White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 23: Side Consort

As soon as Su Mo Li walked to the front hall, she was pulled aside by Old Madam Su: “Follow Grandmother, don’t bump into the Taoist priest.”

Su Mo Li answered obediently and asked in a low voice: “Grandmother, is there something wrong at home? Why would a Taoist priest come over?”

Li Qianshi, who was on the side, sighed and said slowly, “Li’er has no idea what’s going on. Recently, your second sister has been seeing some bad things, and your third sister has been very sick, so I asked the Taoist priest to come and get rid of the bad luck.

“Don’t be afraid, just stand by and watch.”

“This Taoist priest is the Bai Chuan Taoist Priest of Yun Qing Guan, very famous.”

“Bai Chuan Taoist Master?” Old Madam Su’s eyes lit up and smiled, “This is a good idea, very good!”

Looking at the reaction of the crowd, one could see that the Bai Chuan Taoist priest was very popular.

Soon, Taoist priest, Bai Chuan came, dressed in a Taoist robe, with immortal style and integrity, which looked truly awe-inspiring.

He was followed by two young Taoist children, who looked very serious.

“Prime Minister.” Taoist Master Bai Chuan nodded slightly.

“Taoist Master Bai Chuan.” Su Chen returned the salute, “Why don’t you go have a cup of tea first, this way, Taoist Master.”

“It’s not necessary.” Taoist Master Bai Chuan shook his head and slowly said, “Let’s go see your house first.”

Upon hearing that, the smile on Su Chen’s face became a little more sincere, and he even agreed, bringing Taoist Master Bai Chuan to the back garden.

“Ancestral shrine?” Taoist Master Bai Chuan was confused, “The ancestral shrine is the most sacred place, how could something like that be evil?”

After looking around, he sighed and said, “Ancestral shrines should not be entered by the younger generation every day so as not to offend the ancestors.”

Su Chen naturally responded, busily saying yes.

After walking around for a while, Taoist priest Bai Chuan stopped and looked at Su Xin Zhen: “Second Miss is indeed infected with something. This will be removed by this poor Taoist, as for Third Miss, it is just a cold, no need to worry.”

With that, he sent two young Taoist children to prepare something.

Old Madam Su patted Su Mo Li’s hand and whispered: “In the end, he is a Taoist priest of Yun Qing Guan, he only speaks the whole truth, but if it were someone else, he would naturally speak as seriously as possible, so as to cheat more silver.”

“No, I also think that this Taoist priest looks like an immortal, I’m afraid that he is not going to become immortal, right?”

Momo Ke also couldn’t help but say.

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Su looked at Bai Chuan Taoist with increasing devotion.

Su Xin Zhen stood obediently in place, making preparations.

“Big Sister.” Su Jia Xuan came over at an unknown time and pulled Su Mo Li’s skirt, forcing Su Mo Li to look at her.

Su Mo Li was confused, after all, Su Jia Xuan was now looking very serious as if something big was about to happen.

“Be careful……” After saying this, Su Jia Xuan’s face was filled with frustration, helplessness, and bewilderment.

Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan without making a sound, smiled softly, and said softly, “What’s wrong with Third sister? What doesn’t feel good?”

Su Xin Zhen bit her lips tightly and didn’t look at Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li felt a little strange, looking at Cheng Tao, and seeing Cheng Tao shaking her head, indicating that Su Jia Xuan was normal, which was even more strange.

But at this time there was no time to think too much as soon, the things were ready.

Bai Chuan Taoist Master stood in the middle, holding the talisman paper, which directly burned into dust, and fell on Su Xin Zhen’s body.

The crowd sucked in a breath of air, calmed by the non-spontaneous combustion of the talisman.

Immediately afterwards, Taoist Bai Chuan spat out a mouthful of water, which touched the dust and emitted a blue light.

He swept the dust around Su Xin Zhen, and when the light disappeared, he reached out and placed it on Su Xin Zhen’s eyebrow.

Watching what Bai Chuan Taoist Master did, Su Mo Li covered her mouth and laughed, then said to Cheng Tao on the side, “This juggling is not bad.”

Cheng Tao couldn’t help but laugh and looked helplessly at her lady.

A quarter of an hour later, a bowl of charm water was handed to Su Xin Zhen, who couldn’t wait to drink it.

Su Xin Zhen eagerly drank it down, instantly feeling much more relaxed all over her body, and happily called out to Li Qianshi.

“Thank you, Taoist Master! Thank you, Taoist Master!”

Li Qianshi was so busy thanking him, that even old Madam Su couldn’t help but be a little bit happy, apparently thinking that the Taoist Master Bai Chuan was a capable person.

The people here all believe in immortals, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a lot of Taoism and Buddhism believers.

“This way, Taoist Master.” Su Chen was busy leading Taoist Master Bai Chuan to the front hall to sit down. He had tea and snacks served and had silver prepared.

Naturally, the Taoist priest would not touch the silver and only asked the boy to keep it.

After chatting with Su Chen for a while, he slowly said, “Prime Minister Su is really a good official who benefits the people.”

Naturally, the family was very happy.

But Su Mo Li also realized in her heart that he was waiting for her here.

Old Madam Su couldn’t wait to write out the three people’s eight characters.

“Third Miss’s eight characters …… ” the Bai Chuan Taoist Master stroked his beard.

Li Qianshi even asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Bai Chuan Taoist laughed: “Madam, there is no need to be anxious, Third Miss’s fortune is very good, and she will certainly enjoy a lot of prosperity and wealth in the future.”

On hearing this, Li Qianshi was busy shouting, and the smile on her face couldn’t be stopped.

Su Jia Xuan bowed her body and thanked him.

Immediately afterwards, Bai Chuan Taoist priest looked at Su Xin Zhen’s eight-character character, and his eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but shout a few times, “Good, good! Yes!”

“In what way?” Su Chen asked evenly.

“Great riches! It’s a destiny to fly to the sky!”

The Bai Chuan Taoist Master’s praise stunned everyone, but the good thing was that they were all family members, and the maids were all taken away by them.

Su Chen and Li Qianshi looked at each other, and both saw the joy in each other’s eyes.

Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but lift the corners of her lips and got up to thank him.

“Look at the nobility in the way Second Miss raises her hands, Lord Su, take good care of Second Miss!”

The crowd was busy saying yes.

Old Madam Su couldn’t help but interrupt a few people, “Taoist Master, how do you feel about my eldest granddaughter’s life?”

Bai Chuan Daoist Master picked up the last piece of paper, and after taking a faint look at it, his pupils shrank sharply, then he seemed to think of something and suppressed the shock in his heart, so he sighed in embarrassment, “This is not a bad fate for the eldest daughter.”

“With the blessing of the Royal family, she naturally has to marry into the Royal family, so that the Royal luck can be returned. If you marry someone else, you will be dispersing the Royal luck, so you can’t.”

Su Chen’s eyes lit up, “It’s naturally wonderful to be able to marry into the Royal family.”

Thee Bai Chuan Daoist Master waved his hand and sighed, “However, if you marry into the Royal family, your eldest daughter will absorb more of the Royal luck if she is the main wife, and only a side consort can she return the luck after absorbing the Royal luck. ……”

Old Madam Su sucked in a breath and her face was filled with shock: “The side consort? Isn’t that a concubine!”

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  1. Dunno why… but I’m getting the feeling that we’re talking about potentially having Li’er as a main consort and Zhen’er as a side consort. Could be all the Qian Shan Cha Ke stories with the cousin/”sister” backstabbing MC (main character who is also the main consort) in their first life.

    Honestly, there are a lot of similarities between this and The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort.

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