I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 73: Did you eat candy?

Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su were both jobless, so even if the old man wanted to discuss something, it wasn’t with them.

So, it didn’t take long for them to come out of the study first.

The old man, Lu Junhan, and Song Qingwan were left chatting about things.

When they came out, both Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su’s faces were extra unattractive.

In the study, they didn’t discuss anything big; they were talking about the 9% share issue.

It could be said that from the beginning to the end, it had nothing to do with Lu Tianhua and Chen Susu; they just came to listen.

The whole process was Lu Junhan and the old man negotiating while Song Qingwan interjected a few words from time to time.

After the matter was finished, the old man only symbolically admonished him and Chen Su Su and told them to take good care of Lu Qi. The other said nothing, and they let themselves out!

But they were not stupid.

From the negotiations between Lu Junhan and the old man, it was not difficult to hear that this 9% of shares were not given to Lu Junhan by the old man at all, but Lu Junhan who had snatched it up himself!

This also means that their trip is completely in vain!

Even if they brought Lu Qi here to convince the old man, so what?

The 9% of shares were still Lu Junhan’s!

The old man couldn’t make the decision at all!

They thought they could take the opportunity to coax the old man to give them the 9% shares, but now, it’s all gone.

What a waste of their time!

Chen Su Su obviously thought the same thing.

Both of them were furious.

They even suspected that Lu Junhan and the old man might have seen through their little thoughts.

Just now, they were deliberately mentioning this 9% share in front of them so that they could know how ridiculous they were!

In the living room, the cartoon on the TV somehow changed from carp jumping dragon gate to Transformers.

The two little ones started off sitting, one on the left and one on the right, but now they are sitting head to head together.

Their eyes were glued to the TV as they watched with rapt attention.

Occasionally when Lu Li could not understand, Lu Qi would whisper to tell her what the robot was called and how it came to be.

“Qi Qi!”

The 9% of shares fell through, and they made a trip for nothing. Chen Su Su already had a fire in her stomach, plus she was choked by Song Qingwan before. Now that she saw such a scene, she became even more irritable.

The usual elegance and virtuousness on her face were gone.

She reached out, went forward, and fiercely pulled Lu Qi. Lu Qi didn’t pay attention for a moment and almost fell to the ground because of her pulling, and his face twisted up in pain.

Chen Su Su acted as if she did not see it. For the first time, she did not have a good face for Lu Qi. She gritted her teeth with a fierce face and said.

“What did mom say to you before? She is a motherless bad girl who is here to steal your grandfather’s property from you! I told you not to play with her! Don’t play with her! Didn’t you listen to me? You really let me down!”

Because Lu Qi was a boy and was deeply liked by the old man, Chen Su Su and her husband had always treated him like a money tree, loving him and fearing that he would fall down.

It was the first time Lu Qi saw his mother treat him so harshly as if he had done something sinful and bad. His whole body was frozen in place!

“Wait a minute! You ate candy?”

Chen Susu leaned close and naturally smelled the milk smell on him; her beautiful face sank, her voice rose several degrees, sharp and harsh:

“Who told you to eat candy!”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

I feel bad of Lu Qi. What a terrible mom!

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