White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 51: Entering the Master’s School

In the Palace, the men and women were seated separately.

Su Chen naturally went to exchange pleasantries with his colleagues, while Li Qianshi took Su Mo Li and her sisters to sit down on the seat.

“Zhen’er, Xuan’er, you go with mother, as for Li’er, you are not well, so take a good rest here. If there is anything, just ask the palace maid.”

Li Qianshi said with a smile.

Su Xin Zhen lifted her chin, looking at Su Mo Li with a smug face.

But Su Mo Li smiled gently: “It’s my body that’s not strong, thanks for your concern, Mother.”

In an instant, Su Xin Zhen felt it was extremely meaningless.

It was clear that she was pleased that her mother would take her to see the noblewoman, and what she wanted to see was not Su Mo Li’s gratitude, but jealousy!

Su Jia Xuan frowned and did not get up. She tilted her head and said with big eyes: “I’m not going either. I’ll stay with Big Sister.”

Li Qianshi glared at Su Jia Xuan: “Xuan’er, don’t be capricious, come with Mother.”

Su Jia Xuan moved towards Su Mo Li a few degrees, not looking at Li Qianshi.

Seeing this, Li Qianshi was angry, and Su Xin Zhen was impatient and said: “Come on, Mother, she is so small, what is the use of going over there? Let’s go.”

After thinking about it, it’s right. After all, Xuan’er is only eight years old and still too young.

After watching Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen leave, Su Mo Li picked up the snacks on the table and ate them.

“This is a purple sweet potato cake.” Su Jia Xuan also tasted a bite and whispered, “It’s a pity that white sugar is used. If honey was used, it would be sweet but not greasy and more delicious.”

Su Mo Li’s eyes lit up: “Then you try this.”

Saying that she handed Su Jia Xuan a flower petal-shaped snack.

Su Jia Xuan took a bite and spat it out directly.

Su Mo Li couldn’t help but laugh: “How is it?”

“Big Sister, it’s so hard to eat. Obviously, it’s a dessert; why is it peppery!”

“Pepper is very rare for our country; it’s bought from other countries and can be said to be ten times the price of white sugar.

After all, it is a national banquet, of course, you must show the dignity of the Emperor, so, some of the desserts will have pepper inside, just this taste ……”

Su Mo Li couldn’t help but smile, helpless to the extreme.

Su Jia Xuan revealed a dawning realization: “So that’s how it is!”

Soon, the Emperor brought the Empress, concubines, as well as the Imperial Princes and Princesses to the main hall.

Li Qianshi brought Su Xin Zhen and came back. The crowd saluted and greeted the Emperor before he said with a smile, “Today is to cleanse the dust of Grandmaster Feng He. At the same time Grandmaster Feng He also said he would take two disciples.”

The spirit of the crowd rose. Grandmaster Feng He was very famous in all countries. If someone from the Feng Yun country became a disciple of Grandmaster Feng He, it would be a happy thing.

It would severely suppress some people from other countries!

At this time, Da Guozi came out, “Please welcome Grandmaster Feng He!”

As Da Guozi’s voice fell, Grandmaster Feng He, who was dressed in white and not smiling, walked out with the help of his attendant, Xiao Gaizi.

Grandmaster Feng He slightly squinted his eyes and looked ahead.

But only he knew; the corner of his eyes were looking for a familiar figure.

After walking to the very front, Grandmaster Feng He put down the fear in his heart; fortunately, this girl came.

“Your Majesty.”

“Grandmaster Feng He, please rise quickly.” The Emperor walked directly to the front and helped Grandmaster Feng He up, “Grandmaster Feng He, please take a seat!”

Grandmaster Feng He also did not push back. He followed up and sat on the right-hand side of the Emperor.

“Your Majesty, since they all know what I want, let’s start directly and avoid delaying the hour. After all, I am old and cannot sleep too late.”

Although Grandmaster Feng He spoke to the Emperor while sitting down, he had a smile on his face and a good attitude.

The Emperor naturally responded and nodded at the Empress.

“In that case, let’s do it one by one.” The Empress said gently, “If you want to show yourself, how about going to the side room to prepare first?”

“Yes, Empress.” Da Guozi answered, “This servant will go and serve all the ladies.”

Saying that Da Guozi then led the hundreds of young ladies to the next room.

Zhong Li Xi and Zhong Li Lan were naturally going to attend as well.

Su Mo Li originally wanted to keep a low profile, but unexpectedly, she became the most high-profile person.

Because all the women of the right age on the floor have gone, except her.

Of course, she was not bothered by the gazes of the people around her. She treated it like air.

But there is always someone who will take her laziness and pick at it, such as Zhong Li Lan’s birth mother, the Noble Consort.

The Noble Consort wiped the corner of her mouth with a handkerchief and said with a smile, “Why does Princess Su Rou not go and try?”

The Noble Consort’s words made the atmosphere in the room strange.

About Su Mo Li’s life, the people in the room are all clear on the situation. She grew up in the countryside; how could she know how to play chess, calligraphy, and painting?

The reason for not mentioning it is because Su Chen is, after all, the Prime Minister, and her birth mother is a Princess after all.

And she also has the title of County Princess.

“I won’t bother to present myself and let others laugh.” Su Mo Li smiled lightly and said in a soft voice, “I’m not particularly interested in qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting. If Your Highness wants to try, it’s not impossible. I think Grandmaster Feng He is also willing to accept a disciple of Your Highness’s age, right?”

Hearing Su Mo Li’s words, the crowd took a breath in.

What an ignorant person!

How dare you pull Grandmaster Feng He into the water!

Su Chen’s face sank fiercely, and he hastily stood up, “My little daughter doesn’t know what to do, please forgive Grandmaster Feng He!

Li’er, why don’t you hurry up and apologize to Grandmaster Feng He!”

