I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 15: Do You Dare to Fight

The Lu family villa was extra large, and it took more than three minutes just to walk from the study at the end of the hallway to the stairway.

But Lu Junhan walked very fast, and before long, he reached the stairs.

He went down the stairs and into the lobby, ignoring the guests who were desperately trying to talk to him, and walked towards the dessert area with a cold face.

His extremely handsome face has harsh features, deep and ruthless contours, and long, narrow, dark eyes that were dark and unfathomable.

The face was usually solemn and terrifying, but now it was covered with a layer of extreme cold iciness, which was even more chilling, making people shudder and not dare to come closer.

He was so cold that no one dared to approach him. With this expression on his face, he could scare a child to death without speaking.

He lifted his eyes with a cold sweep and saw Song Qingyuan, who was sitting in the dessert cake area, talking to the bodyguard sideways, with a smile on her solemn and elegant face, her mouth slightly curved, in a very good mood.

The man restrained his eyes and walked over with a sunken face.

Song Qingyuan obviously saw him, but was very happy, and waited until he walked in front of her before faking her anger.

“You brat, you had to be forced to come down! You’ve come all the way down here, and you still look like a stinker. Can auntie really hurt you?”

The man sharp eyes narrowed dangerously as he swept around the area and sneered, “Didn’t you tell me to come down and receive my ‘daughter’? Where is she now?”

When it comes to “daughter,” his words are full of sarcasm and coldness, obviously very unpleasant.

Seeing that there was no little girl near her, only bodyguards, the man pulled his lips and sneered: “Did she run away on her own? She’s smart enough to save me the trouble of having to do it myself.”

“I guess you’d like her to run away, huh?”

Song Qingyuan couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Lu Junhan didn’t say anything, but the meaning was obvious in his eyes and face.

Song Qingyuan sighed: “Li Li has gone to get me milk and will be back later.”

She gave him a warning in advance.

“I don’t care what you did to the other kids before, and I don’t care what you do to them in the future, but this time you’re not going to throw someone out the door again. She’s a weak little girl; she can’t handle you!”

“Li Li?” Lu Junhan sneered, “These days, there are still people with this kind of native name?”

The first time she heard it, she thought it was “Lili” too.

She immediately gave Lu Li a proper name: “Don’t worry, it’s the pear blossom! Li Li, Li Li, it’s beautiful when you hear it.”

(My understanding is this Li丽 = beautiful, so he was thinking her parents named her beautiful beautiful, which is kind of vain, but her name is actually 梨Li which is the Li in pear blossom)

Lu Junhan laughed coldly and was about to continue to speak.

Just then-.

The butler hurriedly caught up with him, and because he was running so fast, he was still gasping for air when he stopped, paying no attention to Song Qingyuan beside Lu Junhan.

“Lu Shao! There’s news about the little girl! A maid just said that she had seen the little girl downstairs in the hall before when she was next to-“

Simultaneously, Song Qingyuan, who was sitting in her seat, suddenly stood up, smiled, and waved her hand in a certain direction.

“Li Li, come here, auntie has something to tell you-“


Then, suddenly, a clear and tender little milk voice exploded in everyone’s ears!

In the next second, a little loli wearing a light green princess dress, looking as delicate as a doll, rushed out from the crowd. While everyone was dumbfounded, she “popped” and hugged Lu Junghan’s leg tightly with her hands and feet!

The little girl opened her big black grape-like eyes, tilted her little head, and said in surprise.

“Dad, you’ve really come to see Li Li!”

When the housekeeper saw her, he suddenly found the equally shocked Song Qingyuan beside him, and for a moment, soul-walking like, he mumbled, “-and came in with Mrs. Song.”

Lu Junhan: “……”

Song Qingyuan looked at the expressionless Lu Junghan, and then at the happy-looking Lu Li, whose soul looked as if it had been lost and was dumbfounded.

Lu Junhan: “Is she the granddaughter you picked up?”

Song Qingyuan: “Are you the scum father who doesn’t want her?”

— Suddenly, the two spoke in unison!

Then, both of them were silent.

The butler was about to cry.

What is this all about!

They’ve gone crazy looking for her, even the police have been dispatched, and it turns out that the person who picked up the little girl is Mrs. Song.

In the end, it was one of their own that they wanted to arrest!

For the first time, the assistant snuck up to Song Qingyuan’s ear and said in a voice that she thought was very quiet, but everyone could actually hear her.

“Mrs. Song, look, this little girl’s father has already been found. Do we still need to find someone to drag him out and beat him up?”

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere instantly fell into dead silence.

In the next second, Song Qingyuan hit him on the head with her bag: “What are you talking about! You decide whether to fight or not! Now that he is here, I dare you to hit him! You have no eyes to see!”

Assistant: “……”

Okay, he’s talking out of turn.

(End of chapter)

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