My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 123: A super ugly death!

You’re sick!

Shame on you!

I curse you never to get it up! Impotent!

Outside the door, Lieutenant Lu heard the harsh words that Gu Qi Qi threw out to Gong Jue.

He was so nervous that cold sweat broke out on the back of his neck.

A gust of wind whooshed across his spine.

Heavens, the Chief had never been scolded like this in his life, even the old Chief and his wife wouldn’t dare to speak so harshly to the Chief.

The enemies who dared to speak disrespectfully to the Chief are now buried in the ground.

So, Miss Qi Qi, you really have guts.

But do you know the consequences of your words, how serious they will be?

It could kill someone! And it’s the super ugly kind of death. ……

Yet in the next second, Lieutenant Lu braced his eyes, swallowed back his inner monologue, and watched incredulously as Gong Jue reacted!

Only to see Gong Jue take a step closer towards Gu Qi Qi, his palm suddenly gripping her petite shoulders and pushing her small body against the table, “You say that again?”

The tone, in fact, carried a slight tremor.

Although it was cold, it was more eager!

Gu Qi Qi glared at him hard in disgust.

This man, she was so angry at him for scolding him just now, and he actually took the initiative to find more scolding.

“About your impotence, it’s not a very glorious thing, there’s no need to have people repeat it over and over again, right?” Gu Qi Qi deliberately smiled sarcastically at him.

She would like to see what it was like for this impotent male to be completely enraged.

Anyway, he had ruined the connection between herself and Xiao Ning and wouldn’t let her go out to deal with her college entrance exam results, so she didn’t want to make it easy on him.

Let everybody feel upset together ah.

But, unexpectedly Gong Jue actually had no anger on his face, but his tone was a bit eager and cold: “Stupid woman, not this matter. I’ll let you tell me about that what Little Master Xiao Ning. Say it again! He’s pregnant? Was the pregnancy test for him? Make it clear to me!”

What’s a pretty boy doing pregnant?

Is this little pretty boy a …… woman?

This possibility of subversion was driving him insane.

He had to immediately, immediately, figure it out.

Gu Qi Qi frowned, “Xiao Ning is my best friend, not your best friend, why do I have to make it clear to you?”

“No?” Gong Jue snorted, “You think I won’t know if you don’t tell me? If you don’t believe me, I’ll have him checked out from top to bottom!”

Gu Qi Qi gritted her teeth.

Damn it, the fact that Xiao Ning might be pregnant must never be revealed to outsiders.

What to do?

She’d already blurted it out, but now she didn’t want the impotent man to know more.

She was in between dilemmas.

Gong Jue suddenly let go of her shoulders, his eyes staring at her phone.

Best friend?

Did the stupid woman just say “best friend”?

Could it be a male best friend?

Why doesn’t he just call them?

What’s the point of wasting time blabbing with this stupid woman.

Just think of it and do it.

Gong Jue’s slender fingers, manipulated the phone a few times, immediately unlocked the firewall.

Phone block, disarmed!

Phone numbers, dial it quickly!

It rang for a long time.

Only then did the other party pick up, “Huh? …… Qi Qi ……”

Ambiguous voices came through the phone.

There was even a bit of a suspicious, rustling sound around the perimeter as if the mattress was being lifted.

But, it was obvious that the other person was a woman!

At this instant, Gong Jue only felt that the entire sky was bright.

The world was clear.

Earth was at peace.

The body and mind were at ease!

He hung up the phone and threw it back to Gu Qiqi, with a haughty face: “Tell her, what’s the point of naming the little master something so obscene? Who has the time to block your calls, it’s the name that’s so obscene that the line doesn’t work!”

Although the tone was full of disgust.

The corners of the lips were actually raised.

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