Li Qianshi also hurriedly said, “Li’er has just returned to the capital not long ago, please forgive her Grandmaster Feng He, Your Majesty.”

The Empress smiled: “Li’er is straightforward; there is nothing wrong with it. Please do not blame this girl.”

Everyone knows that Grandmaster Feng He hates to get involved in fights. Su Mo Li has obviously violated Grandmaster Feng He’s taboo!

The Empress’s hand was slightly clenched. She knew that the Noble Consort was snapping at her and just brought Su Mo Li into it.

The Emperor was just about to speak when he heard his Noble Consort say petulantly: “This County Princess is not young anymore. Bengong knows that the County Princess is straightforward. Bengong did not think that the County Princess is also ignorant of etiquette.”

Zhong Li Shi frowned; his eyes had a trace of coldness. He looked at Su Mo Li, who had her head bowed, and for the first time, he felt that the Noble Consort was an eyesore!

“The Consort’s words are not too much.”Grandmaster Feng He put down the cup of tea in his hand.

A hint of complacency flashed in the Noble Consort’s eyes.

“It’s indeed not easy to have a straightforward child in the Royal family. And this child also has a pure heart, a real model for other thousands of children.”

The smile on the Noble Consort’s face instantly stiffened.

Zhong Li Shi was surprised and then quirked his lips and smiled.

Sure enough, a lucky girl. She actually caught the eye of Grandmaster Feng He.

“I heard that it was because she was praying for the family that she had to go to the countryside since childhood. She has suffered a lot. It has also difficult for this child.”

Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched.

The Empress said: “Indeed, the child is a good child. Her etiquette can not be faulted. She’s more like a Royal Princess than Xi’er.”

“The Empress is modest; the Empress raised the Second Princess. Naturally, she’s extraordinarily naive and romantic but is also a good child.”

Once Grandmaster Feng He has opened his mouth to praise someone, naturally, the others will not go against Grandmaster Feng He.

Thus, the face of the Noble Consort was extremely bad.

Su Chen let out a sigh of relief, not expecting this kind of result.

Li Qianshi, however, fiercely pinched her nails to bring back her sanity.

The Emperor and Grandmaster Feng He said a few words and then changed the topic. Su Mo Li then continued to eat.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Da Guozi came over and said everything was ready.

With the Emperor’s nod, Zhong Li Lan was the first to walk out.

When the first note sounded, Su Mo Li frowned, and as expected, after waiting for three breaths, Grandmaster Feng He shouted stop.

Zhong Li Lan blushed, and the Noble Consort blushed and couldn’t help but ask, “But where is it bad?”

“The next one.” Grandmaster Feng He’s immediate reply made the Noble Consort lose face.

Her hand tightly tugged on the handkerchief.

Seeing this, the Empress said with a forced smile, “What is Sister doing? Let’s just wait. It’s Grandmaster Feng He who chooses his disciples, isn’t it?”

The Noble Consort sneered and stopped speaking.

Next, it was Lord Liu’s daughter Liu Qian Qian.

It must be said that Su Xin Zhen is indeed the best player in it. If not for the fact that she once gave Zhong Li Xi a few pointers, Zhong Li Xi would have been suppressed.

The last one on the stage is Zhong Li Xi. She was also the only one that Grandmaster Feng He listened to from the beginning to the end.

The smile on the Empress’ face deepened a few more points and nodded to Zhong Li Xi.

Zhong Li Xi was extraordinarily happy. She was about to bow down when she heard Grandmaster Feng He say, “The technique used in the second section of the tune, did you learn it yourself?”

Zhong Li Xi was slightly stunned, and after trying to think, she shook her head, “No, it was Li’er who taught me.”

The crowd was stunned. What? Princess Su Rou taught her?

They thought the Princess Su Rou did not know how to play the qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting? How could she teach the Princess to play the Qin?

Not to mention the others, even Su Chen and Li Qianshi were puzzled.

Only Su Jia Xuan seems to have thought of something. Her heart started beating fast. Could it be that her sister actually knows all of them, but she is just hiding her talent!

Yes, it must be so!

Thinking of this, Su Jia Xuan’s whole eyes were bright, and she tightly held Su Mo Li’s hand.

Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan and knew she had been found out. She rubbed her head and asked: “Do you really not want to become Grandmaster Feng He’s disciple?

If you miss it, there won’t be a next time.”

Su Jia Xuan shook her head one after another, “Sister, I want to study painting hard!”


At this moment, the Emperor opened his mouth, “Li’er can also play the Qin? If so, why don’t you try?”

At that, Su Xin Zhen snorted coldly, her eyes full of disdain: “Su Mo Li, you didn’t bribe the Princess to put in a good word for you, did you? How dare you lie about this?”

Su Mo Li then stood up: “I can’t afford the word ‘teach’ from the Second Princess. I just gave some her some tips.”

Zhong Li Xi hurriedly said: “It’s because of Li’er. Li’er, even if you can’t play the qin, your ear is also very powerful!”

Zhong Li Xi’s little face was red and flushed. Obviously, she was anxious.

Grandmaster Feng He stroked his beard and said with a smile, “The Second Princess has a good heart, but her qin skills are somewhat flawed, sit down first.

The Second Young Lady of the Su family qin is a good one.”

Su Chen’s eyes were pleased.

The smile on Li Qianshi’s face was also growing, as for Su Xin Zhen was full of joy as she said thanks.

Grandmaster Feng He became silent.

The hearts of the people were lifted.

A quarter of an hour later, Grandmaster Feng He said with a smile, “I wonder who should be accepted under my teachings, according to Princess Su Rou?”

Ellie Note: I have an allergy to pepper, so the idea of anyone putting it in a sweet makes me shudder.

Edited by EllieKit

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