I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 11: No One Found

Especially with the cold face of Song Qingyuan at the front, which could scare an adult, let alone a child, if they saw her.

Song Qingyuan saw that she had been woken up and cursed – damn it!

The faces of the assistants and bodyguards also fell: “Oh no, this little ancestor has woken up at this particular time.”

They had never seen a child who didn’t cry at Song Qingyuan’s face, and the thought of having to try to coax her back to normal later gave them a headache.

However, to their surprise, the little girl woke up and saw them, and not only didn’t cry, she just stared for a moment, then blinked her eyes, curious and confused, and asked.

“Aunt and Uncle, are you lost?”

She could understand, after all,  her daddy’s house was really big.

Song Qingyuan paused, a little surprised. It was the first time she saw a little girl who wasn’t afraid of her.

“Little thing, you’re not afraid of me?”

Song Qingyuan deliberately kept a straight face, trying to scare her.

In the next second, she looked into the little loli’s big, clean, clear eyes, and for some reason, she subconsciously reached out and touched her fat face.

The skin was as smooth as she thought it would be, and also soft, like jelly. As if it would be crushed with a little effort.

It was …… quite nice to touch. ……

“I’m not afraid,” Lu Li frowned and tilted her head in confusion, “Auntie is so pretty. Why should I be afraid?”

Song Qingyuan coldly snorted, “You are sweet-talking.”

She said so, but her cold face was completely devoid of her previous dislike and disgust, and the corners of her mouth were curved.

It is strange.

In her early years, she had come from a life of deceit, and when she saw a stranger, even a child, she would be a little wary, fearing that there was some kind of conspiracy in their approach to her.

But when she saw this little girl, she didn’t. Instead, she liked her more and more.

And she obviously likes boys and hates girls, but she just wanted to hug this little thing more and couldn’t help but want to be close to her.

Song Qingyuan pinched her little face again, smelling the milk fragrance on her body, and her heart, which has always been made of iron, was inexplicably softened.

The assistant and bodyguard next to her looked at her fat and tender face and round eyes and couldn’t help but also wanted to reach out and pinch the little girl’s face.

Unfortunately, before they could do anything, they were stared at by Song Qingyuan.

She picked up the little girl and turned around continuously, not wanting to let the two men see Lu Li at all.

Bodyguard, assistant: “……”

With the soft mass in her arms, Song Qingyuan’s heart seemed to be filled with something, and in a good mood, she finally asked about the main matter.

“By the way, little girl, I haven’t asked you yet, why are you here all alone? Where’s your mom and dad?”

By some miracle, Song Qingyuan remembered her conversation with Lu Junhan just now.

It seems …… is not a bad idea to pick up a child and bring it back.

Anyway, this little thing is so cute ……

As soon as she said that, Lu Li was sad, her little head dropping listlessly, and her mouth deflated.

“I only have a dad, not a mom.”

So it’s a single parent: “What about your dad?”

Lori was visibly more frustrated and sobbed with red eyes, “I …… my daddy didn’t want me, and I had nowhere to go, so I had to sit here.”


Song Qingyuan, who was a hot-tempered person, got angry when she heard this, “He actually dared not want you!”

This girl’s father is a real piece of work!

Such a lovely daughter and you’re willing to throw her away!

“Where is your father now?”

The little loli pointed to the villa, thinking of what had happened before, and her voice dropped, “…… Daddy’s inside.”

Song Qingyuan’s eyes went cold.

He went in himself but left his daughter outside; what a piece of shit loser.

“Come, tell auntie what your father looks like, and auntie will take you to him! If he doesn’t want you, I’ll take you! Auntie will get you a better father!”

The assistant was gloating in the back: “The father of the young girl is finished, but he actually made Mrs. Song angry.

The bodyguard commented, “He deserved it. Such a lovely daughter is simply inhumane to say no.”


In the meantime, the inhumane Lu Junhan was sitting in his study, listening to a report with tightly knitted brow.

“Lu Shao, our people, have searched back and forth outside the villa three times, but we haven’t found her.”

(end of chapter)

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