I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 7: Already Drowned

The butler really did not take much time to bring a new light green dress over, and when the little girl put it on, the housekeeper was suddenly startled.

The little girl in the mirror had soft, black, waterfall-like hair hanging over her shoulders, big sparkling eyes, bright and charming, fair and soft cheeks bulging. Cute as hell.

I don’t know if it was because of the clothes or what, but the butler actually felt that this little girl was a bit like the second miss when she was little.


When Lu Li looked at the butler in confusion, the housekeeper shook his head, said it was fine, and sent the little girl to the door without any further thought.


The butler sent Lu Li out because the banquet was about to start, a lot of things still needed to be dealt with. He could not stay long and soon returned to the villa.

At this time, many people arrived one after another in the banquet hall, leaning on the edge of the table, chatting and laughing in groups of twos and threes while holding wine glasses and drinking.

The butler told the maids to entertain them well and assigned other tasks to them before they went upstairs.

As soon as he entered the study, he saw Lu Junhan standing by the floor-to-ceiling window, looking down the unobstructed view, just in time to see the little girl in the green dress he had just sent to the door.

The sky was completely dark now.

In the middle of the night, the little girl was standing alone in the corner, and there were adults in gorgeous dresses passing by, making her more and more lonely and pitiful in the corner, like a poor abandoned little kitten.

The butler took a look at her, and the more he looked at her, the worse he felt.

After a while, seeing more and more people coming down from their car at the door, Lu Li quickly walked away.

When she turned a corner, the little girl’s figure disappeared.

Lu Junhan looked, and for some reason, the brow furrowed more tightly, the thin lips are pursed into a line, and his heart is still a little empty.

Obviously, he hates children, but he always remembers the little girl’s various looks just now. ……

Glad, pitiful, aggrieved, proud, puffed up ……

It seemed as if they had seen each other at some time before as if they had déjà vu.

It was as if she had really been his daughter.

When the housekeeper saw this, he remembered the text message again and said to himself: “Lu Shao obviously likes that little girl very much, but unfortunately he doesn’t know it.

Lu Shao’s expression now is exactly the same as the one he had when he first sent his daughter to school.

He was reluctant and irritated.

The butler thought about it and boldly coughed.

“Say what you have to say.”

Lu Junhan glanced at him sideways and coldly.

Convinced that his instincts were not wrong, the butler deliberated and said with a hard scalp.

“Lu Shao, this little girl is actually quite pitiful. No one has come to pick her up for so long. I think her family probably doesn’t want to care about her.”

Lu Junhan’s eyes sunk slightly and sneered: “They don’t want to care. Do I have to raise the child for them and acknowledge the daughter? Am I a charity?”

In the city, everyone knows that the three words “Lu Junhan” have nothing to do with charity or good deeds and that if he doesn’t do bad deeds, bystanders are already thankful to God.

The steward paused and saw that he was arrogant and hard-headed but refused to admit that he cared about the little girl and was not discouraged.

He only sighed helplessly: “I had noticed that the girl was wearing tattered and torn clothes. She must not have had a high status in her family. Perhaps she had been abused. Her family didn’t treat her like a human being at all.”

“Take this time, for example, they actually forced her to hide in the water so that you wouldn’t find her, and if it weren’t for her fate, the little girl would have drowned today!”

(end of the chapter)

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