White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 50: The Arrival of Feng He Old Man

Su Mo Li did not care about what happened next, and the news from the Huang group confirmed that the person behind the incident was Zhong Li Ling.

And the evidence was anonymously sent to Zhong Li Shi’s hands.

As Su Mo Li drank her tea, she listened to Huang Fan’s report: “What time did Zhong Li Ling pick to kill Zhong Li Shi? Did he have to pick a time when I was present? Isn’t he sick in the head?

And, actually doing it in the South Lane in broad daylight, isn’t that stupid …….”

Huang Fan laughed and said, “The Huang group found out that because of the withdrawal of his marriage, the Crown Prince made a mess of it. Since the Second Prince lost a lot of face, the Second Prince just couldn’t stand it and took action.”

“Zhong Li Ling is so impulsive and cannot achieve great things.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, and then yawned, “I’m going to take a nap.”

However, as soon as she stood up, Su Jia Xuan’s voice rang out outside; “Big Sister!”

“Third Miss is here.” Zi Yan opened the door with a smile on her face,.

Su Jia Xuan looked at Zi Yan and smiled at her, “I heard that you are especially good at making drinks. Can you make me a glass of juice?”

Zi Yan’s eyes lit up, and she quickly went to the small kitchen.

Su Mo Li came out, and after hearing Su Jia Xuan’s words, she slowly said, “It seems that I should transfer Zi Yan to the small kitchen?”

“Yes, Zi Yan is very talented at cooking, from what I’ve heard.” Su Jia Xuan sat down with a stack of sheet music, “I didn’t have these people in my dream.”

Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“What’s that you’re holding?” Su Mo Li flipped through the pages, only to feel a pain in her head, “Qin sheet music?”

Su Jia Xuan nodded her head, “Yes, tomorrow Feng He Old Man will come to the capital, and we will see him in the evening.”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan, “Do you want to become Feng He Old Man’s disciple?”

Su Jia Xuan hesitated and said in a low voice, “Big Sister, I don’t like the qin very much, I like painting. I want to learn from the Painting Immortal Shi Zhu, but no one knows the whereabouts of senior Shi Zhu ……”

Su Jia Xuan sighed, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Senior Shi Zhu?” Su Mo Li looked oddly at Su Jia Xuan, “Have you seen Shi Zhu?”

“No.” Su Jia Xuan shook her head, her small face filled with seriousness, “Sister, you can’t directly call senior Shi Zhu’s name.”

“Have you ever thought that Shi Zhu is actually about the same age as us?” Su Mo Li asked tentatively.

“How is that possible!” Su Jia Xuan immediately denied, “Sister, have you ever seen the paintings of Senior Shi Zhu’s? That’s a level we can’t reach!”

“Although I’ve never met Senior Shi Zhu, there are many people in the community who guessed that Senior Shi Zhu was an immortal man and should not be young.”

After a pause, Su Jia Xuan continued, “There is a painting of Senior Shi Zhu in my father’s study; it’s very beautiful.”

Looking at Su Jia Xuan’s shining eyes, Su Mo Li smiled; “Cheng Tao prepare pen, ink, paper, and ink stone, let Xuan’er show us her skill.”

Su Jia Xuan was also a little itchy and agreed without hesitation.

The servants cleaned up the stone table and spread the drawing paper on it.

Su Jia Xuan smiled at Su Mo Li: “Sister, I’m starting.”

Su Mo Li nodded and sat down on a chair beside her, looking at Su Jia Xuan’s serious and thoughtful expression.

After Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other, Huang Fan took out a letter and handed it to Su Mo Li.

“The letter arrived three days ago, but Miss seems to be still angry with Miss Shi, so I don’t dare to take it out for Miss.” Huang Fan whispered.

Su Mo Li had a disgusted look as she took the letter and rolled her eyes: “Is this girl eating and writing again? Look at the oil stains on it.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan both laughed.

Su Mo Li opened it and read it over quickly, but her face changed.

Cheng Tao hurriedly said, “Miss, don’t be angry.”

Su Mo Li took a deep breath and suppressed her anger; “Damn Shi Zhu!

Su Mo Li, who was trying to keep her voice down, was on the verge of collapse.

Cheng Tao couldn’t help but take a look at the contents of the letter.

“Su Mo Li, sister is coming to the capital!

“Please be ready to greet me with the full banquet you told me about before!

“Oh, right, I don’t have a place to stay, so find me a place to stay. Aren’t you the First Miss of the Prime Minister? Not a problem, right?

“When I get to the capital, remember to protect me. Also, you better not let me hear bad news about you from others. I’m afraid I can’t help but want to fight, thanks.”

Cheng Tao only had a moment of dizziness as she looked on, “Miss Shi is coming over?”

Su Mo Li chuckled, “This girl is coming to see my joke.”

Huang Fan swallowed her saliva; “Miss, Miss Shi’s character may not be suitable for the capital.”

“Let her play by herself!” Su Mo Li said without kindness.

After a moment of silence, she rubbed her brow: “Let the Huang group arrange it.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fang both revealed an expression of realization.

Their own lady had a hard mouth and a soft heart.

It’s just that they are unlucky. This Miss Shi’s temper is even more irritable.

“Sister, I’ve finished painting!” Su Jia Xuan turned her head to look at Su Mo Li, who ended up sitting in the corner at some point and said with a smile.

