My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 120: Blind or stupid!

Gong Jue snorted disdainfully, “I don’t need your care.”

Lightly sipping a mouthful of black tea, he glared coldly at Bai Lang again, “If you’re idle, why don’t you go care about your Bai Family Pharmacy’s business license, lest it be revoked at every turn! So you don’t get laughed at by your peers!”

Bai Lang covered his heart.

Crap, exposing him again!

The last time the little goblin reported him as a scammer, it caused him to lose a lot of money, almost lose his business license, and he was even trained like a dog by his big brother Bai Yue Yuan.

When he thought of the many times he had been framed by Gu Qi Qi, Bai Lang couldn’t help but feel a new hatred for her.

Blurting out, “That’s not as miserable as your little demon, humph, she can’t even go to college soon!”

As soon as Bai Lang said this.

Inside the dining room, there was a moment of silence.

Suddenly, the air temperature dropped more than ten degrees!

“What did you say about not being able to go to college?!”

Gong Jue’s deep voice suddenly rang out in the cold space.

So cold!


Bai Lang’s throat hitched, shocked that he had told that story in the worst way possible, but he didn’t mumble as he iterated, “It’s that little goblin, Gu Qi Qi, who cheated on her college entrance exam results, which university would dare to admit her?”

“She cheated? No way!”

Gong Jue was the first to retort.

Although that woman wasn’t too good, but her temper was so arrogant that she dared to write the word “failure” on his medical report in the first place.

It was impossible for such an arrogant woman to do something like cheating.

Bai Lang sneered, “You really do have confidence in her!”

That little demon, did she put some kind of brainwashing drug on Gong Jue? This doctor needs to look into it. ……

Just thinking about it, Lieutenant Lu brought down the bowl of soup.

Gong Jue immediately ordered, “Go and find out about the stupid woman’s entrance exam results for me!”

Lieutenant Lu was appalled for a moment, but quickly nodded professionally.

In less than a minute.

All the information was presented in front of Gong Jue.

“Reporting to the chief, Miss Qi Qi is the top student in this year’s entrance exam, but it turns out that the Gu family has enrolled her in a very poor nursing school.”

Duke Gong’s eyes darkened, “Continue!”

“Fortunately, someone helped Miss Qi Qi change her choice to Imperial Military Medical University ……”

The palace duke’s eyes narrowed, “Who changed it!”

“It’s not common for this to happen…… to be able to change the application directly at the Education Department. Allow me to look into it further.”

Gong Jue nodded, “Let’s talk about the results first!”

“Originally, with Miss Qi Qi’s grades, going to the Imperial Medical University was a breeze, but I didn’t expect the inspection team from the Education Department to come and review the results and found that Miss Qi Qi’s answer sheet had cheating marks, so her grades were voided.”

Gong Jue’s eyes grew cold: “Marks?”

“Right. Only the people from the Education Department know that Miss Qi Qi’s test paper was invalidated because of marking, but if it’s made public, it’s uniformly treated as cheating and plagiarism.”

Gong Jue endured his anger, “Bring out the director of the Education Department for me! The top student cheated, is he blind or retarded to believe such nonsense?”

Lieutenant Lu coughed: “Chief …… If you are trying to help Miss QI Qi to redress her grievances so that she can get into the Imperial Military Medical University, you don’t have to do this …… because, the latest news this morning is that the Imperial Military Medical University has decided to admit her now!”

“What? Is the Imperial Army doctor brain broken, admitting students who plagiarize and cheat?” Before Gong Jue could say anything, Bai Lang couldn’t help but scream out.

He almost couldn’t stand up from the dining table.

Gong Jue looked at him coldly, “Who’s brain-damaged?”

Bai Lang’s anger deflated, “Cough cough cough, that, I’m brain-dead …… I mean, how is that possible! Unprecedented!”

Lieutenant Lu pursed his lips, “Indeed, there should be someone behind the scenes to help Miss Qi Qi. And that person, their power is not small.”

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