I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 69: Don’t be unhappy

When Liu Huilan heard this, she really wanted to grab Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su’s ears and scold these two idiots to death!

What kind of person was Song Qingyuan?

She has seen the world and has used more tricks than they have eaten. Fighting with her is like wanting to die!

See, with a few casual words, she has brought them into the ditch!

Liu Huilan did not want to please Song Qingwan; after all, more friends are better than more enemies.

However, Song Qingwan is a cold person, but her temper is very hot, and she was a match for the old man!

Her poisonous tongue was overwhelming.

And Song Qingwan’s eyes are too sharp; in front of her, nothing can be hidden.

Liu Huilan’s little thoughts of wanting to be on top, Song Qingwan saw it clearly.

After a few good words, Song Qingwan did not give her any face, and Liu Huilan finally got annoyed.

She dared to ignore Song Qingwan, but she was not that stupid to go against Song Qingwan.

Just now, Lu Tianhua and Song Qingyuan provoked each other; she wanted to stop it, but their conversation was too fast, it was too late.

Now that things have come to this point, her heart felt anxious.

As for Chen Su Su, she herself comes from a famous family, but her family is not as good as the Lu family. However, this does not prevent her from wanting to fight the Lu family.

Lu Junhan is too difficult to approach, and they dared not provoke him. She also heard that Lu Tianhua is the old man’s grandson, thinking that Lu Tianhua is at least a member of the Lu family, the old man will not ignore him.

So, she spent a lot of thought to marry Lu Tianhua.

But she didn’t think that the old man really didn’t care about him!

In addition to giving him a large amount of money every month, what shares ah, rights ah, he did not even give him a job arrangement. Chen Su Su and the Chen family behind her were completely dumbfounded.

But she cannot divorce and can not leave …… after all, they have children, so she can only live on.

In the end, the Chen family gave up on Chen Su Su.

Now, all the money Chen Su Su spends is all from the Lu family. At this moment, hearing that not only is there no money to take in the future, but she has to pay back money to the old man, her fair and clean face instantly whitened.

Immediately she wanted to backtrack. She looked at the majestic and solemn old man and said in a trembling voice: “Grandpa, we were wrong, actually we, we didn’t ……”

Lu Tianhua did not expect Song Qingyuan to be waiting for them here.

His eyes were slightly wide, and his body was shaking with anger.

“All right, all right!” The old man, who could see that they were lying, did not bother to argue with them. He waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “Don’t stay at the door, come in!”

Liu Huilan and Chen Su Su could not help but sigh with relief.

Before Lu Tianhua went in, he secretly turned his head and glared at Song Qingwan!

As if to say, let her wait for him!

Song Qingwan held her arms with a cold expression. She pulled her thin lips and coldly snorted. Her eyes were cold as if she was looking at a mole cricket, disdainful.

Lu Tianhua: “……”

After they all went in, only Song Qingwan and Lu Junhan were left outside. Lu Li lifted her small hand and tugged on Song Qingwan’s sleeve.

When Song Qingwan saw her, her icy face eased a lot. She bent down and whispered, “What’s wrong? Li Li.”

“Aunt.” Lu Li spread out her tiny white hand, and there was a round milk candy inside.

The little girl’s eyes were dark and clear like she could look into people’s hearts, and she said in a small voice, “Candy for you to eat, don’t be upset, okay?”

Song Qingwan froze for a moment.

(End of this chapter)

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