My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 115: The Prince’s magic isn’t all-powerful

At the bottom of the webpage, a news message suddenly popped up.

Gu Qi Qi opened it and took a look.

“…… Zhu Yu was sentenced to life imprisonment and had to compensate fifty-five million dollars …… Gu Qiushan was sentenced to ten years in prison and fined ninety-nine million dollars …….”

God, it was so relieving.

These two old things are no good birds, not half as good as any doctor.

It should have been done long ago.

It’s just …… that the verdict was not pronounced sooner or later, but it was pronounced in the middle of the night last night!

She felt, somehow, something was strange somewhere.

Her memory returned.

It seems that the last time she was in the hospital, Zhu Fen and Gu Xue Xue were plotting and busted her back, and as a result, Zhu Fen was bruised all over that night, while Gu Xue Xue was left with an ugly scar on her forehead due to the city’s power outage and couldn’t get the plastic surgeon to stitch her up properly.

How similar!

After she had been counted out, and those who counted her out had fallen on hard times instead.

It was as if there’s a strong hand pushing her in the dark.

Not only protecting her but also standing up for her.

This feeling was too strange.

In her confusion, she inexplicably swept a glance at the man sleeping soundly on the cot, his eyes closed tightly.

Was it him?

It’s sort of like him to be so simple and brutal …… so stuffy …… doing this kind of thing.

So, was he also the magic prince who made the Imperial Military Medical University admit her again?

No, Gong Jue didn’t even know about his college entrance exam application, it wasn’t him.

Gu Qi Qi brooded, preparing to write an email to the Military Medical University to ask about the situation.

However, before she could draft the email, an even more explosive piece of news immediately popped up, refreshing her vision.

It was another floating red hot post right after the news about Gu Qiushan and Zhu Yu.

The headline was written in large red letters.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Qingcheng Middle School, top “academic tyrant” cheated on the entrance exam but was admitted to the university, the academic tyrant is fake, the “sleeping tyrant” is real!

The long, suggestive title, with just a quick glance, made it clear what kind of dynamite thing this was.

“Qingcheng High School’s student, Gu Qi Qi, cheated and plagiarized and still managed to get into college, there must be a hidden secret rule in there!”

“The Imperial Military Medical University has never admitted a student with such a poor character, she must have gone through the back door and made connections!”

“Bullshit, she slept with the headmaster of the Imperial Army Medical College?”

“Definitely! How can you open such a big back door for her without sleeping with the principal? Letting a cheating student in?”

“The old driver said that it should not be her going through the back door, but someone else using her ‘back door’ it ah ha ha ha …… These days the hidden rules are trying to play new tricks, if she did not serve the boss master well, can she get such powerful resources? “

“My God, the world is so dirty, even college campuses are so dirty!”

“Hey, hey, the dirty one is Gu Qi Qi, she’s the ‘sleeping tyrant’ rat turd that ruined our university’s pot of soup ……”

“Get the hell out of the Imperial Military Medical University, Gu Qi Qi!”

“We refuse to be classmates with the sleep bully!”

Gu Qi Qi looked at the comment with cold eyes, and saw this news, quickly topping the Weibo hot search list.

It was actually a thousand times hotter than the news of Gu Qiushan and the others being sentenced to pay compensation.

One day, she actually became a headline.

As expected, this world just loved things that were eye-catching, regardless of whether they were true or not!

And the person behind all of this had a really deep and thorough grasp of the human heart.

She was going to admire it all.

She coldly to close the page.

Gu Qi Qi sunbathed with a smile: “As expected, the prince’s magic isn’t all-powerful, the witch’s poisonous apples are the most tried and true.”

So what if someone helped to forcefully send her to the Imperial Military Medical University?

In the blink of an eye, wasn’t there a bigger trap?

Smear her indiscriminately!

This is to stomp on her reputation to death ah.

It’s not even enough to simply cheat, but to shamelessly sleep with the boss after cheating?

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