White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 11: The Defending Madam Marquis


Madame Marquis suddenly put the cup down heavily, and the splash wet the table.

A maid quickly took a handkerchief to wipe some.

The crowd, however, did not dare to speak again, and all were silent.

Only after the maids had cleaned up did Lady Marquis faintly say, “Is this Prime Minister’s Eldest Miss really that bad?”

The crowd saw that Lady Marquis still had a smile on her face, and now put their minds at ease.

“It’s just that I’ve heard that Prime Minister’s Eldest Daughter is weak and is breathless when she takes a step, I don’t know if that’s true or not.”

This lady was Madame Liu was the wife of the Secretary of the Minister of Accounts. Looking at Li Qianshi, she smiled and asked, “I wonder if Madam Su can help us out?”

Li Qianshi smiled, “Li’er’s health is indeed not good, and she has already consulted many doctors when she came back.” Saying that, Li Qianshi then nodded her head slightly at Marquis Madam, “Thank you Marquis Madam for inviting Imperial Doctor Chen to treat Li’er.”

Even invited Imperial Doctor Chen?

Doesn’t that mean the body is weak?

If she’s weak, then she can’t be the mother of the house!

If you say that you don’t know qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting, you may not be the mistress of a big family, but you can still be the head of a small family.

If the news of the weak body is spread out again, even those small families will have to consider the situation.

The smile on Marquis Madame’s face was about to be unsustainable, and her hand tightly squeezed the palm.

“My Nan Nan, Li’er’s body is not that weak, Imperial Doctor Chen also said, nursing for half a month will be fine.” Old Madam Su couldn’t resist and hit Li Qianshi’s face.

A deep shade of red crossed Li Qianshi’s eyes, then she smiled and said, “Yes, Imperial Doctor Chen said that if you nourish it well, it should be fine in half a month.”

The crowd of people looked different, these two words represent different meanings. (i.e. grandma is saying that she’ll be fine in 1/2 month with proper nourishment but Li Qianshi is saying maybe/maybe not, who knows)

Old Madam Su coldly looked at Li Qianshi.

Li Qianshi, on the other hand, showed a confused appearance, as if she didn’t know where she had said it wrong.

Marquis Madam took a deep breath, tried to suppress her anger, and looked at Su Jia Xuan: “Is the relationship between Third Miss and Eldest Miss good?”

“I like my big sister.” Su Jia Xuan raised her head and revealed a soft smile, “My big sister is good-looking and gentle.”

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Marquis Madam feel much more comfortable, “Oh? It seems that this Miss Su has an excellent temperament.”

“What does Second Miss think?”

Su Xin Zhen naturally didn’t want the crowd to know how good Su Mo Li was, and when she heard Madam Marquis’ question, she said unconcernedly, “Sister is weak, I don’t have much interaction with her, every time I see her, she is always crying, and I don’t know why.”

Old Madame Su’s hand clenched fiercely and stared up at Su Xin Zhen, her eyes radiating anger.

Su Xin Zhen, however, treated it as if she didn’t see it, and continued, “Sister seems to be afraid to talk to Father, who is obviously very kind ……”

Su Xin Zhen’s tone was filled with helplessness, “I made a mistake and Father doesn’t blame me, but my sister was simply too wary!”

Crying and wailing, careful of small talk.

Isn’t this what a concubine does?

The eyebrows of the people present wrinkled, their impression of Su Mo Li grew worse and worse.

Lady Marquis laughed, “I see, that’s right, after all, Eldest Miss is out praying for the blessings of the Prime Minister’s family, where can she be as spoiled as Second Miss can be in front of the Prime Minister, as far as I know, Eldest Miss is only twelve years old.”

“I don’t know what Master Su is thinking, but isn’t it offending the Immortals to let the Eldest Miss go praying for blessings even though she is weak? I say it’s only right to let the Second Young Miss go.”

“But I’m sure Master Su is reluctant, after all, the place of prayer is not as prosperous and comfortable as the capital, and Master Su would certainly be reluctant to let his child with Madame Su go to suffer, so he can only let the Eldest Miss go.”

“It’s just that this child is sincere, who could have imagined that after returning, what she would get is not the favor of her relatives, but dislike!”

“Somebody! Go and ask the Eldest Miss to come here! Such a pure and filial person should be honored.”

Marquis Madam’s words fell, and the crowd was shocked!

Su Xin Zhen’s face was pale.

Li Qianshi’s face was also very bad, Marquis Madame was defending Su Mo Li, but, why?

Is it because of Princess Huimin?

But she hadn’t heard that Marquis Madame was friends with Princess Huimin.

Old Madame Su saw this and was slightly relieved: “Li’er this girl is extremely filial and good, she is not competitive but has her own ideas, she is a smart girl.”

Marquis Madame smiled at the words, “I figured that to be able to pray for her family outside for seven years, how could she not be a good child.”

“My sister is very good!” Su Jia Xuan couldn’t help but say from the sidelines.

“Xuan’er must not be rude!” Li Qianshi glared at Su Jia Xuan and looked at Marquis Madam with a reparative smile, “Please forgive her.”

Marquis Madame waved her hand and said unconcernedly, “Third Miss is young, but childish words are the truest.”

“You’re called Xuan’er?”

Su Jia Xuan smiled and nodded her head.

“So Xuan’er tell me, what’s so great about your big sister?”

Su Jia Xuan tilted her head, “My big sister is pretty! No one eats my food, but Big Sister does! Dong Xue said that big sister ate it because she was afraid that I would be sad, so she endured her discomfort ……”

When it came to the end, guilt appeared on Su Jia Xuan’s face: “I forgot that Big Sister is not well and can’t eat spicy things, big sister can’t come to the flower appreciation banquet today, it must be because she ate my stinky tofu ……”

Hearing that, the hearts of the crowd couldn’t help but have a better impression of Su Mo Li, a loving sister with filial piety.

After Madame Marquis comforted Su Jia Xuan, she heard a voice from outside: “Miss Su has arrived!”

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  1. LOLLLLLLLL. Can’t wait for her to win the crowd over while Second Miss eats crow.

    And, ah, that Xuan’er is just so sweet. I hope she stays kind and remains safe.

    Thank you!

  2. I feel like the author didn’t think about the fact that as far as Su Mo Li’s family and other people, including Madame Marquis, know, she is too unwell to attend this gathering, so it makes no sense for them to be calling her to the gathering that she was supposed to be too unwell to attend.

    ‘Old Mrs. Su couldn’t resist and hit Li Qianshi’s face.’
    Should be ‘Old Madam Su’.

    “So Xuan Er tell me, what’s so great about you as a big sister?”
    The end should be ‘your big sister’.

    Also, you have multiple ways that you’re referring to the Madame Marquis in this chapter. You have Madame Marquis, Lady Marquis, Marquis Madame, and Madame Hou. So, which is it supposed to be?

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