White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 52: Su Mo Li’s Choice

The crowd was stunned at first and then full of confusion.

The Emperor also looked at Grandmaster Feng He in confusion: “Sir, what do you mean by that?”

Su Mo Li also did not expect that Feng He actually asked her directly!

Grandmaster Feng He stroked his beard and, with a strong smile on his face: “Princes Su Rou might as well tell us?”

Grandmaster Feng He did not answer the Emperor’s words but stared at Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li stood up, a soft look on her face: “What is Grandmaster Feng He doing? What does it have to do with me if you are choosing a disciple?”

Su Mo Li’s voice was soft and gentle, but those who were familiar with her could hear the anger in her tone.

Zhong Li Shi stared at Su Mo Li for half a second, then turned to Grandmaster Feng He: “Sir, please don’t tease the Princess. If you like her, why don’t you just take her as your disciple?”

Zhong Li Shi’s words made Grandmaster Feng He’s face pale.

But he quickly regained his natural state and said with a dry cough, “Princess Su Rou, you can say what you want. I just want to hear Princess Su Rou’s thoughts.

I think Princess Su Rou should be able to understand.”

The corners of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched imperceptibly, damn Feng He!

Xiao Gaizi glanced at Feng He suspiciously. He suddenly seemed to think of something, and his tone was full of shock.

No way!

Of course, everyone in the crowd naturally didn’t know the face of Xiao Gaizi.

At this time, the hearts and minds of the people are on Su Mo Li there; this is what is going on?

Zhong Li Shi frowned: “Princess Su Rou is straightforward just like you said… But I think Princess He Le has a good eye and is a fair judge.”

When the Emperor and Empress looked at Zhong Li Shi, their faces were full of doubts.

Was this child helping Su Mo Li?

This is the first time they had seen it!

Zhong Li Shi’s face had a smile on it, but his eyes were deep and dark. Looking at Su Mo Li standing there at a loss, he only felt that Grandmaster Feng He was very much in need of a beating!

Grandmaster Feng He was smiling happily: “Please speak, Princess Su Rou.”

Su Mo Li took a deep breath and knew that she could not hide. She raised her head and quirked the corner of his lips, but his tone was still soft: “Can it be that you will accept whoever I like as my disciple?”

Grandmaster Feng He just looked at Su Mo Li with a mysterious face and did not answer.

After rolling her eyes in her heart, Su Mo Li said indifferently, “It’s not impossible for me to say ……”

“Sir, isn’t this too hasty first?” The Noble Consort couldn’t help it and interrupted Su Mo Li’s words.

Su Mo Li was slightly relieved and also echoed: “Yes Sir, Li’er does not know the music, if the choice is hers, naturally it would be selfish and unfair to others.”

Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but say, “My sister doesn’t know anything. She’s just a fool. Why do you let her make the decision? If you don’t want to accept disciples, just say so. Why do you humiliate us so much!”

Su Xin Zhen’s words were naturally the thoughts of the other girls.

Zhong Li Ling at the side also slowly said, “Is Mister an old acquaintance with Princess Su Rou?”

Su Chen’s face had some surprise. Apparently, he is also do not know this matter.

Su Mo Li suddenly said, “Is what Grandmaster Feng He just said still true? Letting me choose?”


Grandmaster Feng He answered.

“What does the Emperor think?” Su Mo Li looked at the Emperor again.

The Emperor smiled and said slowly, “Since Grandmaster Feng He has said it, you can say it, Li’er.”

Su Mo Li walked out to the Zhong Li Shi and bowed her body to express her gratitude, then said with a smile: “I choose the Second Princess, although the Second Princess lacks skills, her playing of qin is with her own feelings. Skills can be learned, but the unity of the heart and the qin is rare.

The second, I choose Su Xin Zhen, because ……”

Su Mo Li smiled: “She is my sister.”

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  1. Ah nepotism, that’ll get the crowd stirred up. Not to mention that uppity consort, she’ll truly be bothered.

  2. That was a long and tense moment for everyone in the room, for sure. It’s almost like baiting. Grandmaster Feng He is going to get it from HIS master soon. XD

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