My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 116: The Chief’s Waking Up Moe

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Qingcheng Four Seas Hotel.

In the high-class suite, Gu Meifeng’s dress was half-untied, leaning breezily on the arms of her distant cousin, Gu Enlong.

On her thick eyelashes, there were half genuine tears: “Elder brother Enlong, that bookworm little bitch is scum who doesn’t care for her family. She made her father go to jail and lose money. She also hurt my family’s Xue Xue. Last night, she even spent one million dollars and nearly let Xue Xue be a prostitute at the bar. You must help me to teach her a good lesson”

Gu Enlong proudly pointed to the news headline, “Didn’t you see that the news has been released? What school would dare to want her when she’s on the news and her reputation is stinking?”

“But wasn’t someone behind her back ……”

“Are you stupid, who would dare back her up now? It’s a man’s job to avoid her like a snake, lest he is implicated by her!”

“Ummm, but brother Enlong, I’m afraid that her grades, if it’s found out that you did it, it’s not good for you ah ……”

“Don’t worry about that. My brother has always been watertight in his work. I haven’t changed a word of her grades at all.”

“What? I thought she got zero points for cheating.” Gu Mei Feng shouted in exaggerated alarm.

“It’s not zero points, it’s one point. You don’t understand that, do you? The rules of the college entrance exam are that the answer sheet must be clean and no marking is allowed, or it will be considered cheating. I, on the other hand, just made a mark on her answer sheet for the college entrance exam! The score for cheating is one, which is used to distinguish the zero points for not cheating.”

“Brother Enlong, you’re just too powerful. This way even if someone traced it, they wouldn’t even be able to find out who drew that mark!”

“Yes, if I scribbled an answer, she can identify the handwriting or something, but draw a symbol, she can never identify the hell out of it! Anyone who checks it out won’t be able to find out anything!”

“So, this time, Gu Qi Qi is dead?”

“Dead! And it was a particularly ugly death …… so isn’t it time for you to repay me?”

“Geez, nasty …… uh-huh ……”


Gu Qi Qi still didn’t know that the Witch Queen’s poisoned apple had quietly descended into her mouth.

But she knew that she would never take the blame for this black pot!

But, what is she going to do to prove herself as a powerless senior? To defeat rumors?

At this instant, she suddenly realized that compared to the overwhelming and unceasingly spreading rumors, the power of one person was very insignificant!

No way!

She had to do something, rumors she couldn’t control, but, she could go for a review of her grade.

Why on earth would it be a 1?

Where did she cheat?

She had to ask for an explanation.

She rose with a start.

However, Gong Jue’s eyes, which were closed, suddenly opened fractionally.

The palm, abruptly fishing for her skirt, yanked!

Pulling her right back onto the cot.

“Hey ……!”

Gu Qi Qi stumbled and smashed right into his arms.

But Gong Jue was smooth, holding her like a pillow, firmly.


Was this man made of steel? She hits him, and he doesn’t even hurt?

She, on the other hand, was banged up and felt raw and painful everywhere.

“Let go of me, I have something important to do.” Gu Qi Qi thought he was awake and pushed him.

But, Gong Jue’s eyes were half-closed, and his long, thick lashes cast a small shadow.

Thin lips murmured, “Not wide enough to ……”

A shiver ran through Gu Qi Qi.

God, Three-Year-Old Gong Jue was back again!

She almost forgot that the man had was childish getting up.

So perhaps the right way to communicate should be –.

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