White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 13: Mother-daughter affection

“Marquis Madam is right, no matter what you do, there are two sides to it.”

“Miss Su doesn’t need to be presumptuous, I see that you’re smart and clever, in time, you’ll naturally become proficient in everything.”

Madam Lin, who hadn’t spoken, said with a smile.

Su Mo Li looked up and smiled gratefully at Lady Lin’s words.

“Nevertheless Qian Nan is right!” Marquis Madam also laughed and naturally changed the subject.

Lin Qian Nan was the wife of a Grand Scholar, it was known that she was good friends with the Marquis Madam, and now they often communicated with each other.

It was also heard that ……

Lin Qian Nan was also a close friend of Princess Huimin ……

“Miss Su, if you are free, if you should go out and walk around often, it will be good for your body, back then your mother ……” Lin Qian Nan slightly, smiled apologetically towards Su Mo Li, took a sip of her teacup, and ended the topic.

“Thank you for your care, Madam Lin, Mo Li understands.”

Su Mo Li thanked gently.

Lin Qian Nan took a glance at Li Qianshi and sighed in her heart, nodding towards Su Mo Li, her eyes full of pity.

“Madam, lunch has been prepared.”

After the maid came to report, the Marquis Madam smiled and said, “Let’s go, let’s go out and enjoy the flowers while we eat.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Everyone responded and followed Marquis Madam to leave.

Su Xin Zhen quickly came behind Madam Marquis and squeezed Su Mo Li directly to the side, smiling proudly towards Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li stumbled with a confused look on her face, biting her lips slightly and taking two steps back towards the back.

Naturally, someone took the two’s actions in their eyes.

Although they felt that Su Mo Li was too weak, they were also displeased with Su Xin Zhen.

“Is there any discomfort in Miss Su’s body?” Lin Qian Nan held Su Mo Li’s hand and asked in a small voice.

Su Mo Li turned around and bowed towards Lin Qian Nan and said, “Thank you, Madam Lin, I’m fine, I just didn’t stand firm.”

Lin Qian Nan held Su Mo Li’s hand, her eyes filled with helplessness, “Your mother and I were in the same boat back then, if it wasn’t to avoid suspicion, we wouldn’t have only written letters and not seen each other all these years.”

“Where could I have imagined that your mother would have left a step earlier after all.”

“Such a vibrant person!”

Lin Qian Nan seemed to think of the past and her eyes were filled with nostalgia.

“Child, if you have any difficulties, feel free to come to the Imperial College to find me.” Lin Qian Nan patted Su Mo Li’s hand, “You are the daughter of the Eldest Princess and the niece of the Emperor, if you are bullied in the house, never endure it, understand?”

Su Mo Li raised his head, and facing Lin Qian Nan’s somewhat worried appearance, suddenly revealed a brilliant smile: “Li’er understands.”

That smile dazzled Lin Qian Nan’s eyes.

“Madam Lin, Li’er will go together with her.”

Su Mo Li’er’s words brought Lin Qian Nan back to her senses and she couldn’t help but sigh, what good looks.

After everyone went to the banquet, Su Xin Zhen was just about to go forward and sit beside Marquis Madam, when she heard Marquis Madam say with a smile, “Second Miss Su will sit beside Madam Su, after all, it’s mother and daughter, I thought it wouldn’t be nice to break you up.”

“Here you are, ah, all mothers with children, my Li’er has no mother, come, come sit here with me.”

Marquis Madam’s words made Li Qianshi’s face pale.

Her pupils shrank sharply and quickly said: “Marquis Madam is joking, although Li’er is not my biological child, she still calls me Mother.”

“Mm.” the Marquis Madam gave a faint response, pulling Su Mo Li to sit beside her and signaling the servants to serve the food.

To disgrace Li Qianshi like this, really made her unable to back down with good grace

Old Madam Su sneered in her heart, then looked at the girl beside Marquis Madam and smiled happily.

“Madam, my grandmother likes to eat cinnamon cake, the cinnamon cake in Madam’s house is soft and glutinous, more suitable for Grandmother, can I ask for the recipe?”

Su Mo Li asked in a small voice.

Madam Marquis laughed, “Naturally, yes! Someone, send one of the recipes for the cinnamon cake, and then send two more portions of cinnamon cake to Old Madam Su.”

Old Madam Su looked up unexpectedly and saw her own Nan Nan smiling sweetly at her, and for a moment, her heart softened: “Thank you, Marquis Madam.”

“There’s no need to be polite, if Old Madam wants to eat anything just say it directly, come to the Marquis as if you’re coming to your own home.”

Marquis Madam’s words told everyone that she didn’t have a problem with the Su family, she only had a problem with Li Qianshi.

Everyone present was a smart person, so how could they not know?

Slowly, everyone came alive and began to chat.

Many of the old Ladies praised Old Madam Su for having a good granddaughter.

At this time, Su Xin Zhen, on the other hand, was tugging at her handkerchief, trying to conceal her anger, and barely had a smile on her face.

“Since it’s a flower appreciation banquet, there’s always poetry to be composed.” Madam Liu said with a smile, “How about letting these children go and enjoy the flowers properly, then show us their skills?”

“Naturally, it’s good.” Everyone agreed.

Marquis Madam looked towards Su Mo Li, saw her nod, and responded.

“Go, go play with them.”

“Yes.” Su Mo Li bowed towards Madam Marquis and also took Cheng Tao with him.

As Su Xin Zhen saw this and her pupils darkened and she quickly followed.

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  1. ‘Su Stranger turned around and bowed towards Lin Qian Nan and said, “Thank you, Madam Lin, I’m fine, I just didn’t stand firm.”’
    ‘Su Stranger’ should be ‘Su Mo Li’.

    ‘Lin Qian Nan held Su Mo Li’s hand, her eyes filled with helplessness, “Your mother and I were in the same boat back then, if it wasn’t to avoid suspicion, we wouldn’t have only written letters and not seen each other all these years.”’
    At the end, instead of ‘all these years’ it should be something like ‘all those years’ or ‘for so many years’. Saying ‘these’ implies that it was fairly recently that Su Mo Li’s mother died.

    ‘Old Lady Su sneered in her heart’
    Should be ‘Old Madam Su’.

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