White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 17: Make a false accusation


The Emperor reacted by staring at him with no kindness: “You came to me just to ask for something nice?”

“Not exactly.” When Zhong Li Shi looked at the Emperor, he smiled and said, “Father, do you remember Aunt Huimin?”

“Huimin?” The Emperor was stunned for a moment, “Naturally, I remember, Royal Sister Huimin was very much liked by my Father, even more than his own children.

Royal sister Huimin was also very attractive, and extremely good to her brothers and sisters, but it’s a pity.”

The Emperor sighed and shook his head.

Zhong Li Shi quirked the corners of his lips: “I have been treating a young girl for the past few days and found that she looks exceptionally like Aunt Huimin, so I made some inquiries and found that she is actually Aunt Huimin’s daughter.”

The Emperor was stunned: “After your Aunt Huimin married the Su family, she did give birth to a daughter, but because of her poor health, she was sent to the countryside to take care of her health, why is she back?”

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows and tacitly deferred.

The Emperor sighed: “It’s been seven years since I last saw her.”

“Father, this cousin of mine has been bullied a lot, won’t you protect her a little for Aunt Huimin’s sake?”

Zhong Li Shi said unconcernedly, “Do you still remember that Aunt Huimin took a sword for Father?”

When Zhong Li Shi said that, the Emperor remembered what happened back then.

“You are right, at that time I had quite a few Royal brothers and sisters, only Huimin treated me as an elder brother, the others hated me enough to kill me.”

The Emperor’s face became darker, obviously thinking of the things that happened back then.

“Father, I thought that Aunt Huimin took care of me a bit back then, and since my cousin is back, I also need to send something to her, so Father, open the private treasury and let me take a look?” Seeing that the Emperor’s face was not good, Zhong Li Shi’s eyes darkened as he pretended not to understand the Emperor’s thoughts and said jokingly.

The Emperor was unable to laugh or cry at Zhong Li Shi’s words, and the hatred that had just bubbled up disappeared for a moment: “You want to take something from me even though you are the one gifting it to your cousin?”

“Of course!” Zhong Li Shi was all smiles, “After all, my father’s things are better than His son’s, and I don’t have money!”

“Okay, okay! Choose and go! I get annoyed when I see you!” The Emperor directly waved his hand, as if very annoyed with Zhong Li Shi.

Zhong Li Shi was now happy, and even said good words repeatedly before going out.

Xiao Guozi, who was outside, couldn’t help but say, “Yi Fu, every time the Emperor says he won’t give the Prince anything good, but he eventually does anyway.”

Da Guozi looked down at Xiao Guozi strangely: “This is the love of father and son, and you won’t understand even if I tell you.”

Xiao Guozi laughed cheerfully, “I understand, it’s just like Yi Fu treats me! Hehehe!”

Looking at Xiao Guozi’s silly appearance, Da Guozi’s face was full of black lines. He helplessly shook his head, so silly, he might be sold for his behavior and not even know it, but fortunately, His Highness didn’t dislike him.

Really can’t stand it.

He waved his hand directly and said: “Hurry up and take the Crown Prince to the private treasury! Don’t get in my face!”

“Hey, Yi Fu, I got some new tea from the Crown Prince, remember to drink it! I heard it’s good for the body.”

Looking at the back of Xiao Guozi’s departure, Da Guozi’s eyebrows softened a bit and he shook his head.

At this time, however, Su Mo Li was experiencing Marquis Madame’s care.

“Quick let the doctor take a look.” After the maid brought the doctor, Cheng Tao was stunned for a moment, “Wasn’t there an Imperial Doctor just now?”

“What? An Imperial Doctor?” Marquis Madame was confused.

Cheng Tao nodded, “It’s Imperial Doctor Shi, …….”

“Imperial Doctor Shi? When did the Imperial Hospital ……”

“Madame, it’s the new Imperial Doctor Shi from the Imperial Hospital! I just happened to meet him at the door, so I invited him over.” The maid beside her quickly reminded.

Marquis Madame also displayed a sudden understanding, but her appearance was a bit unnatural: “It is indeed a new Imperial Doctor, but since the doctor is here, it’s better to take a look.”

After the doctor confirmed that everything was fine, Marquis Madame was relieved, and just when she was about to say something, she heard that Princess He Le had come.

Princess He Le had changed her clothes, and her face was still very serious.

After paying her respects to the Marquis Madame, she looked at Su Mo Li, and her frown deepened.

“You’re very stupid.”

Su Mo Li was about to express her gratitude but was startled when she heard the words of Princess He Le.

“Too stupid.” Princess He Le shook her head, “Take care of yourself.”

Then she said goodbye to Marquis Madame and left.

Su Mo Li opened her mouth slightly, her small face had the appearance of confusion.

When Marquis Madame saw this, her heart softened, and after waving off the servants, she took Su Mo Li’s hand and said, “He Le is straightforward and has been so since she was a child, but she is not bad-minded.”

“Still, I never thought that you would be the First Daughter of the Prime Minister.”

Su Mo Li smiled slightly: “It was only in passing that I saved you, you don’t have to offend my stepmother and the others for me.”

“Besides, they are extremely good to me.”

Marquis Madame shook her head: “You, why can’t you understand?”

Su Mo Li pretended to be puzzled.

Marquis Madame waved her hand: “All right, not to mention the fact that you have saved my life, with this temperament of yours, I have to protect you somehow.”

