My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 122: What’s the point of falling in love with a pretty boy?

Didn’t say anything to him?

Gu Qi Qi didn’t understand what Gong Jue meant.

She thought he was asking about the drinking at the class reunion last night, so she perfunctorily and indifferently said, “Is it necessary to tell you? That’s my private business.”

She said it and deliberately fiddled with her phone a couple of times to play with it.

To show that he’s not important!

Gong Jue’s line of sight followed Gu Qi Qi’s slim white fingers and landed on the phone’s address book logo.

Damn it!

The moment he thought of the words “Little Master Xiao Ning”, he couldn’t keep his tone steady.

“You don’t want to talk to me, but you talk to a pretty boy? Gu Qi Qi you-“

You’re a woman who’s a womanizer, a wanderer, a restless woman!

You’re too young to be in love with a young pretty boy.

Don’t you know that 99% of school relationships end in failure?

Those hairless bastards, what else can they do except say sweet nothings to women?

A guy like that can’t handle anything!

It’s just …… that the words were stuck and wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

Saying it that way made it seem like he cared too much.

He couldn’t say it.

After half a day of slander, the thin lips tightened, a pair of angry eyes fiercely seized Gu Qi Qi’s innocent little face.

Gu Qi Qi’s face was confused.

“What little pretty boy?”

When did she say anything to a young pretty guy? Gong Jue wouldn’t be referring to Yao Dazhuang, would he?

You call that fleshy-cheeked pig a pretty boy?

Don’t be funny.

Gong Jue was so furious at her denial that he forgot that he was supposed to come over and comfort her about her college entrance exam application, and couldn’t be bothered to hide the fact that he was not caring about the problem.

With a slight lift of his palm, he easily snatched her phone and slid it on the screen!

Little Master Xiao Ning!

Four words popped out of the address book.

“Think I don’t know where the little pretty boy is hiding?”

His long fingertips poked at the word “little master”.

There was a bit of contempt in his anger.

It seems to be a secret warning to her: nothing in this world can be hidden from his sharp eyes.

Gu Qi Qi frowned and looked over.

It was silent for a few seconds.

Gong Jue thought she was guilty and snorted, “Dating this kind of little pretty boy, no wonder you couldn’t get into college!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he honestly regretted a bit.

He knew very well that even though Gu Qi Qi’s IQ was not as good as his, getting into college was not a problem.

It seemed a bit cruel to provoke her like this.

However, he couldn’t help but say the words, so how could he take them back.

It’s not surprising that Gu Qi Qi didn’t care about the fact that he said, “I can’t go to college,” but instead, her eyebrows were raised and her voice became very cold.

Her voice was thin, but it had a special power!

Gong Jue’s lips twitched in acknowledgment, “So what if it is?”

Gu Qi Qi was furious and laughed back, “I originally only thought you were sick and didn’t bother with you. I didn’t expect you to be not only sick but also cruel and shameless! You’re violating someone else** do you understand?”

Gong Jue looked cold: “It’s just a little pretty guy ……”

“What do you know!” Gu Qi Qi raised her voice, ” Because you blocked the call, Xiao Ning almost had an accident! She’s been so worried about getting pregnant, she can’t get a pregnancy test, and she can’t sleep. I saw her yesterday and she was so haggard! It’s fine that you broke the pregnancy test I bought for her, I didn’t bother with you, but now you’ve cut my ties with her. If anything happens to Xiao Ning, if she commits suicide …… I will never forgive you! You annoying impotent man! I curse you for not be able to lift it for the rest of your life! Impotent!”

Thinking about her previous life, Xiao Ning died so young and so miserable.

One body, two lives.

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes were red.

Not even caring about how conceited, cold, and bad-tempered a man Gong Jue was, she just yelled out at him.

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