I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 14: I will bear the responsibility

Bodyguard: “??”

Wait a minute!

Mrs. Song, what about your principles!

“Really?” The little girl’s eyes brightened up. Her fair and chubby cheeks were adorable, and she desperately promised, “Auntie, I really didn’t lie to you. This is really, really delicious!”

As Song Qingyuan saw her happy look, the corner of her mouth curved up, and her heart was soft, “Well, I’ll try it.”

She shallowly tasted the cream on top of the cake, it was greasy, thick and sweet, not good at all, but that didn’t stop her from opening her eyes and telling lies: “Wow, it’s quite delicious.”

“It is!” The little girl was very happy, smiling so much her eyes were not open, and said, “Auntie, I won’t lie to you.”

She felt that the cake was not delicious, but it was the best thing that this little girl could give her. Such a sincere and simple little girl, who wouldn’t like her.

Song Qingyuan looked at her happy appearance. She couldn’t hold back and pinched her little fat face again.

Lu Li also wanted her to eat more, so Song Qingyuan had to lie again, saying that she had eaten too much dinner and couldn’t eat it now.

The little girl really believed it. She ate the big piece of cake on the plate in one gulp despite her small mouth, and in the end, her face was covered with cream like a little kitten.

Song Qingyuan smiled and wiped her mouth, not impatient at all.

Lu Li’s cheeks were puffed up by the cake, and she opened her clear eyes and asked in a vague, milky voice.

“Auntie, have you seen my father? I kind of miss him. ……”

“Auntie is still looking for him, and when she finds him, she’ll bring him to you first, okay?”

Song Qingyuan was full of tenderness, but her heart was a little sour and not very pleasant.

Her scum father is such a scumbag, and Li Li is still thinking about him!

The little guy never once said he missed her!

The little girl gulped down the cake and nodded vigorously, “Mmmmmm, Auntie; you’re so nice!”

She touched the top of the little girl’s hair and whispered.

“Li Li, Auntie is a bit thirsty. Will you bring over a bottle of milk for auntie?”


The little girl turned around in a hurry and went to get a drink.

As soon as she left, Song Qingyuan’s kind and gentle face instantly turned cold, like a layer of ice, and said icily to the assistant who came over: “Where is he?”.

The assistant paused, “We haven’t found him yet.”

Her eyebrows fell, “Is this how do you do things?”

The assistant had a bitter expression: “Little Miss only told us that her dad was the most handsome man in the room, the best dad in the world, and nothing else, we really had a hard time finding him……”.

At first, they asked Lu Li to describe what her father looked like, but the little girl didn’t learn many words and couldn’t say anything for a long time, so she said he was the most handsome and the best.

When they asked her what her father’s name was, the little girl seemed to be defending herself against them and refused to say her father’s name as if she was afraid they would harm him.

Song Qingyuan chanted for a while, “So, have someone find out the guestlist for today, see how many families with the surname Lu have come, and after finding them, ask them one by one to see who lost their child.”


Mrs. Song is really Mrs. Song, and her thinking was clearer and more rational than theirs!

In the next second, the clear and rational Song looked jealous.

“When you find the guy, don’t care what he says, drag him out and beat him up first, just say I said so! I’ll take all the responsibility!”


(end of chapter)

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