Su Mo Li coughed lightly, handed the letter to Cheng Tao, and walked over.

When she saw Su Jia Xuan’s painting, Su Mo Li was a little surprised. It was very nice, very spiritual!

“Nice painting.”

Su Mo Li nodded with a smile.

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up, “Really? I don’t feel good about it.”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly twice, picked up the pen, and drew a peach tree behind Su Jia Xuan’s house.

In an instant, the whole picture was bright and colorful.

“Sister ……” Su Jia Xuan murmured incredulously, “You drew it so beautifully ……”

Obviously, it was just a few random strokes, but the peach trees from Su Mo Li’s brush strokes were so lifelike!

“You know how to draw, Sister?”

Su Mo Li put down the brush: “I’ve only studied for a few days. Can I have this painting?”

Su Jia Xuan let out a brilliant laugh.

After the two sisters chatted for a while, Su Jia Xuan then left with Dong Xue. Only after she returned to the courtyard, did she react: “Didn’t I go to teach Sister to play the qin?”

Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan helplessly; “Third Miss finally remembered!”

Su Jia Xuan patted her own head, annoyed: “Hey, forget it. I don’t think my sister wants to learn the Qin either. My sister’s paintings are especially beautiful!”

Su Jia Xuan pulled Dong Xue as she chattered. Dong Xue nodded one absentmindedly, although she did not understand the skills involved, she had eyes and would look. She thought that Eldest Miss’s paintings were also very good.

After thinking about it, Dong Xue slowly said: “Miss, Eldest Miss is no different from the capital’s thousand ladies. Although she did not learn the qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting, her painting is also very beautiful. I think if Miss grew up in the capital, she must be the most talented girl!”

At the news, Su Jia Xuan sighed; “No, Big Sister is being held back, ah!”

However, I didn’t know that my big sister could draw in my previous life, probably because I didn’t get so close to her and didn’t realize it.

Late at night, a carriage entered the capital.

It came directly to the entrance of the Imperial Palace and arrived at the Imperial Study Room.

“Grandmaster Feng He! Please sit down!”

The powers that be have gotten wind of the news that Grandmaster Feng He has come to the capital!

Su Chen naturally got the news, and the next day, he and Li Qianshi arrived at the entrance of Mudan Courtyard as soon as the morning court was over.

Su Chen nodded his head as he listened to the sound of the qin inside, and a pleased smile appeared on his face; “Yes, Zhen’er’s qin sound is rare in the world.”

Li Qianshi’s face was filled with joy: “That’s good, but I just don’t know if the people around Grandmaster Feng He are good ……”

“Don’t worry; I’ve already passed a lot of silver over.”

Su Chen squinted his eyes and said with a smile, “The servant by Grandmaster Feng He, Xiao Gaizi is already a spy of mine.”

“Husband is truly amazing!” Admiration appeared on Li Qianshi’s face.

Su Chen was particularly impressed and waited for the qin’s sound inside to stop before he walked in with Li Qianshi.

“Be sure to dress well today, and take this spot down, got it?” Su Chen looked at Su Xin Zhen and instructed.

“Father, don’t worry, I’ll do my best.”

Su Xin Zhen said proudly, “Besides, my qin sound is unmatched in the capital!”

“Hahaha! Not bad!” Su Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, “It’s good to know that Zhen’er is so confident!

Well, we’ll have to go into the palace in two hours, so take advantage of the free time to practice more.”

“Yes, Father.”

At this time, Grandmaster Feng He was staying at the Palace. Shutting the door, the masters and servants looked at the gold on the table and couldn’t stop smiling.

“Grandfather, we should come to the capital more often so that we don’t have to worry about food and drink!” Xiao Gaizi, with a greedy look on his face, couldn’t help but say as he looked at a skinny old man, cheerfully biting at the gold on the table.

“You silly boy, you know that things are rare and expensive? Four countries now, and we’ll have enough silver for a few years if we go to each country once!” Feng He quickly divided the silver into two portions, each with a small cover.

Holding the bag of money, Feng He showed a silly smile. It was very different from his serious appearance outside!

Xiao Gaizi sipped his tea and said with a smile, “Grandpa, don’t you dislike the Feng Yun Kingdom? Why did you suddenly agree to the Emperor?”

Feng He showed a mysterious face: “Hehe, naturally, I came to see my master!”

“By the way, I’m also sticking up for my master so that some ungrateful people won’t offend her and die without knowing how.”

Xiao Gaizi was a little confused: “Your master? I’ve been with you for two years, but I’ve never heard that you have a master.”

“Xiao Gaizi, there’s a lot of things you don’t know!”

Feng He lay on the recliner and said with a smile, “There is no hurry, tonight, grandpa will let you watch a good show.”

Soon, it was time to enter the Palace, and officials of the third rank and above brought their families to the Palace for the banquet.

Su Mo Li wore a light blue dress, and her ink-like hair was flowing freely.

Compared to Su Xin Zhen, it was very plain.

However, Su Xin Zhen was still no match for Su Mo Li’s beautiful face.

Su Jia Xuan was wearing pink clothes and had a child’s bun. She leaned close to Su Mo Li, and the two smiled at each other as the carriage started up, heading towards the Palace.

Su Xin Zhen did not seek to pick a fight; after all, she is now nervous. This time, no matter what, she can not make a mistake!

She wants to become the disciple of Grandmaster Feng He and let those who look down on her choke on their jokes and regret it!

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