My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 121: One look from Gong Jue

Bai Lang opened his phone in disbelief.

Hmph, what other powerful person besides Gong Gong is actually speaking for the goblin?

He doesn’t believe it!

He’s going to the Education Department to file a complaint, write a letter of complaint, sue for blackmail!


On the webpage, a piece of hot search news suddenly popped up.

“Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The “Sleeping Bully” is real, but the “Academic Bully” is fake.

Bai Lang’s eyes looked straight.

Then he burst out laughing, “Hahahaha, I told you the little goblin was weird, look ……”

Naturally, Lieutenant Lu also checked the message, and reluctantly, in a low voice, reported to Gong Jue.

“Unfortunately, although the university was able to accept her, her reputation was ruined, and now Miss Qi Qi is miserable ……”

“It’s all over the internet that the Miss Qi Qi got into college because of subterfuge,”

“The power of public opinion, it’s powerful!”

“Moreover, if things get too big and out of control …… If it continues like this, I’m afraid that the Imperial Military Medical Assembly will be forced under public pressure and won’t dare to accept Miss Qi Qi ……”

“After all, people talk!”

“Even if that person who helped Miss Qi Qi is very powerful, he can’t sway the direction of people’s hearts and public opinion ……”

Lieutenant Lu was so nervous about Gu Qi Qi’s future that he spoke incoherently.

However, Bai Lang was still gloating, “Sir, I’m a good judge of character, I told you, this little demon is not simple. She’s capable of doing such things for a college entrance exam, not to mention the fact that she’s going to stick around you and refuse to let go of you for some side benefit ……”

Clinging to him and not letting go?

Oh, he’d like her to!

But that stupid woman fled again and again.

Gong Jue’s face was sullen: “Who did she seduce?”

Bai Lang was startled, “Uh …… presumably the president of the Imperial Military Medical University, right?”

“Principal Qin is seventy years old this year.” Gong Jue looked at him coldly, “And he has a serious male-related disease.”

Bai Lang: “……”

Uh …… is that actually true?

Muttering relentlessly he responded, “You can have fun even if you’re sick …… you’re also sick ……”

Gong Jue murderously glared at him.

Bai Lang immediately shut up.

“The point is, last night she was in the barracks and Principal Qin was in the capital. Why don’t you give me a different lie?”

Gong Jue coldly replied.

Bai Lang deflated, “then maybe there are others, in the imperial capital, this kind of hidden dragon crouching tiger place, who knows if the little goblin is already ……”

“Lieutenant Lu, why aren’t the idle people being kicked out!”

“Yes! Chief!”

Three seconds later.

Bai Lang knocked on the barracks door in a frenzy: ” Sir ah, listen to my faithful words ah, the little goblin is not simple, not the clean ah …… hey hey, Lieutenant Lu you move the sprinkler farther away from my white suit! This is handmade to order, ruined, ruined! ……”


Gong Jue stood outside the bedroom door.

Clenching his fist tightly, he maintained his desire to knock on the door for a long time.

Eventually, the fist landed on his forehead, and then he pushed the door open vigorously!

Gu Qi Qi turned back with a start, saw that it was him, snorted in displeasure, and continued to sit facing the window.

Gong Du’s face was cold and pale, and he stepped forward with his long legs, almost instantly coming up behind her.

A powerful oppressive force suddenly sent chills down Gu Qi Qi’s spine!

Gu Qi Qi gritted her teeth and withstood the pressure, refusing to look back.

Much less admit it.

The silence, between the two of them, spread in a moment!

The man’s coarse breathing was becoming apparent.

“Why don’t you talk to me, eh?”

Gong Jue finally spoke up.

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