I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 16: She’s on the verge of tears

Lu Li didn’t quite understand what was going on in the adult world.

She only knew that her father didn’t object to her calling him daddy this time, nor did he kick her out again.

She grabbed Lu Junhan’s pants with her small hands, lifted her chubby white face, and looked at Song Qingyuan with an adoring face. Her eyelashes fluttered like raven feathers, and her little look was particularly soft and cute.

“Auntie, you’re amazing. You really helped Li Li find her dad!”


Song Qingyuan was shocked by this news, but now she finally came back to her senses, still a bit incredulous, looked at Lu Li, and then looked at Lu Junhan.

It was a long time before she managed to tremble out, “She …… is really your daughter?”

Lu Junhan’s face was expressionless, his words had no warmth, and the return was even more decisive: “No.”

Song Qingyuan, who was not listening to him at all, looked straight at Lu Li with an innocent face, and suddenly hammered Lu Junhan’s shoulder, laughing boldly.

“Hahahahaha, you’re a good boy! That’s pretty fast! I’ve only been wanting a grandson …… daughter, for a few years, but you actually gave me a whole one. I said how this little girl looks more and more like a member of the Lu family. I dare say this is our Lu family’s seed.”

Eventually, the man said icily, “She’s not.”

Song Qingyuan bent over and stared at Lu Li, muttering to herself, “Eh, such a big daughter, when did you give birth to her? With whom? Why don’t I know?”

“I told you, she’s not ……”

She stroked her chin and tsked twice, “This child looks over three years old, doesn’t she? You really hid it deep enough, ah. A few years back, tell aunt you have a child. What’s wrong with you? Aunt will not steal from you. Look at you protecting your food like that!


“It’s no wonder this little guy looked familiar to me the first time I saw her, so it’s you, this brat’s seed. If I hadn’t stumbled upon it today, would you have waited for Li Li to become an adult before telling me about my granddaughter? Is there such a nephew like you!”

Lu Junhan took a deep breath, and the voice that came out of his throat was chilling to the core: “Song Qingyuan! Don’t you understand the human language? I told you, she’s not my daughter!”

The butler couldn’t listen any longer. He saw that Lu Shao was on the verge of exploding with a pensive look on his face, so he hurried forward to prevent the situation from becoming unmanageable.

He hurriedly went forward and told Song Qingyuan about the sudden appearance of Lu Li, who called out for her father.

“Do you think this child came out of nowhere?”

Song Qingyuan was thoughtful.

The housekeeper said, “Yes, after that, we reviewed the surveillance cameras, but we didn’t find out how the child appeared in the Lu family. It was as if she appeared out of thin air.”

Song Qingyuan’s focus was not on this.

“Who is the mother of the child? Surname? What’s she called? Where does she live? How many people are there? Is her hair long or short? How tall is she, and how much does she weigh? Do you fancy that brat?”

The housekeeper looked at Lu Junhan with difficulty, not knowing how to answer: “This ……”.

“I don’t know who her mother is!” Lu Junhan’s tone was heavy, his furrowed brow and eyes showed intense impatience, and his voice was like ice: “She’s not my seed.”

Song Qingyuan finally listened to his words, but with a face of disdain: “She’s called you  father, and now you’re telling me that she’s not your seed?”

“I’m sure you’ll remember that I brought you up with my own hands, and I know exactly what you looked like when you were little. Li Li looks a lot like you when you were little.

Lu Junhan knitted his brows slightly. This is the second time he heard someone say that the troublemaker looks like him.

Before replying, the little loli finally understood the conversation. She got frustrated and hugged his leg for fear that he might run away.

Her eyes teared up for a moment, and she whispered in a choked voice.

“Daddy …… Li Li is really your daughter, believe me, I am very, very much like you! Please don’t leave me alone, okay?”

Song Qingyuan stared at him with a flash in her eyes, “Bastard, who asked you to bully my granddaughter?”


“Look, she’s about to cry! You scum!”

Lu Junhan: “……”

(end of chapter)

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