I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 8: The Song Family

Lu Junhan didn’t say anything, his fingers switched the lighter in his hand on and off, and his side face was so cold and steely that people couldn’t see what he was thinking about.

The butler took a glance and saw that he didn’t stop him, so he continued to close his eyes and bullshit.

“Her family should have already seen this but felt that the little girl was of no use to them and simply left her to fend for herself! Anyway, it’s just a girl, a money-losing commodity. If she dies, she dies, it’s not a big deal.”

Among the upper class, most of the families prefer sons to daughters. Even the Lu family is no different. Girls really have less status than boys.

The metal lighter cover was heavily closed with a “click” sound.

Lu Junhan coldly smiled: “Why do you say all this? It’s none of my business, whether she lives or dies.”

But the light in his eyes dimmed.

The butler, as if he hadn’t heard him, continued, “Death is not the most frightening thing. The true fear is that if she is abducted and sold, her legs are broken, and she ends up begging on the street, or if she is picked up by someone with a special fetish and forced to do that ……”.

The more the butler spoke, the more he became convinced.

“Especially most of the people who came today are celebrities from the Hai Cheng city. Some of them are of a certain character, which you also know. And with people coming in and out, the little girl is nearby and can easily be found. In the case that she is really picked up by someone secretly. ……”

Lu Junhan’s eyes are dark.

He is in this circle, so naturally, he has seen many perverts who like to play with children’s bodies …… and even kill them by playing with them to death.

Then he suddenly remembered the little girl who had just emerged from the water and was happily calling for his father.

The thought that she might be picked up by someone else, that she might be abused, that she might be treated as a plaything by those disgusting people, that she might be forced to do such disgusting and nasty things made him irritable to the extreme.

The butler’s final blow: “But then again, she deserves this kind of end, who let her appear in front of you without knowing what’s going on ……”

When Lu Junhan coldly glanced at him, the butler stopped talking for a moment, his eyes somewhat expectant.

“Lu Shao, do you have any orders ……?”

Lu Junhan’s eyes sank, and he finally said icily, “Go to the door and bring her back.”

It’s not like he hasn’t noticed his abnormality so many times.

Since he can’t rest assured, then simply bring that little girl back and find a better home for her. But for her to enter the Lu family, it’s absolutely impossible!

He doesn’t want to be pestered by a troublemaker all day long and get called daddy all the time.

Of course, the present Lu Junhan never thought that one day he would force Lu Li to call him daddy all the time for fear that she would accidentally fall and hurt herself.

The butler was delighted with the news.

He just wanted to try it, but it really worked.

Little girl, wait for uncle, uncle is coming to pick you up!

The butler was just about to leave–

Lu Junghan’s phone suddenly rang.

He took a glance at the caller’s information, and his expression instantly became somber and a bit helpless.

He obviously wanted to pretend that he hadn’t seen it, but the phone wouldn’t let up and kept ringing.

The only person who could make Lu Shao show such an expression is probably the woman from the Song family.

Lu Shao’s aunt, Song Qingyuan.

Lu Shao’s parents died in a car accident when he was very young, leaving only the seven-year-old Lu Junhan and the five-year-old Lu Anran in the Lu family’s direct family.

It can be said that Song Qingyuan raised Lu Shao, and it was only because of Song Qingyuan that the Lu family was able to continue to survive in Hai Cheng city. Then she finally handed the business over to Lu Shao, who then developed into such a giant as it is today.

Without Song Qingyuan, there would be no Lu Shao today.

Lu Shao is now a big shot in Hai Cheng city. He doesn’t care about anyone, but he still has some respect for his aunt.

The butler quietly closed the door, and Lu Junhan answered the phone.
(End of chapter)

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