My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 117: Her tantrums are a lot like the kid’s.

Gu Qi Qi sighed softly.

The cherry-like little mouth slightly pouted.

In a very, very soft and sticky voice, she softly coaxed Gong Jue: “Good boy ah, let go of someone for a little while, okay? I’m just going to walk away for a second. ……”

Saying that she used her small hand, and lightly patted Gong Zhu’s face, as if dealing with a misbehaving pet.

She said, this guy looks like a large pet, but in fact, even his face is so hard and firm, she’s too sore to pat him.

She was really curious, was there not a single part of this man’s body that wasn’t steel-hard?

Gu Qi Qi gazed at Gong Jue’s reaction.

Sure enough, this Moe sound route was the right move!

Gong Jue’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, grunted, and released his hand.

Gu Qi Qi was liberated.

In her mind, she couldn’t help but smile, if she filmed this scene of the impotent man, it would be very valuable, and she could blackmail him properly.

With a thought, she pulled out her cell phone and “clicked-“, capturing this large stupid appearance of a pet like Gong Jue.

She put away the phone and crept just to the door.

Suddenly, a loud snapping sound exploded behind him: “What are you doing?”

A sudden change in the mood!



However, this impotent man, when he’s awake, he was going to be angry.

Gu Qi Qi depressingly squeezed her phone, if only she didn’t take pictures just now.

If she was a bit cautious, she shouldn’t get caught for taking photos of him, right?

She paused, “I ……”

Gong Jue didn’t wait for her answer, and with one swift movement, he rolled over, pulled a men’s shirt out of the closet, and threw it at her: “Wearing that dress out, you’re ugly! Change it for me!”

Hey, this is a school uniform, okay? What do you mean by that? Besides, what’s so ugly about it?

Gu Qi Qi was a little angry.

Helplessly, Gong Jue’s order was not to be questioned.

She also didn’t want to argue and waste time on such trivial matters, so she simply followed his order and changed into the shirt.

As a result, Gong Jue looked at the still slender, white legs under the shirt, and his eyebrows narrowed a bit more.

It’s time to buy some clothes for this stupid woman.

It was his fault that he had never had a woman around, and had never considered, a woman’s clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

She came to the barracks and wore her school uniform for so long, and she didn’t have a single decent piece of clothing.

A touch of guilt came, and Gong Jue’s face softened a little, saying in a deep voice, “Go downstairs and eat.”

Gu Qi Qi tightly grasped the phone: “I’m not hungry …… that, I have something important, can I go out?”

After saying that, fearing that Gong Zhu wouldn’t agree, she immediately added, “I’ll be back after I’m done.”

Seeing Gu Qiqi’s squeezed cell phone, in his mind, Gong Jue recalled, for a moment, the image of holding her last night at the bar.

It would have been quite nice to feel like a hero saving a woman.

But ……

Good God, he had seen that outgoing call on her phone, and it wasn’t him!

Little Master Xiao Ning

Hmph, he remembered this young man.

This stupid woman was in such a hurry to go out now, could it be that she was going to secretly meet with that young man?

She couldn’t wait?

Not even for a moment?

The desire to see that man even outweighs the need to take care of her own body?

Gong Jue’s face, which had just eased up, instantly darkened a bit: ” You’re NOT going.”

Three words, blocking her thoughts of going out to complain about her college entrance exam results.

Gu Qi Qi frowned, “Impotent man, why are you being unreasonable?”

Gong Jue proudly raised his chin, “I am reasonable, no need to talk.”

“You ……!”

“Go downstairs and eat for me!”

“I don’t want to eat.”

Gu Qi Qi threw her phone on the table and sat angrily by the window.

Eat, eat, eat, what to eat, she was full of anger!

“Then starve!”

Gong Jue endured his anger.

The way Gu Qi Qi lost her temper suddenly reminded him of the little dumpling.

Almost every time the little dumpling complained to him, it was the same phrase, “I don’t want to eat”!

This stupid woman, why is she still acting like a child?

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