I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 75: Give us an explanation

Song Qingwan: “……”

No, baby, in terms of craziness, you are crazier.

At least your dad would never hold a dirty broom, disgusting people.

Song Qingwan could see at a glance that the broom was used to sweep the sewer behind the villa.

The sewer was only recently discovered. It was dirty and smelly; who knew what was inside.

Anyway, from time to time, people needed to go through and sweep the area. Song Qingwan never went there.

Because it was too smelly.

She didn’t know how Li Li found out, but she actually brought the dirty broom over.

And in the living room, Lu Qi stood there looking silly. He was frozen the whole time and did not speak.

He did not expect that this sister would protect him.

He also did not expect that his parents had this other side.

A side he had never seen before.

This made him feel like he was in a dream.

Lu Junhan came down from the second floor. Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua looked like they had seen their savior. They had never looked at Lu Junhan so favorably as they did now.

Little Lu Li, who was holding a broom, also saw him, and her pretty eyes lit up: “Daddy!”

Saying that she ran towards him.

Lu Junhan glanced at her and ordered: “Stop.”

The little loli obediently stood still.

“Throw away the broom.”

The little girl hesitated, lowered her head, and said in a small whisper, “Then what if they still bully brother later?”

The man glanced at Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua with an indifferent expression, and said indifferently, “I’m here; they don’t dare.”

The little loli was very confident in her father’s strength and was immediately at ease.

She gave the broom to the maid next to her.

Then she flew over and hugged him. With that delicate, soft, and sticky little appearance, who could still see the fierceness when she was beating people with the broom just now.

“Daddy, you don’t even know, when you are not here, brother was going to be bullied to death by them!”

Chen Su Su and Lu Tianhua had the expression of a beaten dog.

Who exactly was being bullied to death?

Chen Su Su looked down at her own white dress that was turning black. The top even emitted a strange, foul smell that was even worse than the smell of a toilet, and her body was trembling with anger.

Seeing that the disgusting broom is gone again, she finally couldn’t help it and completely exploded.

“Lu Junhan! Your daughter actually dared to treat us like this; you must give us an explanation!”

Lu Tianhua did not dare to fight with Lu Junhan in the past; after all, Lu Junhan was notorious. Who dared to provoke him.

But once he thought that this was the old man’s mansion and the old man was there, Lu Junhan would not dare to do anything to him, so he had the courage to say:

“That’s right! You must give us an explanation today! We are in charge of our son, and your daughter suddenly comes over to beat us up! This is too unreasonable! If you don’t give us an explanation, we’re definitely not finished with you!”

To put it bluntly, Lu Tianhua and Chen Su Su just want to get some money and benefits from Lu Junhan. If they can make him spit out that 9% of shares, that would be the best!

Lu Li timidly looked at her own father and said in a small voice, “Dad, am I causing you trouble?”

“Not bad. Not really trouble.”

Lu Junhan’s faint words just fell when Lu Qi suddenly came over and stood in front of Lu Li.

He pursed his lips. His fair cheeks still had tear marks on them, but he looked at his parents with determination.

He took a deep breath, not daring to look at his parents’ eyes, gathered courage, and said with gritted teeth.

“Mom and Dad, I let sister Li Li hit you, you …… you can blame me if you want! This matter has nothing to do with Uncle Lu and sister Li Li ……”

“Lu Qi! What the hell did you eating!”

Chen Su Su glared angrily, and her gentle brow was filled with disbelief:

“Do you still know whose son you are?! How can you say such words?”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

Awwww Lu Qi Qi is a good boy. What terrible parents

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  1. “He also did not expect that his parents had this other side.

    A side he had never seen before.”

    Oh my god, I’m dying ahahaha- never seen your parents screaming jumping up and down avoiding a sewage broom before? Strange. Pfft- AHAHA

    Such a good baby. I LOVE HIM, you sure this pair of parents got such a sweet child?

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