White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 14: Framed

There was a flower forest in the garden of the Marquis’s Residence, which had all kinds of flowers.

It must be said that the Marquis Madame was also a lover of flowers.

The flower forest wasn’t far from the location of the banquet, plus there was a maid at every ten paces, so there was no fear of a man rushing into it.

In the flower forest, from time to time, the sound of women talking and laughing could be heard.

“Isn’t this Miss Su?” A woman in a pink dress walked over, her normal face had a serious expression and a strange light flashed in her eyes.

Su Mo Li looked up and smiled wanly, “Princess He Le, Miss Liu.”

Princess He Le was not of the royal bloodline, her parents were both military generals and died in battle, that’s why she was given the title of Princess.

As for Liu Qian Qian next to her, she was the first daughter of the Minister of Revenue.

She was exceptionally good-looking.

“Is Miss Su alone? Why don’t we go to enjoy the flowers together.”

Liu Qian Qian’s voice was soft, and with a good-natured expression on her face, no one could refuse.

“No need, I’m not well, I can’t walk too much, I will just enjoy the flowers here.” A helpless look appeared on Su Mo Li’s face, her eyes filled with longing.

Liu Qian Qian’s heart softened, “Let us support you since you also want to have a look inside ……”

Princess He Le frowned, “Where is your sister? Why is she not with you? Aren’t you sisters? Aren’t you supposed to help each other?”

“He Le!” Liu Qian Qian’s fiercely called, anxiously pulling on the sleeves of the Princess of He Le and shaking her head towards her subtly. She then smiled apologetically towards Su Mo Li, “I’m really sorry, He Le’s way of speaking is a bit straightforward.”

Princess He Le was silent for a moment, with a serious look on her face, “Your relationship with your sister is not as good as you say it is? Your sister and her friends don’t like you?”

The corner of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched, this temperament is really a bit straight.

Nodding slightly, “No matter what, my sisters like these flowers, I don’t want to get my sister into trouble is all.”

Princess He Le nodded thoughtfully.

Liu Qian Qian was afraid that He Le would say something embarrassing again, pulling He Le away.

Su Mo Li and Cheng Tao smiled at each other and were about to say something when they heard a familiar voice: “Sister.”

The smile on Su Mo Li’s face disappeared and was replaced with a soft expression: “Second Sister is here.”

“Sister, are you not feeling well? Let me help you go sit in the pavilion over there for a while.” Su Xin Zhen looked worried, “It just so happens that there are quite a few rare species surrounding the pavilion, so you’ll look and feel better.”

Su Mo Li followed the direction of Su Xin Zhen’s finger and looked over.

There was indeed a pavilion, but there was no one there.

And next to the pavilion was a small pond.

Su Mo Li sneered in his heart, then gratitude appeared on his face, “Thank you, Sister, then Sister please help me over.”

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes lit up and smiled, “Chun Feng, you take Cheng Tao to see the flowers too, I’ll just take care of my sister.”

Cheng Tao received Su Mo Li’s glance, her face immediately showed gratitude, “Thank you, Second Miss.”

“Thank you, Sister.” Su Mo Li directly leaned on Su Xin Zhen.

It made Su Xin Zhen strain to hold her.

“Sister is tired, it’s all because of sister’s body.” Saying that, Su Mo Li’s little face grew whiter, “Why don’t you call Cheng Tao back ……”

“No, no need.” Su Xin Zhen managed a smile, “I can do it.”

“Okay.” Su Mo Li smiled, and most of her weight was transferred to Su Xin Zhen.

Su Xin Zhen wanted to let Su Mo Li use some of her own strength as she had always felt that Su Mo Li was doing it on purpose, and when she met Su Mo Li’s timid eyes, the corners of her mouth twitched and she resigned herself to her fate.

It was hard for them to reach the pavilion. Su Xin Zhen breathed heavily, in the end, she was also very weak!

When she eased up, Su Xin Zhen looked at Su Mo Li and her eyes looked vicious.

Without moving a single word, she walked to Su Mo Li’s side.

At this time, Su Mo Li was standing in front of the pond, looking at the flowers in the pond, his eyes shining brightly as if she liked it very much.

Su Xin Zhen sneered and came in front of Su Mo Li, curling the corners of her lips and her unkind voice came over, “Sister, do you think that if the Marquis Madam knew that it was you who pushed me into the pond, would she still like you?”

“Ah!” A scream shattered the discussions of the crowd.

“Poof!” A body splashed in the water!

Su Xin Zhen was stunned, her face filled with shock and incredulity!

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4 thoughts on “White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 14: Framed

  1. ‘Without moving a single word, she walked to Su Mo Li’s side.’
    First, I think ‘moving’ should be ‘saying’. Second, since she was supporting Su Mo Li as the headed toward the pavilion, shouldn’t she have already been right next to Su Mo Li?

    ‘At this time, Su Stranger was standing in front of the pond, looking at the flowers in the pond, his eyes shining brightly as if she liked it very much.’
    First, ‘Su Stranger’ should be ‘Su Mo Li’. Second, ‘his’ should be ‘her’.

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