My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 112: I wish I could just carry her into to the bathtub

The door opened.

Because he was hasty, Gong Jue directly kicked it open.

The man’s broad and muscular back in his military uniform was a stark contrast to the petite little girl’s school uniform skirt.

Even Bai Lang, who was trotting in behind him, couldn’t help but give a compliment, “What a fucking good match!”

Immediately afterward, Gong Jue threw an elbow behind him, knocking the door backward.

The door slammed shut firmly.

“Hey! Gong Jue, didn’t you summon this divine physician here in the middle of the night just to check her body? Why are you shutting me out?”

Bai Lang felt very unhappy.

He hadn’t found the opportunity to fan the flames and dramatize what the little goblin had just done in the bar.

He had plenty of time in the car and wanted to speak.

But that bastard Gong Jue actually told him to shut up and be quiet, saying that he would wake up the little goblin!

He couldn’t understand a little girl who had fallen into a coma.

Instead, he had to wake her up.

A long while later.

There was a slight squeak of the mattress from the door.

It seems that Gong Jue had gently placed Gu Qi Qi on the bed.

A deep voice was then heard from the man, “Didn’t you prescribe some medicine to relieve the numbness? What else is there to check?”

Bai Lang blinked his peach blossom eyes, “Cough, cough, there might be other injuries. Tsk, look at the blood on her hand ……”

Gong Jue coldly replied, “That’s not her blood.”

His sight fell on the trail of blood on Gu Qi Qi’s hand.

He got up, went to the bathroom to draw a basin of warm water, and used his own towel to gently wipe her.

She was a bit of a germaphobe, right?

She always carried disinfectant wipes with her and would even disgustedly wipe her hands after slapping someone’s face.

Do you feel uncomfortable having dirty blood on your hands?

If he hadn’t been so worried about waking her up and making it hard for her to sleep, he would have carried her straight to the bathtub instead of the cot and given her a thorough wash!

Hearing nothing moving in the room, Bai Lang cracked open the door and said apprehensively, “Gong Jue, you have the worst case of germophobia. You hate seeing blood, and you take showers after you blast your enemies on the head. I have alcohol swabs here. I’ll deal with her blood.”

Gong Jue impatiently said, “You can fuck off.”

Alcoholic swabs?

Is that something for women?

Didn’t he know alcohol hurts the skin? Idiot!

He considered whether it was time for a new female medic in the army……

Bai Lang won’t give up, “Ummm, it’s fine if you don’t let me in. I’ll talk to you right here, ha. That little demon of yours is poisonous! She deserved it tonight too, who let her and the boys ……”

He had to tell on the goblin while she was unconscious, grrr!

But, the sentence was left unfinished.

“Lieutenant Lu, the loafers aren’t cleared out yet!” Gong Jue’s order rang out coldly.

Lieutenant Lu stifled a laugh, “Mr. Bai, please reconsider.”

“Fuck, having a woman and chucking me out… am I an abandoned man? I’m obviously your gossip boyfriend who you’ve been dating for ten years.” Bai Lang bit his lip in hatred.

He and the little goblin will settle this debt another day!

Bai Lang is a very vengeful man, Hmph!

Lieutenant Lu managed to coax away a certain man with a grudge and came back to resume his duties: “Chief, do I need to find a female maid to serve Miss Qi Qi?”

After all, the Chief is a grown man, and his status is precious. It’s not convenient for him to take care of a girl like Qi Qi.

The Chief has never served anyone before.

He never expected it to happen.

Gong Jue interrupted him, “No need.”

Then his eyes turned cold as he coolly inquired, “In tonight’s matter, did you find out which shortsighted little brats were involved?”

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