I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 17: Can you even do it?

Chapter 17 – Are you even able to do it?

Song Qingyuan was at a loss for words and was about to comfort her softly.

But the little girl sobbed and wiped her tears. Her eyes were red, but the more she cried, the louder and sadder she became, and she couldn’t stop.

Her big black grape-like eyes were filled with moisture, and her tears were flowing, and she puffed out her sweet red mouth, her small chest heaving with sadness.

“Dad, Mom …… Mom said, when you touch someone’s body, you have to be responsible for them, wooooo you can’t be scum. Scum will be killed! I don’t want my dad to get killed! Dad, will you take me home?”

This was a bit informative.

In an instant, everyone present stared at her.

The little girl sniffed her nose in distress as if she had been miserably bullied and was pitiful to death.

Song Qingyuan’s eyes looked as if she saw a beast. She sucked in a breath of air and pointed at Lu Junhan with trembling fingers, “Are you still fucking human? She’s three years old, right? This …… she’s so small, can you even do it?”

The faces of the butlers and assistants changed. Their eyes were clearly filled with condemnation, and one of the bodyguards even picked up the phone, all ready to call the police!

Lu Junhan’s face was as heavy as water. His dark eyes looked straight at them as he pulled his lips together and sneered: “Do you have any brains? How can you believe such a crazy thing?”

The bodyguards, assistants, and butlers, including Song Qingyuan, were busy responding, “Believe it, why not? Li Li is so beautiful, how could she lie!”

Kids don’t lie!

Especially such a cute little girl.

If she says she was touched, she was touched. The wrong one must be Lu Shao!

Lu Junhan: “……”

Are these people crazy!

“Dad ……”

Lu Li looked up at him with pitiful eyes.

Lu Junhan lowered his eyes and narrowed them coldly at Lu Li’s teary-eyed eyes.

“Speak up for me. When did I ever touch your body?”

Lu Li hugged his leg tightly and sobbed while pitifully pointed to her own body and his leg.

“You, you touch my body right now ah …… Dad is responsible for me. No, you can’t be scum, or you will be killed! You’ll die pitifully.”

Song Qingyuan, housekeeper, assistant: “……”

Lu Junhan laughed in exasperation.


This little thing has taken touching porcelain to a new level.

“You bumped into it yourself. What’s it got to do with me.”

Lu Junhan pursed his thin lips and looked indifferent, not intending to take the loss.

The little girl looked confused: “But you still touched Li Li ah.”


“Daddy is responsible.” The little girl looked serious for emphasis.


“I don’t want to scram! I want to be with my dad!”

“I’m not going to say it again.”

The voice was thick with danger.

“I’m not~ Li Li is going to be with Daddy!”

The little milky voice was extra serious.


Song Qingyuan let out a huge laugh.

It was the first time she had seen the always ruthless and lawless Lu Junhan get defeated one by one. And it was really her precious granddaughter who was strong enough to fight him and win.

After a while, Song Qingyuan came out to smooth things over, “Okay, okay, no matter what happened before, and no matter who Li Li’s mother is, in short, Li Li has only one identity now, and that is our Lu family’s granddaughter.”

“No way!”

Lu Junhan coldly said, “I’ll find her a better home, but to let her stay in the Lu family and let me raise her. Don’t even think about it.”

Song Qingyuan hasn’t responded, yet when the little girl who was teary-eyed and aggrieved saw that her father still didn’t want her, the new hatred and old hatred came up together. She ruthlessly stretched out her short legs and kicked him.

Then the angry little chubby white face, with big round eyes, shouted in an aggrieved but still loud voice.

“Bad dad! Li Li doesn’t like you anymore! If you don’t want me, I don’t want you!”

After the little girl finished speaking, she cried sadly to herself first.

She couldn’t understand why her daddy just didn’t want her. She liked her daddy …… so much.

Lu Junhan suddenly felt a sudden shock in his heart. His eyebrows wrinkled, and he pursed his thin lips, actually regretting his words for some reason.

Before he had time to say anything, Song Qingyuan held Lu Li, who was crying miserably, with a heartbreaking look on her face. She wiped away Lu Li’s tears as she pityingly said.

“It’s okay if your father doesn’t want you, grandmother wants you, grandmother loves you the most, don’t cry ah, our Li Li is the best ……”

(end of chapter)

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