I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 12: Get Down Here Now!

The bodyguard hesitated but still spoke up.

The butler’s heart was also crying out.

He was just talking off the cuff. He couldn’t have really gotten it right, could he?

How can a cute little girl just disappear?

How long has it been?

“Are you sure you’ve looked everywhere?” The butler, still unconvinced, reminded him, “Have you searched carefully for places to hide people, like tree holes, corners, even dog kennels?”

“We’ve searched all these places,” the bodyguard shook his head, “but we didn’t find anyone there or any sign that a child had been hiding.”

It was just that there was something strange about Mrs. Song.

It was as if she was carrying something in her arms, heading straight for the door, but they couldn’t see it clearly because she was too fast and the lighting was too dark.

It was probably a puppy.

“Have you seen the surveillance video by the door?”

Lu Junhan sat on the couch; his tone didn’t sound happy or angry.

“She was standing in the doorway at the beginning, then she turned a corner and was never seen again on the surveillance camera. There are still a few unsupervised areas that our guys are checking out, but it may take a little while ……”

Lu Junhan’s thin lips were pursed very tightly, and he finally could not restrain his irritation. He stood up from the sofa with obvious anger in his eyes.

“Bunch of losers, can’t even find a kid! What do I need you for!”

Everyone in the study was silent.

The butler was scared to death, and the head bodyguard didn’t dare to say a word.

At this moment, Lu Junhan’s private phone rang —

Lu Jun looked out of the window with a heavy face and didn’t even look at it, nor did he want to answer it, just letting it ring.

The butler took a look at the caller and, with a stiff face, reminded him: “Lu Shao, it’s Mr. Song’s phone ……”.

Lu Junhan pursed his thin lips, frowned, and answered the phone handed to him by the butler.

“I’m in the dessert area on the first floor. I don’t care what you’re doing right now; get down here right now. I have something very important to tell you!”

Song Qingyuan gave a direct order, but it wasn’t hard to hear the slightly uplifted joy in her words.

The housekeeper, however, was stunned.

Dessert area?

Isn’t that a place that serves snacks and treats to children?

Why did Mrs. Song go there?

“If you have something to say, say it now. I have something to do later.”

Lu Junhan’s voice was deep, and afterwards, he tugged at his tie with some irritation.

That little girl also ran off somewhere.

A little inattentiveness, and the person disappeared. No matter how hard you look, you can’t find them, so children are indeed troublesome to death.

“What’s there to do later! Now get your ass down here; I’m going to introduce you to someone.”

“I’m not so far down that I need  to ask you to introduce me to a client.”

“It’s not a client, anyway, just come down here and find out!”

Song Qingyuan intended to give him a surprise.

The frown on Lu Junghan’s brow was tight, and his eyes indicated to his assistant Chen to call the police to find someone: “It’s okay, I’m hanging up.”

Song Qingyuan was probably in a really good mood. Usually, if Lu Junghan were to be so short with her, she would have been angry, but now her voice was still soothing.

“You don’t know who you’re like with that temper! Forget it. I’m going to tell you in advance. I’ve found a daughter for you.”

“…… a daughter?”

When Lu Junhan heard this, he suddenly remembered the little troublemaker who had appeared from the water.

Song Qingyuan cheerfully, “Just a little girl I just picked up, small head, big eyes, wearing a little dress, not to mention how cute she is! She’s so soft I can’t even hold her too hard!”

(end of chapter)

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  1. Wait..why would there be a place to serve snacks to children? I thought children aren’t allowed to attend?

    Oh well….the story is nonsense anyway, just enjoy i guess 😂

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