White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 10: Rude Woman.

Su Jia Xuan left contentedly.

Su Mo Li was also satisfied and touched her belly.

In the middle of the night, she heard noises.

After Cheng Tao inquired back, the corners of her mouth twitched: “Miss, Third Miss said that for the first time someone liked her stinky tofu so much and went to make some more, and now the whole house can smell the stench, and when Madam knew about it, she scolded Third Miss.”

Su Mo Li put her book down and quirked the corner of her lips, “Oh? But what does that have to do with me? And there’s no need to make a special inquiry, it’s late, so go to bed.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other, lowered the curtain, and retreated.

Miss was still as cold-hearted as before.

The next day was the flower viewing banquet hosted by the Marquis’s wife.

Su Xin Zhen got up early in the morning to dress up.

It took an hour of dawdling before she left the room.


Seeing Li Qianshi, Su Xin Zhen was exceptionally happy.

Li Qianshi smiled: “Our Zhen’er is indeed good-looking.”

Then she looked at the ordinary Su Jia Xuan on the side. She was about to say something when she saw the two buns on Su Jia Xuan’s head and swallowed her words.

In the end, she was still a child and didn’t need to dress up much.

“Your grandmother is already waiting, let’s go over.”

“When we get to the Marquis, you must behave, and don’t open your mouth if you don’t know or understand anything, okay?”

“Got it, Mother.”

Upon seeing Old Madam Su, the four of them got into the carriage and headed towards the Marquis’s residence.

In Marquis Cheng Ning’s Residence, the Marquis Madame sat on the top seat, and although she listened to the compliments of the surrounding ladies, her eyes were looking out.

The crowd consisted of smart people, and they knew at a glance that the Marquess was waiting for someone.

For a moment, they looked at each other, who was she waiting for?

By all accounts, there was no one in this capital besides the few people in the Palace who could keep Marquis Madame Cheng Ning waiting!

As the various ladies came in, the Marquis Madam looked indifferent, chatting with the familiar ones without a hitch.

As for the others, she didn’t want to pay attention at all.

“Prime Minister’s Residence, Old Madam Su! Madame Su! Miss Su are here!”

As voices rang out outside, the crowd saw the Marquis Madame stand straight up, a bright smile on her face, “Is the Prime Minister’s family here? Hurry up!”

Confusion appeared on everyone’s faces, when did the Marquis of Cheng Ning become so close to the Prime Minister’s household?

They’ve never heard of a friendship between Marquis Cheng Ning and the Prime Minister!

The faces of the people were full of doubt.

Madam Marquis, on the other hand, walked down and went to the door to greet them personally.

“How is Old Madame Su’s health?”

With Marquis Madame’s sudden concern, not to mention Li Qianshi, even Old Madame Su was stunned, then quickly bowed in greeting: “Madame is well, thank you for your concern.”

“Old Madam Su doesn’t need to be polite, please sit down quickly.”

Saying that she welcomed Old Lady Su in.

After Old Madam Su and Li Qianshi sat down, Marquis Madams’ eyes flashed with a trace of doubt, but she still smiled gently: “Are these two are the Second and Third Misses of the house?”

Li Qianshi was busy saying yes.

Su Xin Zhen and Su Jia Xuan both also bowed.

“I heard that Lady Marquis’ youngest son is already of marriageable age, could it be that he has taken a fancy to the Second Miss of the Prime Minister’s residence?”

“When you say that, I remember, no, they’re a good age match!”

“Don’t say that this Second Miss of the Prime Minister’s residence is good-looking.”

The crowd seemed to understand why Lady Marquis was so nice to the Prime Minister’s Residence and praised her now.

Li Qianshi’s eyes brightened even more as she listened to the surrounding discussion.

Su Xin Zhen, however, blushed and slightly bowed her head to reveal a nice neck.

“The two girls from the Prime Minister’s family look really good.”

Marquis Madam smiled and said, “This is the Second Miss? I wonder how old Miss Su is now?”

Su Xin Zhen bowed herself towards Madam Marquis and whispered, “Back to Madam, Zhen’er had her eleventh birthday in February this year.”

Marquis Madame smiled, “A good child, sit next to me at today’s banquet.”

The crowd sucked in a breath of air, their faces full of incredulity.

Li Qianshi, however, was thrilled, and was busy saying, “Zhen’er is lively, so I’m afraid she’ll disturb Madam.”

“No problem, since I’m getting older, I just like such a fresh child.”

Marquis Madame said with a smile.

The crowd naturally followed the Marquis Madame as she complimented the Prime Minister’s family.

Old Madam Su’s face was also happy to see this, after all, it was her granddaughter.

Naturally, she wished her well.

“I heard that the Eldest Miss of the Prime Minister’s House is also back, why didn’t you bring her over today?” Marquis Madame pretended to have just remembered the matter and asked in confusion.

Before Li Qianshi even opened her mouth, she heard Su Xin Zhen say, “Big Sister is afraid that she would disturb the noble ladies, after all, Big Sister did not learn etiquette in the countryside.”

Contempt appeared on everyone’s faces.

In the countryside, even if she was the firstborn daughter of the Prime Minister’s House, she couldn’t be the head mother.

“There are no rules to speak of in the countryside, it’s better to teach her properly, and also to avoid her coming out and clashing with the noble people. Since she’s returned to the capital, she has to learn the rules properly, not to mention anything else, she can’t lose Second Miss’ face, right?”

“That’s not true, I’ve heard that the Eldest Miss of the Prime Minister’s House has never studied music, chess, calligraphy, or painting? That’s a hard thing to do, and I don’t know if she can learn at this old age.”

Someone said with a mocking laugh.

Hearing this, the crowd echoed the sentiment.

Su Xin Zhen was so proud of herself, after today, everyone would know that the Eldest Daughter of the Prime Minister’s House was a rude country woman!

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  1. …………….i have a feeling zhen’er is digging a hole for herself; definitely not currying any favors from the marquis’s family. 😡 i wouldn’t be surprised if she gets slapped (though she probably won’t). i AM entertaining the thought that they’ll send for eldest miss right away (though that probably won’t happen right now, either).

    looking forward to the next chapter! thank you 🙂

  2. 11 years old and of marriageable age? Is this correct? I thought 15 is the marriageable age in ancient China.

  3. ‘Old Mrs. Su’s face was also happy to see this, after all, it was her granddaughter.’
    Should be ‘Old Madam Su’s’.

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