I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 74: Beat you to death!

Chen Su Su’s wine red nail fingers had a deadly grasp of Lu Qi’s arm. The long nails sank directly into his skin, and her face was full of anger like she couldn’t believe it.

Children’s skin was tender. When she pinched him, Lu Qi’s tears came out, and his big dark eyes were instantly filled with a layer of water:

“Ouch …… mom …… so painful ah, you pinched me, loose, loose hands ……”

But Chen Su Su did not care and instead held on with even more force and a face full of anger: “Didn’t I tell you before to not eat candy? Your great grandfather will not like it! Who let you ……”

Lu Qi really can’t help it. In the end, he is only a five-year-old child. He immediately cried out in pain, desperately struggling:

“Mom woo …… I hurt, I really hurt ……”

Lu Qi has always been a good boy. He never disobeyed her, but this time not only did he eat the candy, but he also tried to run. He was simply rebelling!

It must be that he learned badly from that dead girl Lu Li!

Chen Su Su was furious. Her face was blue, and her eyes were cold: “You don’t remember what I said, so I’ll kill you!

Next to Lu Qi, Lu Tianhua watched his tears flowing down one by one. Instead of being concerned, he was annoyed and impatient as he said.

“What are you crying for? You have to remember that you are a boy, not a girl! Such a little thing, and you’re crying and crying. Our reputation is going to be disgraced by you ……”

“Go away! Bad man! No bullying my brother!”

A soft, sticky little voice fell. A dirty broom swept directly towards the faces of Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua!

No one knew where that broom had swept, but it was still full of black grease as if it had just been fished out of a stinky ditch.

Just looking at it, it seems that you can smell the disgusting fishy smell.

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua’s expressions changed violently, and they could not care less as they lurched backward with a look of revulsion on their faces.

They are always clean, when have they ever seen something so dirty.

They dodged, but the broomstick pursued.

Chen Susu ran a few steps and stumbled. The broom suddenly hit her, and her white dress was instantly covered with a black oil mark.


She shouted in horror, and her eyes were about to burst into tears!

She has a cleanliness fetish and cannot look at dirty things. Now that this has appeared on her, she wished to die.

On the side, Lu Tianhua was also trying desperately to hide.

They don’t know where the little girl got so much strength from. She kept chasing after them as if she couldn’t get tired.

And using such a long broomstick to beat them, she swung it lightly as if it was not strenuous at all.

He was annoyed several times and wanted to reach out and grab the broom to give this dead girl a hard lesson, but it was like a ghost. He couldn’t grab it, and every time he reached out, he fell short!

Instead, he was hit several times, his face and neck were covered with greasy black marks, and he was about to vomit.

Song Qingwan and Lu Junhan just came out of the study. In their line of sight, they suddenly saw the scene in the living room.

They saw a beautiful little girl in a pink princess dress holding a dirty broom. With her short legs, she was chasing and hitting people all over the living room.

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua were beaten into jumping up and down. They seemed like monkeys in a circus, not to mention how wretched they looked.

The little girl, while beating them, was also yelling with her little voice.

“If you bully your brother like this again, I will go to my father and say that you abused my brother! Wait for it! My father is very crazy; he will beat you to death!”

Lu Junhan: “……”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

Definitely do not condone child abuse! Also Li Li truly has no chill 😂 Will Lu Junhan end up running a daycare? Find out in the next episode of dbz

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  1. “ Wait for it! My father is very crazy; he will beat you to death!”
    Luna Junhan will not be happy to hear about this HAHAAHAHAH

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