White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 21: Protect you with my life.

At this moment, Zhong Li Shi’s mind was a mess.

In particular, the seemingly invisible fragrance coming from the person in black made him even more confused.

When he completely recovered, he had already arrived at the palace.

Su Mo Li directly put Zhong Li Shi on the ground. She couldn’t help but reach out and squeeze Zhong Li Shi’s face, nodding her head in satisfaction; it very delicate, very comfortable.

However, Zhong Li Shi’s pupils shrank sharply.

“The Palace is there, you go in by yourself.” Saying that Su Mo Li quickly left.

Looking at Su Mo Li’s back, Zhong Li Shi’s face was filled with solemnity, who was this person? Why did they save him?

However, no one answered him.

By the time the patrol found Zhong Li Shi at the Palace gate, it was already a quarter of an hour later.

Zhong Li Shi was carried to the Emperor’s chambers, and the Emperor was furious at the sight of Zhong Li Shi covered in blood.

Tonight, the Palace was destined to be chaotic.

After Su Mo Li returned to her courtyard, she went to sleep.

The next day, the news of Su Mo Li’s illness spread throughout the Prime Minister’s Residence, and Old Madam Su was busy asking people to call a doctor.

Luckily, when her servant went out she ran into Dr. Chen.

The doctor told Madam Su and Su Chen that Su Mo Li should not go out, but should stay in the courtyard to recover.

Then, he gave Su Jia Xuan some treatment and prescribed her medicine before he left.

After instructing her servants to take good care of Su Jia Xuan, Li Qianshi left.

Dong Zhi also remembered that last month, when the Second Miss was sick, the Lady took care of her for three days without sleep or food.

Obviously, they were all her biological daughters, why should they be treated differently? ……

“Did you spread the word?” Su Mo Li sat in the courtyard, leaning slightly on the back of a chair, her slender fingers picked up a grape and her tone somewhat indifferent.

Cheng Tao responded, “Yes Miss, it has been spread out.”

“Well, that’s good.” Only after eating the snack beside her once, did she say, “How is Xuan’er doing?”

“Third Miss hasn’t woken up. Imperial Doctor Chen has already gone to seen her and said it’s just an ordinary cold.”

In the meantime, Su Mo Li said, “Let’s go take a look.”

When Su Mo Li took Cheng Tao to the Plum Garden, she heard the whispers of the surrounding maids.

It was Su Xin Zhen who shouted that Su Mo Li was the devil.

“Eldest Miss is so good-looking, how can she be a devil?”

“That’s right, Second Miss likes to talk nonsense. First Miss is so weak, how could she bully her? I think it’s more like Second Miss bullying First Miss.”

“I don’t know what Second Miss was thinking, but she wrongly accused First Miss.”

The discussion of the maids’ voices fell on Su Mo Li’s ears.

Su Mo Li had an aggrieved look on her face. She looked at the two maids in the discussion, slowly revealing a grateful smile.

Then she seemed to have thought of something which caused her eyes darkened. She gently bit her lips with her front teeth, carefully walking over.

The two maids instantly became nervous.

Su Mo Li said softly, “Don’t talk about your Second Miss like that, if other people hear about it, it won’t be good for you, remember, don’t say anything.”

The two maids looked at Su Mo Li’s grieving and pretending to be strong look. Their hearts softened and they pitied Su Mo Li more and more.

“Eldest Miss, you are a good person, a good person will be rewarded.” One of the maids said immediately.

The other maid also nodded vigorously.

Su Mo Li’s eyes were as bright as stars, dazzling the sight of the two maids.

Then they heard Su Mo Li’s voice filled with joy: “Thank you, you are also good people, good people have good rewards.”

The soft and delicate voice made the two maids jump up as well.

“I’m going to check on Third Sister first, you guys go on duty quickly, if the housekeeper catches you, it will be bad.”

The two maids were startled, before immediately reacting to the situation and quickly running back.

When they were halfway there, they realized that their actions were extremely unruly.

When they paled to turn around to confess their sins, they saw Su Mo Li smile understandingly towards them and then left.

“Eldest Miss is such a good person ……” the little maid murmured.

“Yes, I’ve never seen a master better than the Eldest Miss. If it were the Second Miss, we would have lost our lives.”

The two maids looked at each other and shuddered.

They quickly left the place.

It’s just that the two maids were extremely popular among the servants, and with the publicity of the two maids, many servants in the house had a good impression of Su Mo Li.

After arriving at the Meiyuan Courtyard, Su Mo Li walked to the bedside, reached out, and covered Su Jia Xuan with the blanket while secretly probing for Su Jia Xuan’s pulse.

When she saw that everything was normal, she asked, “Why isn’t Third Sister awake yet?”

Dong Zhi’s face was full of anxiety, and when she heard the question, she was so anxious that she was about to cry: “Miss, I don’t know, She’s already drunk the medicine, but Third Miss just won’t wake up.”

“Have you reported this to Mother?” Su Mo Li asked.

Hearing this, anger appeared on Dong Zhi’s face, but she tried to suppress it: “Madam said Second Miss was in a daze, so it was not good to leave Second Miss’s side and asked us to take good care of Third Miss.”

“This is obviously Second Miss’s way of competing for favor! It was like that before!”

Dong Zhi resentfully said a couple of words, and when she reacted, chagrin appeared on her face.

She stole a glance at Su Mo Li and saw that she didn’t take it to heart, which led to a sigh of relief.

In the end, she was the master, she was a maid accusing the master of something, the consequences were unthinkable!

“You go boil the medicine, I’ll guard Xuan’er.”

Dong Zhi nodded, “Thank you, my Lady.” Saying that she went to the small kitchen.

Su Mo Li took out a pill and fed it into Su Jia Xuan’s mouth: “In the end, I ate a bowl of your stinky tofu, so I have to save your life anyway.”

It wasn’t until that evening that Su Jia Xuan moved her fingers and slowly opened her eyes.

Turning her head slightly, she saw Su Mo Li holding a book beside her.

“Big Sister ……” her hoarse voice contained heavy emotion.

However, no one present heard it.

“Awake?” Su Mo Li had a smile on his face.

“Miss, you’re finally awake!” The drowsy Dong Zhi also woke up with a start, tears streaming down her face for a moment, “Miss, you’re awake!”

“Dong Zhi …… “Su Jia Xuan looked at the Dong Zhi, tears also flowing out of her eyes.

Su Mo Li was a little surprised at Su Jia Xuan’s reaction but didn’t think much of it.

“Dong Zhi go get the medicine.”

Hearing Su Mo Li’s voice, only then did Dong Zhi react, wiping her tears, and hurriedly walked out.

“Big Sister ……” Su Jia Xuan held Su Mo Li’s hand, her eyes full of dependence.

Su Mo Li smiled: “It’s just an ordinary cold, no big deal.”

She watched Su Jia Xuan drink the medicine and then chatted with Su Jia Xuan for a while before leaving.

When she left the Meiyuan Courtyard, the smile on Su Mo Li’s face narrowed a bit: “Look at Su Jia Xuan, there’s something wrong with her.”

“Yes.” Cheng Tao quickly responded.

In Meiyuan Courtyard, Su Jia Xuan squeezed the corner of the quilt, took a deep breath, and murmured: “Big Sister, in the previous life you protected me all my life, in this life I will fight to the death to protect you ……”

Translators Note:

This…..was not a plot twist I saw coming. Double reincarnation?

Regardless, I hope Mo Li warms up to Jia Xuan. She seems like a really sweet girl

Ellie Note: Holy double reincarnation Batman!

Edited by EllieKit

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