White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 15: An embarrassed Su Xin Zhen.

“Second Miss, why did you push our Miss!” Cheng Tao yelled out in a hoarse voice, then ran a few steps towards the side and shouted, “Help! Help! Please save our Lady!”

The voice of Cheng Tao combined some inner energy directly pushed the words to the ears of the crowd.

Old Madam Su, who was chatting with others, looked pale as she said: “Nan Nan! Something has happened to my granddaughter!”

Marquis Madame also sensed that something was wrong and quickly said, “Quick! Go save someone!”

Li Qianshi frowned, somewhat confused, and when she saw Old Madam Su almost fell to the ground, she gave a helping hand: “Mother, you slow down.”

Old Madam Su directly threw away Li Qianshi’s hand and quickly walked forward.

At this time, Cheng Tao’s face was full of tears, accusingly looking at Su Xin Zhen: “If something happens to my Miss, I won’t let you go even if I have to die!”

“You, you’re lying!” Su Xin Zhen finally reacted, “I didn’t push her! She jumped on her own!”

“My lady is weak, why would she jump in to the water when she knows it will cost her her life?

Are you saying my Lady set you up? Even if it’s a setup, what’s wrong with using other methods? This could kill her!”

The crowd listened to Cheng Tao’s words and whispered, looking at Su Xin Zhen in a bad light.

“What the hell is going on?” The Marquis Madame’s icy voice came over, “Where’s Li’er?”

Her eyes fell on Su Xin Zhen, a hint of ruthlessness flashed across her face.

Li Qianshi’s heart suddenly jumped, since she had just heard Cheng Tao’s words, naturally others had heard them. She quickly came to Su Xin Zhen and snapped at Cheng Tao, “What are you saying, a lowly servant girl?”

“Li’er and Zhen’er are close sisters, what framing and not framing?”

“The reason Li’er fell into the pool was carelessness! Are you saying this to provoke a fight?”

Saying that Li Qianshi fiercely pinched Su Xin Zhen.

Su Xin Zhen’s reaction was extremely fast, and she now cried: “It wasn’t me, it really wasn’t me …… I just wanted to come over with Big Sister to enjoy the flowers, I didn’t think Big Sister would fall into the water.”

“Nan Nan! My Nan Nan ah!” Old Madam Su looked at the pool, her face full of anxiety, “Save my Nan Nan, save her ……”

“Clattering” splashed the water.

Everyone saw Princess He Le laboriously dragging Su Mo Li towards the shore and swimming over.

“Quick! Go help!” The Marquis Madame was busy giving orders.

A few maids who knew how to swim jumped down and helped Princess He Le carry Su Mo Li over.

The surrounding maids quickly took blankets and wrapped up He Le and Su Mo Li so that they wouldn’t get cold.

“How are you?” Liu Qian Qian quickly walked over, “Why did you just jump off, I didn’t even realize it.”

Princess He Le did not speak.

After watching Su Mo Li being carried away, only then did she walk over to the Marquis Madame, “Madame, I saw it from the side, it was Su Xin Zhen who pushed Su Mo Li off.”

“I’ll go down and change my clothes first.” Bowing herself towards Marquis Madame, she left with her maid.

This accusation left everyone stunned.

Su Xin Zhen’s weeping stopped abruptly.

The other ladies looked at each other with gloom in their eyes.

And some of the soft-hearted ones were embarrassed on her behalf.

She had just said that it was Su Mo Li herself who had jumped, and now the Princess had all but come out to testify against her.

“There must be some misunderstanding here.” Li Qianshi quickly said, “Zhen’er, think carefully about what’s going on. Did Li’er herself carelessly fall in, or did you accidentally touch her?”

Li Qianshi left one “accidental” and the other “careless”, the meaning of which, naturally, everyone understood.

“It’s not accidental, it’s intentional.”

Liu Qian Qian couldn’t help but open her mouth.

Madam Liu asked from the side, “Qian Qian, did you see something?”

Liu Qian Qian nodded, “Mother, ladies, I was picking flowers in the pavilion next to me with Princess He Le before because the Princess said it was too bad that Miss Su was too weak to see these flowers ……”

“But the people who would be seen picking the other flowers came here to pick them.”

“Then we saw Miss Second Miss Su and Eldest Miss Su coming. I don’t know what was said, but Eldest Miss Su looked frightened.”

“Right after that, we saw Miss Second Miss Su pushing Eldest Miss Su off.”

“Princess He Le knows how to swim, so she jumped in immediately as well, which was the only way to save Miss Su.”

Su Xin Zhen’s face was pale, and she shook her head vigorously, “No, it’s not like that ……”

Liu Qian Qian frowned, “I never lie.”

“That’s right, my daughter never tells lies.” Lady Liu also shielded Liu Qian Qian in her arms, “Unlike some people who are full of lies!”

Old Madam Su closed her eyes and bent towards Marquis Madame: “Madame, Li’er’s side, asking Madame to please take care of it.”

In the end, it’s someone’s family matter, Marquis Madame naturally wouldn’t interfere: “Old Madam don’t worry, Li’er I like with all my heart, I will take good care of her.”

Old Madam Su thanked her again, then looked at Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen with cold eyes: “Follow me back.”

Seeing that all the parties had left, the crowd said a few words and scattered with them.

At this time, in the room, Su Mo Li opened her eyes and coughed quietly.

On the side, Cheng Tao was pursing her lips and smoothing Su Mo Li’s breathing for her.

When Su Mo Li had calmed down, only then did she look at the doctor, “Doctor Shi, how is my Lady?”

Shi Jun raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Mo Li’s pale face, “There is no major hindrance, I’ll write a prescription, she just needs to take the medicine on time.”

Su Mo Li stared at Shi Jun through the gauze curtain, how can there be such a good-looking person in this world.

At one point, she couldn’t help but inquire, “Does Doctor Shi Jun have a marriage partner?”

Shi Jun unexpectedly raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Not yet.”

“At that time, could this doctor act as he wants, to just eat, drink, and do the things he likes every day?”

Cheng Tao’s cheeks twitched and she directly covered Su Mo Li’s mouth, gritting her teeth and saying, “Miss, be careful what you say!”

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  1. Li’er moves in with the double kill: casting a bad light on Zhen’er and getting to spend time with Hot Doc (*ahem* Prince). Lol.

    Also, are Princess He Le and LQQ in on this? If so, how did she happen to meet all these people in the countryside?

    Thanks for this chapter.

  2. D: This isnt reverse harem I hope

    Ty translator-san! Sorry I havent been leaving comments on each chap, but I am liking this novel and really appreciate your hard work c:

  3. ‘“Then we saw Miss Second Miss Sue and Eldest Miss Su coming. I don’t know what was said, but Eldest Miss Su looked frightened.”

    “Right after that, we saw Miss Second Miss Su pushing Eldest Miss Su off.”’
    ‘Miss Second Miss Su’ should be just ‘Second Miss Su’. That mistake was made twice here.

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