I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 71: Brother, you are great!

The two little ones were sitting, one left and one right of the European-style sofa, separated by a long distance. A slight glance and onlookers can instantly know that they are not familiar with each other at all.

The LCD TV in front of them is broadcasting the hottest cartoon at the moment.

Carp Jumping Dragon Gate.

–This is what the little girl’s father had specially asked someone to find for her.

It supposedly was to let her learn how other fish are acting as carp spirits.

Lu Li opened her big black and clear eyes. The pink princess dress on her body was obedient and soft.

Her small body was sitting on the sofa obediently and coquettishly, not crying and not making a fuss, quietly looking with rapt attention.

In contrast, Lu Qi is not in this good mood!

You can even say that his mood is now simply terrible!

In the past, the TV was dedicated to Lu Qi alone.

The old man loves reading newspapers, not watching TV.

So, as soon as Lu Qi arrived at the old mansion, the maids would put on Ultraman or Transformers cartoons for him to watch.

But this time, Lu Junhan personally instructed them to find cartoons about carp to play for Lu Li. Those servants naturally did not dare to disobey his order.

But Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua didn’t even pay attention to what their son liked to watch. Their minds were all on the 9% share that the old man said he would give to Lu Junhan.

What cartoons are shown on TV, if Lu Qi likes it or not, they don’t give a damn.

So, no one on his side can back him up, but the other side has a superb father and super aunt to speak for her.

Even if Lu Qi wanted to grab the remote control to change the channel, he did not dare.

But he doesn’t like watching fish at all!

Too childish!

He wants to see Transformers!

The little boy with red lips and white teeth and a delicate look pursed his red lips and glared at Lu Li over there, wanting to just glare at her to death!

It’s all because of this person!

It’s not enough to steal his grandfather, but now she’s stealing his TV!

If it weren’t for this bad sister, he would have been watching Transformers by now!

He glared a lot. If his eyes could kill, Lu Li would have been killed a thousand times.

But the little girl did not notice at all. She was still watching the cartoon with great concentration.

Not even sparing him a glance.

But Lu Qi had a bad temper.

Sure enough, Dad was right; this sister is too scheming. He glared at her so many times, but she actually could pretend not to see and wasn’t angry at all!

If only she had been angry, he could have beaten her!

Beat her to death.


The little girl was watching with great interest. She thought her father was really great, finding such a good cartoon and watching it, she was suddenly a bit greedy.

She pulled out of her little pocket and finally pulled out a milk candy.

This is the only one.

Before eating, her aunt said that children should not eat too much candy because it would cause tooth decay.

Then her father took away all her candy, and she cried so much and kept calling out to her father, but he wouldn’t give it to her.

But fortunately, she had hidden one in her hand.

Dad is too stupid; he actually did not find it.

The little girl was about to peel off the candy paper when she suddenly looked up and happened to find Lu Qi’s glare.

Lu Li tilted her head and blinked her eyes.

She looked down at the candy in her hand and then looked at her brother, who was looking over with bated breath, and her little face soon showed an expression of sudden realization.

Lu Qi saw her jerking her head to look over, was startled. Before he could withdraw his gaze, the little girl suddenly got up from the sofa and walked straight towards him.

(End of this chapter)

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