I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 9: Aunt Song Qingyuan

Song Qingyuan’s temper was always hot, but her voice was cold and strong: “What took you so long to answer the phone?”

Lu Junhan downplayed it: “I was busy just now.”

Song Qingyuan sneered, “Busy? I think you just don’t want to take my calls for fear that I’ll urge you to get married again, right?”

Lu Junhan was silent.

Seeing him like this again, Song Qingyan was simply infuriated and laughed in anger.

How could she not be aware of her nephew’s insidious, malicious, and vengeful cold nature?

When his parents died, the old man had many heirs and didn’t care whether he and Lu Anran lived or died, so she had to bring him up herself.

If she hadn’t been so kind to him, he would have hung up the phone impatiently.

As much as Lu Junhan hates children and women, Song Qingyuan loves them, and over the years, she has long thought of him and Lu Anran as her own children.

Older people have this common problem of rushing to hold their grandchildren.

She was anxious to hold her grandchildren as she was getting older. When other people’s families all had grandchildren, and her own family didn’t have any. Lu Junhan hated children and didn’t have contact with women, and Lu Anran was a sickly child who was barely born alive.

“I don’t care if you still don’t let me hold a grandchild next year; I’m absolutely finished with you! The neighbor, Wang’s dog, has had a litter of pups, and you don’t even have a fart yet! You look at others, and then you look at yourself. You’re useless; what can I say about you?”

Lu Junhan’s fingers rubbed his forehead, and his tone was quite helpless: “Have you ever seen anyone compare a person to a dog?”

“You’re not very useful yourself. You’re worse than a dog, and you dare complain about it?”

Song Qingyuan was usually not rude, but this was already the fourth year she wanted to hold a grandson. If she continues to be polite, it would be nice to see Lu Junhan get married in her lifetime, not to mention a grandson.

“I don’t care who you like, who you want to marry, as long as you can give birth to a chubby grandson next year, not to mention a dog, even if his mother is a pig, our Lu family can still marry her in a palanquin.


Is this old woman going crazy thinking about her grandchildren?

Song Qingyuan was indeed going crazy thinking about grandchildren. Don’t ask; there was a family empire to inherit, but her granddaughter was disdainful of it.

In the case of Lu Junhan’s younger sister, Lu Anran, her weak and incompetent temperament made her wish she could slap her to death, which led her to have no affection for all the little girls.

Over the years, she has looked everywhere for a recipe to have a boy and found one, but Lu Junhan refused to marry, causing her a lot of worries.

Lu Junhan cold voice: “Talk to you later. I have something else to do. I’m hanging up.”

Seeing that he was again speaking perfunctorily, Song Qingyan’s heart was overwhelmed with weakness, and she resisted the urge to curse and softened her tone.

“Bastard, it’s not that auntie is trying to force you; I’m doing this for your own good.”

“You also know about your parents’ accident.”

“If they didn’t have such a son as you, your father’s hard work and Lu’s would have been taken away by your uncles.”

“In the future, if you also accidentally die, there’s a grandson who can take your place!”

Lu Junhan, who was cursed to death by her, didn’t have the slightest bit of anger, as if he was already accustomed to the fiery temper of his aunt whenever had something to say, and just said, “I’m not interested, if you want to give birth, you go ahead, I don’t mind having multiple aunts.”

Song Qingyuan was speechless: “If I could have children, why would I need to wait for you, a useless person?”

All these years, Song Qingyuan has been both a father and a mother, completely raising Lu Junhan and his sister Lu Anran as her own, focusing all her energy on them.

By the time they were both adults and had the ability to act independently, she was already old and had missed the best time to fall in love and get married.

(End of chapter)

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