I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 13: Stealing and Raising You


    “I already asked, that girl is not wanted by her family, after I clean up her heartless father, I plan to steal her over for you to raise. Anyway, our Lu family has no shortage of rice……”

    Song Qingyuan has always been overbearing. She doesn’t care about morality or immorality, but she didn’t want to give up the girl she met so easily to someone else.

    It wasn’t easy for her to meet an attractive young girl, so she didn’t want to give her to someone else. Especially since her family didn’t treat her well. Song Qingyuan was distressed when she thought about it. Since it was like that, she might as well bring her over herself and raise her.

    The worst that can happen is to let that brat, Lu Junhan, use his power to oppress others.

    She doesn’t believe that this young girl will not come over!

    Lu Junhan’s eyes were impatient, “Don’t bring all the naughty kids to my house, I don’t run a kindergarten.”

    “What nonsense! I think you’re the one who’s a naughty boy! If you dare to slander my granddaughter like that again, I’m through with you, do you hear me?”

    This person has not even been brought into the family yet, but she is already protecting her and even calling her “granddaughter”.

    The thought of having a snotty-nosed troublemaker calling out for her dad and hanging around behind him later on made Lu Junghan’s face sink to the point of no return.

    “Don’t you hate girls?”

    After saying that, he again remembered the pitiful little face he had seen before, and became more and more agitated.

    “What? Who said that?” Song Qingyuan played dumb, “When did it happen? How come I don’t know?”

    Lu Junhan: “……”

   Lu Junhan:  “She’s not a member of the Lu family,”

    Song Qingyuan returned without pressure: “I think she’s quite like the Lu family, even her last name is Lu, the Lu of the Lu family! Do you think it’s a coincidence? And that temper that isn’t afraid of anyone is exactly the same as when you were a kid!”

    “No matter how much she resembles me, she’s not a member of the Lu family, so give her back!”

    “As long as I decide that she’s ours, she’s a member of the Lu family!”

    Song Qingyuan wasn’t afraid of him at all, “Anyway, if you still recognize me as an aunt, just come down quickly, I guarantee that you’ll love her when you see her.”


    What a joke!

    Lu Junhan didn’t say anything, just hung up the phone with a cold face, fetched his suit jacket from the sofa and went out!


    He’d like to see which fearless troublemakers dared to show up in front of him!


    “Li Li, eat slowly, don’t choke on it, and when you’re done, auntie will get another one for you ……”

    Dessert area.

    Song Qingyuan looked lovingly at Lu Li who had burying her head in the cake. From time to time took out a handkerchief to wipe her mouth, that gentle action caused the bodyguard standing on the side to look dumbfounded.

    “Okay, thank you auntie!”

    The little girl’s eyes curved up in delight. They were like stars in full bloom, so beautiful.

    Song Qingyuan touched her little face and smiled lovingly: “So sweet.”

    In the next second, Lu Li took a spoonful of cake and put it to her mouth, her little voice milky and soft, “Auntie, you eat too! This cake is delicious!”

    She looked so good that Song Qingyuan’s heart was about to melt, but she still shook her head: “Auntie doesn’t like sweet food, so eat it yourself.”

    The bodyguard was not surprised.

    Auntie Song has never been a fan of sweet food, and even her coffee is always the bitterest type without sugar.

    This was very similar to Lu Shao’s. Especially since both of them have the same personality.

    In particular, both of them have very strong and domineering personalities. If someone dared to force them to eat sweet food, with Lu Shao and Song Qingyuan’s temper, they could cut off that person’s head.

    “Alright ……”

    Lu Li listlessly withdrew her hand, “But this is really delicious ……”.

    When Song Qingyuan saw her head hanging and her sad, frustrated face, she hesitated: “…… Then how about auntie try some?”

    Bodyguard: “???”

    (end of chapter)

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