White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 12: Shielding (one’s shortcomings)

Su Mo Li was a hundred times reluctant to go to any flower appreciation banquet.

However, people had come to personally pick her up.

She knew what the Marquis Madame wanted was to back her up.

But she didn’t think it was necessary, after all, she didn’t think her relationship with Marquis Madame was that good either, she was just bored back then and gave Lady Marquis an antidote to her poison in passing.

When Su Mo Li walked in, Su Xin Zhen distinctly heard the sound of the crowd sucking in a breath of air, as well as small whispered sighs.

“Miss Su actually looks so stunningly beautiful? This is too surprising!”

“No, this kind of appearance is unique in our capital!”

“Yes, but it’s understandable, the Eldest Princess Huimin was also so stunning back then, but this Miss Su is a little less fierce and a little more tender than the Eldest Princess Huimin.”

“That’s not true, after all, she’s trying to live under her stepmother, not to mention, this Miss Su’s body is not good.”

Today’s Su Mo Li was dressed in white with only a jade hairpin fixed in her bun.

The small face was unpainted, and although it was a little pale, its vitality was good today.

A pair of good-looking eyes with a few hints of laughter, making people feel good about her.

A slight smile, moreover made her whole person fresh.

After bowing her body, Su Mo Li was just about to greet her when Marquis Madame quickly came down and held Su Mo Li’s hand, “Although it’s summer, today is quite windy and a bit cold, Yu’er, bring me that silver cloak.”

“I liked you as soon as I saw Miss Su, can I call you Li’er?”

Su Mo Li raised her head slightly and looked into Marquis Madame’s gentle eyes, somewhat helpless: “Thank you, Madame, for your kindness.”

After waiting for the cloak to be brought, Marquis Madame put it on Su Mo Li with her own hands and said with a smile, “Li’er has not returned to the capital for many years, it’s time to have some fun in the capital, I’m familiar with this capital, how about I take you out for a walk tomorrow?”

Not good!

She doesn’t want to move!

Don’t drag her out of the house!

Su Mo Li’s heart was roaring, but on the surface, it was not apparent, and replied in a low voice, “No need to bother Madame, my second and third sisters will take me out.”

“The two sisters are extremely good to me, and a few days ago, they even said that they would gift me the capital’s trinkets.”

Saying that Su Mo Li raised his head and smiled at Su Xin Zhen and Su Jia Xuan.

Su Jia Xuan naturally returned the brilliant smile, however, Su Xin Zhen’s features were somewhat distorted.

Li Qianshi was even more shocked in her heart, Marquis Madame’s style was too different from before, could it be that back then, Princess Huimin was friendly with Lady Marquis, but she just didn’t know?

That’s impossible!

At this time, Li Qianshi was baffled, but she would never believe that it was Su Mo Li who was befriended by Marquis Madame.

After all, Su Mo Li was just a child in her eyes, she couldn’t be a rival at all.

“Li’er is indeed kind-hearted, just returned to the Prime Minister’s Residence, are you having a comfortable time?” Marquis Madame looked at Su Mo Li with some worry in her eyes.

But the crowd was horrified, Madame Marquis’s question was as if she was afraid that her own children would be hurt.

It was said that when the two people met for the first time, they wouldn’t have such deep feelings.

Su Mo Li knew that Marquis Madame really cared about her, softened her voice, and said, “Madame don’t worry, everything is fine at home, Grandmother has prepared everything for me, my third sister also accompanies me all the time, my second sister even teases me.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li coughed twice, “It’s just that I’m weak, and I can’t always play with my second sister.” Sighing apologetically, Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen with an apologetic glance.


Su Xin Zhen’s entire body was confused, when did she tease Su Mo Li?

Su Mo Li secretly quirked the corners of her lips, wasn’t she teasing Su Xin Zhen like a kitten or a puppy?

If she didn’t, would Su Xin Zhen still be alive?

“You’re a good child.” How did Madame Marquis not understand the curves in the back of the house?

The people sitting there were also people shrewd, thinking of what Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen had just said, they pitied Su Mo Li a bit.

In the end, she was the eldest child. Even if she was the firstborn daughter, so what?

Having a stepmother is the same as having a stepfather!

Seeing that Marquis Madame liked Su Mo Li so much, the crowd naturally became wallflowers and started praising Su Mo Li.

With a gentle smile on her face, Su Mo Li was neither humble nor arrogant which caused many noblewomen to look up to her.

Old Madam Su was pleased. She then looked at Li Qianshi and lowered her eyes, a deep thought drifting through her mind.

“Well said.” Marquis Madame nodded her head in praise, “Although we are women, we are not inferior to men, it is always good to read more and study more.”

“The back mansion’s one acre of land shouldn’t trap our horizons.”

Everyone echoed, “Madame is right, a woman must not only have looks but also talent.”

Su Xin Zhen’s eyebrows flickered with pride when someone asked Su Mo Li what books she had read.

Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but speak before anyone else, “My sister just learned the Three Character Classic after three days of lessons.”

The crowd’s faces were filled with shock.

Su Mo Li said softly, “What my sister said is true, I just came back from the countryside, after all, countryside teaching masters don’t teach women, so I can only listen for a while.”

The crowd laughed awkwardly, not knowing what to say for a while, just looking at Su Mo Li’s eyes with a little more contempt.

Su Xin Zhen saw this, the pride between her eyebrows was about to spill out and her heart was free.

“Bang” Marquis Madame placed her cup on the table, straightened her clothes, and said with a smile, “They say that a woman is still virtuous without talent, what the ancestor said is still reasonable.”

“Sometimes a woman who reads more and has more thoughts can be detrimental to the peace of the family house.”

Everyone: ??? You’ve told us how good reading is, so what are we supposed to say?

Su Mo Li forced a smile and lowered her head.

Su Xin Zhen’s face was pale. Marquis Madame saying this, was she saying that she had a lot of thoughts?

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  1. ‘Su Xin Zhen’s entire body was confused, when did she tease Su Stranger?’
    ‘Su Stranger’ should be ‘Su Mo Li’.

    ‘“Well said.” Marquis Madam nodded her head in praise, “Although we are women, we are not inferior to men, it is always good to read more and study more.”’
    What prompted these words? It sounds like she was responding to what someone said, but nothing that came before should have prompted such a response.

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