I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 10: Trouble in the Head

Now that she was nearly fifty years old, she did not plan to get married again, and it was not appropriate for her to have children. Plus, she was used to living alone, so she simply continued to be a father and mother to Lu Junhan, urging him to get married in time.

Lu Junhan’s appearance did not have any waves, as he lightly kicked the ball back.

“Then go to an orphanage and adopt one, there are all kinds of grandchildren you want inside, and when you get tired of playing with them, you can get another one, isn’t it good?”


“Anything else?” Lu Junhan looked at the time: ” All right, I’ll go first since I’m busy.”

Song Qingyuan felt that sooner or later she was going to be angry with this brat, and her voice was filled with rage, “Don’t doubt that I’ll really pick up a child for you from the orphanage.”

Song Qingyuan naturally knows how much he hates children, and saying that she would like to adopt one is just an attempt to disgust him.

Lu Junhan raised his eyebrows: “As you wish, as long as you don’t mind that he won’t be a member of the Lu family.”


What Song Qingyuan wants is the bloodline of the Lu family, which can’t be found in the orphanage.

She really wants to pick one up.

She also has to guard against the possibility that the child will have any bad intentions, will not covet the Lu family’s property, and whether the two brothers will get along if Lu Junhan really gives birth to a grandson later.

Just thinking about it made her feel troubled.

In the end, she angrily hung up the phone.


Lu Li’s figure disappeared, but in fact, she did not leave.

She hid secretly behind the stone lion at the villa entrance, which was big enough for her to hide behind and not be noticed at all.

Lu Li propped up her little head and pursed her lips, thinking very optimistically.

What if Dad regrets it and wants her back?

She’d better not go too far.

Of course, Lu Li didn’t think she would be so accurate, and Lu Junhan really regretted it a bit.

After a busy day, and after swimming in the water for too long, Lu Li was exhausted and fell asleep while hiding.

Soon after, Song Qingyuan came down from the car.

She wore a long black trailing skirt, her hair was meticulously coiled, and her face did not show any wrinkles but was delicate and dignified.

Her black heels made a crisp sound as she walked on the ground.

The bodyguard who followed her was sharp-eyed: “Mr. Song, there seems to be a child over there.”

“A child?” Eventually, she said, “Where?”

This was a banquet hosted by the Lu family, and she would not allow anything to go wrong.

“It’s right behind the stone lion.”

Song Qingyuan’s brows furrowed as she followed him over.

Good Lord, there really was one.

And a beautiful little girl.

She was wearing a light green princess dress, which looked like it was made with great delicacy and luxury.

As if chilled by the night breeze, her small body was curled up, her small mouth slightly open, breathing softly, and the dark eyelashes that brushed her cheeks trembled a little.

The exposed skin was even more white.

She was like a little angel that had accidentally fallen to earth.

The face …… looked a little familiar.

Song Qingyuan’s eyes narrowed.

Where exactly had she seen it …… before?

“So cute ……”

The assistant couldn’t help but sound out, “Whose kid is this? How did she get here?”

“Maybe she was just playing around and got out by accident.”

The bodyguard said.

Song Qingyuan couldn’t figure out where she had seen this face before, but it turned out to be a delicate and weak little girl with a soft, innocent face.

She was most annoyed with this type of crying,g little guy.

When she was a child, she liked Lu Junhan the most. He was a boy, and no matter how hard he was beaten, he was always honest, not crying, smart, and strong, very similar to her own character.

Unlike Lu Anran, this little girl, if her face was a little heavy, she will be scared into tears, and then the whole day will not be able to calm down.

She is so troublesome.

She looked disgusted and coldly ordered, “Go and ask who lost their child, and tell them to hurry over and take her away.”

The assistant knew that she was most annoyed with this kind of little girl and hastily said, “Yes. I’ll be right there.”

Probably because they were noisy, the little girl’s eyelashes trembled, and she woke up quietly.

Song Qingyuan was a powerful woman in earlier years, and now, although she is old, her momentum has increased instead of decreasing. Additionally, her black dress is cold and valiant.

There are two black-clothed bodyguards behind her, not far from each other, and the row of people looks a little scary.

(End of Chapter)

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