even be awake yet!

But the old man was stubborn, and no one can resist him. Lu Qi had never contradicted the old man. Besides, he still had something to discuss with him later.

So, he had to put up with the wake-up call. He obediently went to the bathroom to wash up and then followed the old man to go fishing.

“Quick, you touch this water.”

Just as he walked to the edge of the pond, the old master who was carrying the fish bucket and the fishing rod urgently asked him to reach out and touch the water in the pond.

“Great grandfather ……”

Little Lu Qi is not sure, is this a worship ceremony before fishing?

“If I say you should touch it, then you touch it!” The old man was still a cranky and cold and hard old person. Seeing this, most people would hesitate: “What a waste of words!”

Lu Qi: “……”

If you were not my grandfather, I would have pushed you down!

Lu Qi bent down and reached out to touch the water in the lake. In the morning, the lake water was still very cold. He felt a slight chill and planned to withdraw his hand.

Unfortunately, he was stopped by the old man: “Wait, the time is too short. You stay there for a while longer!”

(End of this chapter)

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