My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 113: Chief abuses scum in the middle of the night

The chill in Gong Jue’s voice caused the long-time veteran soldier, Lieutenant Lu, to tremble.

Hurriedly lowering his head and averting his eyes, he reported honestly across the room, “My subordinates have already investigated! Tonight, besides Yao Dazhuang, one of Miss Qi Qi’s classmates named Zhu Fen was also involved. She’s the one who wanted to lure Qi Qi into a room full of drugged up boys.”

“Who drugged the boys?” Gong Jue’s tone was even colder.

So there was someone even dirtier that he didn’t know about.

These brats were tired of living!

Lieutenant Lu shuddered and quickly explained, “Miss Qi Qi didn’t fall for it! Instead, Zhu Fen ended up in a worse situation. By the way, Miss Qi Qi is brilliant. She was able to outwit her and let her eat the bitter fruit of her own plan. She is probably damaged by now. There’s also Miss Qi Qi’s cousin, Gu Xue Xue, that’s also devious. But, if we strike at two little girls, isn’t it a bit…”

Although Lieutenant Lu felt that these two little girls were ruthless as hell, he had never hurt a child before.

He knew that the chief was sure to give some face to Miss Qi Qi. The stupid Yao Dazhuang was about to be crippled in both arms.

But, it was tricky to figure out how to deal with these two little girls.

Gong Jue muttered, “If a girl doesn’t learn, her Father’s is to blame!”

Lieutenant Lu was stunned, then realized. “Understood! My subordinates are already on their way!”

It was night.

Qingcheng Prison erupted with screams.

Gu Qiushan and Zhu Yu, who were suddenly thrown in prison, had been inexplicably beaten by the inmates from their cell and lost half their lives.

What was even more jaw-dropping was the Qingcheng Hospital medical dispute accident case. 

It had been dragging on for these days, but it actually issued a verdict in the middle of the night.

As the lead surgeon, Zhu Yu made a significant technical error during the operation and almost led to the patient’s death. Thus, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and had to pay the patient’s 55.5 million in treatment and emotional damages.

Gu Qiushan, as the major director of Qingcheng Hospital, was negligent in management and was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment and a fine of 99.9 million to be paid to the state treasury.

As soon as this verdict came out, every medical and media circle in Qingcheng was shocked!

Never before has medical malpractice seen such harsh sentences and penalties!

This news is bound to make headlines tomorrow morning.


In the naval camp.

There was a man who also stayed up all night.

Gu Qi Qi was sleeping drowsily, and her sleeping posture was really not flattering.

Her body was turned over, and her calves were raised up and placed across Lord Gong’s waist.

It also looked like she was quite comfortable, rubbing against his waist.

Gong Jue was holding back a hidden fire. Reaching out, he grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs off. 

Unexpectedly, the little woman was stubborn.

Qi Qi unconsciously grunted in defiance, her leg once again lifted high!


She brought her little foot right up to his neck.

That round, shell-like toe grazed right past the corner of his lips and stirred up an even fiercer fire!

Shit, is this the second time he’s been astounded by this stupid woman?

Gong Jue gritted his teeth.

Forget it. He won’t bother with a woman who sleeps like a pig.

He grabbed Gu Qi Qi’s little foot.

This time, just as he was about to put it down.

His eyes swept over the scenery below, and it suddenly made his arm stiffen.

Dry mouth!

Dry tongue!

Gu Qi Qi’s school uniform skirt is too short.

His attempt to push off her foot completely exposed her inner, pure white underpants to the world.

“I need to make Qingcheng Middle School change their school uniform! Now! Now! No short skirts for girls!”

It was the middle of the night, and Gong Jue was fuming.

After giving that cringe-worthy order, he tugged at his shirt buttons and rushed into the bathroom and turned on the cold water –

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