“I’ll have someone send you back, and if you encounter any danger, have your maid come to me, okay?”

“And next time it can’t be like this!”

At the end of the sentence, anger appeared in Marquis Madame’s eyes.

Su Mo Li smiled, “Thank you, Madame Marquis.”

In the carriage, Cheng Tao lowered the curtain and whispered, “Miss, are you going to let the Second Miss go this time?”

Su Mo Li laughed twice. Now that there were no outsiders, her whole person was relaxed. Previously, there was the appearance of weakness between her eyebrows, but now it was replaced by a lively expression.

“Let go? Have you ever seen me forgive enemies who insulted me?”

Cheng Tao was slightly startled, then she smiled, “So, Miss, what are you going to do this time?”

“No matter what, this time Second Miss has gone too far, so we should teach her a lesson!”

Su Mo Li smiled faintly, her eyes glittering with profound color: “There is always a price to pay for one’s actions.”

After arriving at the Prime Minister’s Residence, Su Mo Li was helped by Cheng Tao and the Marquis Madame’s eldest maid, Li Zhi, towards the residence.

“Eldest Miss is back!”

As soon as Su Mo Li entered the front room, she saw Old Madam Su and Su Chen sitting on the top seat. Su Xin Zhen was kneeling on the floor crying, and Li Qianshi was sitting on the side looking somewhat bad.

As for Su Jia Xuan, she was dazed.

Only after hearing about her return did she turn around and smile at Su Mo Li.

“Lord Su, this slave servant has sent the Eldest Miss back.” Li Zhi bowed her body and slowly said towards Su Chen, “Lord Su, Miss Su was frightened and fell into the water, she was already weak, and now she is even worse.”

“After all, it was an accident at the Marquis’ Residence, our Marquis Madame is very apologetic, and brought a few boxes of ginseng for Miss Su’s body.”

The steward quickly took them over, and Su Chen slowly said, “Thanking the Marquis Madame, I was not strict enough in my discipline.”

With that, he looked at Su Mo Li and saw that she was swaying, his eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly, “You sit down first.”

Cheng Tao gripped Su Mo Li’s hand tightly, this tone was not right!

But Su Mo Li gave Cheng Tao a look and slowly sat down.

“Lord Su.” Li Zhi frowned, she was the first maid beside Madame and was always steady. Madame also relied on her very much, so she knew quite a few things.

Su Chen’s actions made her feel upset in her heart for Su Mo Li.

This was the father’s own daughter who almost died in the water, but he didn’t even hear about it.

It’s true that if you have a stepmother, you have a stepfather.

After a pause, Li Zhi continued, “Lord Su, our Madame said that if the Su residence can’t accommodate the Eldest Miss, our Madame can take care of her for you.”

Su Chen’s heart sank, and his face looked pale: “Marquis Madame is joking, Li’er is my daughter, so I must take good care of her.”

Li Zhi smiled, didn’t say anything, but bowed towards Su Mo Li, “Eldest Miss, Madame said, if you have any problems, feel free to send someone to find her.” After saying that, she bowed to Su Chen again: “I will leave first.”

Su Chen was a little surprised to see Su Mo Li, but he never thought that Su Mo Li would actually be liked by Marquis Madame.

It was just ……

What Si’er said is that since this daughter came back, there has been no peace in the house, and she was really a disaster.

“Li’er, if you are fine, go back to your room and rest.” Su Chen faintly spoke.

Su Mo Li did not speak yet, but Old Madam Su slammed the table: “What did you say?”

Su Chen frowned, “Mother, it wasn’t me who said that since Li’er is back and there’s been trouble in the house. Since she’s not feeling well, is it not good for her to stay in the courtyard?”

“This time, I’ve lost face to the Marquis, how do you want me to face my colleagues tomorrow?”

Su Mo Li lowered her eyes and sneered in her heart. His mouth was saying that he wanted her to take good care of herself.

In fact, he wanted to imprison her!

Old Madam Su looked at Su Chen incredulously, “Chen’er, didn’t you hear what I said? It was Jin’er who deliberately pushed Nan Nan into the pool!”

She never expected that it would be Su Mo Li who would be injured and eventually punished!

“Mother! Your heart goes out to Li’er, but you can’t accuse her of anything. Jin’er was just careless!” Li Qianshi quickly knelt down, tears dripping down, a pair of eyes filled with heartache, “Mother, Zhen’er is still young, how could she do it on purpose? There must be a misunderstanding here!”

“Not wrong.” Su Chen also responded, “I’ve watched Zhen’er grow up. I know this child’s temperament. Although she is a bit arrogant, she would never do anything to harm others.

Mother, there must be a misunderstanding. Besides, Li’er knows she is not well, so why would she go to enjoy the flowers?

And to go to the pond to enjoy the flowers and fall in, you have brought this on yourself!”

“You’re confused!” Old Madam Su shouted and couldn’t help but cough.

Momo Ke from the side was busy trying to calm Old Madam Su’s nerves.

Seeing this, Su Chen became more and more displeased with Su Mo Li, and spoke with reproach: “What’s going on, you say? You’d better tell the truth. Jin’er would never do such a vicious thing!”

Although Su Xin Zhen is still crying, her heart is proud of herself.

So what if you set me up, Su Mo Li?

In my father’s heart, you are inferior to me!

The author has something to say: Tomorrow Ah Li strikes back!

I’ll show you why flowers are so red!

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